inside this issue                                      CORPORATE MESSAGE
Corporate Message                                ...
                                                                  game. You should constantly be searchi...

Build Your Business Around Them
All successful Associates will tell you: ...

    We’re making it easy for you to attend the Max International El...

A Clear Vision for Success

                                      If success is a journey r...

When you ingest a product, like those from
Max International, you ...

Max International honors the

                   George Innerarity Jr., believes th...

                     Through his work as a life coach, consulting with charter schools and church ministers,...

Max International honors the

Al Greer, Will Farrell and Tom Hinding were ...

                                Raylene Lynas grew up around network marketing and swore she would never get...

Congratulations to the Max Associates who have advanced in rank because of

 Rae Anderson, McMinnville, OR                 Jay O’Neill, Temecula, CA
 John Gilles, Eden, WI             ...

                             Gold Associates

                   Bracy Wilson, of McKinney, Texas, remembe...

duplicate my success,” Judy said. “The opposite is true at Max. With a breakthrough product in MaxGXL™, and ...

“No matter how smart and successful you are, you must endure the skepticism of those you love
the most. Max ...

                                                Triple Diamond
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Max Today Newsletter June 2009


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Max Today Newsletter June 2009

  1. 1. inside this issue CORPORATE MESSAGE Corporate Message Elevate 2009 Convention, the Place to Be… Elevate, The Place to Be Eric Anderson, VP Sales , There are literally hundreds of thousands of conventions, Events & Promotions Road to Diamond conferences, seminars and symposia taking place Convention Promotion every year around the world. The reason? Knowledge. People are always looking for ways to elevate their understanding so they can perform at their peak. Training Tips Road to Diamond It’s no different for Max International. We’re looking forward to welcoming you to our Elevate 2009 Convention, Sept. 10-12 in Salt Lake City, where we will give you the training and knowledge you need to elevate your business, your outlook, and your opportunities. Product Info Quality Control Processes Use convention as a deadline for your goals, especially relating to rank. If you haven’t reached Diamond yet, wouldn’t you love to be recognized as one for the first time at Convention? Or, set a goal to have five, 10, or even 50 people from your team at the event. Working toward either of these goals will make a big difference in your business, both Recognition Top Associate Recruiters before and after the event. Top Preferred Customer Recruiters There are three outcomes from convention that you can expect, as follows: Rank Advancements 1. You get your bearings at Convention. As you focus your attention on building your own Max business you may, from time to time, lose track of the big picture. Attending convention is like checking a map and using a compass to plot your progress to the next milestone. For example, if you’ve been at a certain rank for longer than you expected, coming to convention can help you chart a new course to success. 2. Relationships grow stronger at Convention. Network marketing is all about relationships, especially Follow us on Twitter! Associate-to-Associate and Associate-to-Corporate. We say it all the time: in network marketing, you’re in business for yourself but not by yourself. Convention is the perfect forum to get advice and tips from people who are doing just what you’re doing and elevate your 1
  2. 2. CORPORATE MESSAGE game. You should constantly be searching for the one new idea or the one new relationship that will lift your business a little higher, and convention makes that easy. Conventions are also the place for us to share the exciting developments that we have been working on, the tools and training that will accelerate your business for months. This shows you how important your success is to us, and gets everyone focused on the same things. When Associates and Corporate are aligned in this manner, there are few things we can’t accomplish. 3. You can best inspire your team at Convention. You may be 100 percent committed to Max and have a clear plan for achieving your goals. But what about members of your team, especially your newest members? Get them to convention so they can “kick the tires” and really get to know us. You can only tell your team members so much. Some things they have to experience for themselves, and convention is the best place for it. You’ll also have opportunities to celebrate each other’s successes and have fun together, which will bring you closer together as a team. We are confident that a few years from now, you can all look back at the Elevate 2009 Convention and say, “That’s where it all took off. I was at that convention and now look where I am at!” Wouldn’t you rather say that than, “I should have been there?” Make it happen! 2
  3. 3. EVENTS AND PROMOTIONS UPCOMING CORPORATE EVENTS Build Your Business Around Them All successful Associates will tell you: Use events in your recruiting and build your business around them. The biggest of all events, the Elevate 2009 Convention, is coming up on Sept. 10-12 in Salt Lake City. We have a full schedule of smaller events leading up to convention, so be sure to take your newest team members and prospects to them. For your convenience, upcoming corporate events are listed below, with links to register. For events occurring in your area, be sure to visit our Max International Events website. You can also use that site to add your own meetings. New England Showcase J Dallas Showcase June 5 & 6, 2009: uly 17 & 18, 2009: Marriott Hartford Downtown Westin Stonebriar Resort 200 Columbus Blvd 1549 Legacy Drive Hartford, CT Frisco, TX Register Register Road To Diamond Elevate 2009 Annual International Convention June 12-13, 2009: September 10-12, 2009: Salt Lake City, Utah The Salt Palace Convention Center Downtown Marriott Salt Lake City, UT Register Register Corporate Fly-in Philippines Pre-Launch Event June 15, 2009: August 1, 2009 Courtyard by Marriott SMX Convention Center Sandy, Utah Seashell Drive, Mall of Asia Complex Contact Julie at for more details Pasay City, Philippines and if you wish to attend. Opportunity Presentation Riverside, California Showcase 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon June 26 & 27, 2009: Launch Event Riverside Convention Center 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM 3443 Orange Street Riverside, CA For details on the venue, go to: Register Corporate Fly-in July 10 and 11, 2009: Hilton Garden Inn Sandy, Utah Please email with names of attendees. 3
  4. 4. EVENTS AND PROMOTIONS ELEVATE TO CONVENTION PROMOTION We’re making it easy for you to attend the Max International Elevate 2009 Convention September 10-12, 2009 in Salt Lake City, Utah. You could attend Elevate 2009 for FREE and earn extra cash just by building your business. Free convention registration, Max bucks, and travel cash are all in your grasp! Associates who sponsor a minimum of three new Associates who purchase an Enrollment Product Pack during the promotion period are eligible to participate. The contest begins on Monday, June 1, 2009 and concludes on Saturday, August 15, 2009. Here’s how it works: Earn Points by Building Your Business You’ll earn points for each of these actions: 3 Points for sponsoring a new Associate who purchases a Diamond Product Pack. 2 Points for sponsoring a new Associate who purchases a Super Achiever Pack. 1 Point for sponsoring a new Associate who purchases a Home Pack. 1 Point for each Rank advancement beyond Bronze that you and your personally sponsored Associates achieve. For example, if you advance from Bronze to Gold and have a personally sponsored Associate do the same during the promotion period, you would earn four points! Redeeming Points 10 Points: One Free Convention Registration ($149.00 value), plus 50 Max Bucks redeemable at convention for Maxcessories. 20 Points: One Free Convention Registration, $200 cash, 100 Max Bucks redeemable at convention for Maxcessories. 30 Points: One Free Convention Registration, $400 cash, 200 Max Bucks redeemable at convention for Maxcessories. Promotion Rules 1. The Elevate to Convention Promotion is for all Associates living within the United States (including U.S territories) and Canada. 2. The only required purchase to become a distributor is a $49 Business Starter Kit. All product purchases are optional. There are no bonuses paid for recruiting. All bonuses are paid only when products are sold. 3. Point accrual is based on enrolling Associates who purchase a Diamond Product Pack, Super Achiever Pack or a Home Pack. Points will be awarded for product pack upgrades. 4. Points will be deducted for any returned product packs. 5. To be eligible for any prize awards, Associates must preregister for Elevate 2009. The deadline for preregistration is August 28, 2009. 6. Max Bucks can only be used for purchase of branded items such as apparel and other branded items. Max Bucks cannot be used to purchase MaxGXL, Max N-Fuze or Max WLX. 7. Prizes are non-transferable and can only be used by the Associate listed on the Associate’s account. 4
  5. 5. TRAINING TIPS ROAD TO DIAMOND A Clear Vision for Success If success is a journey rather than a destination, then you have to get on the Road to Diamond! The Road to Diamond trip is an all expenses paid, exclusive training meeting for new qualified Gold Associates that will help you avoid the potholes and traffic jams as you travel to “the top.” Why Gold? Once an Associate reaches that level, we know from experience that he or she is ready to make the leap to full-time building with Max. The Road to Diamond trip serves as a foundation for helping attendees get ready for that step. We do it by focusing on the “how.” Over the course of a Friday-Saturday Road to Diamond training, Max Executives and leading Associates show you how to leverage the tools and systems Max has developed for your benefit. We also help you learn proven techniques and strategies that will help you on the road to Diamond…and beyond. There are two primary outcomes from Road to Diamond: You have a solid understanding of where you are going, and you know how to duplicate what you learned and lift the rest of your team higher. Duplication is always the key to success in our industry. You get to have some fun, too! In addition to a fancy recognition dinner Friday night, attendees get five hours of fun in Park City, Utah, on Saturday, followed by a barbecue that night. After mingling with other Golds, top Associates, Co-founders and Executives, you’ll return home with a clear vision of what you can accomplish with Max. We host two Road to Diamond trips every year. Take steps now to qualify for the next Road to Diamond. To do so, you must achieve Gold or higher for three consecutive months during the qualification period. It will be our pleasure to welcome you to Utah and get you in the fast lane on the Road to Diamond. 5
  6. 6. PRODUCT INFO OUR ExCEPTIONAL QUALITY CONTROL PROCESSES When you ingest a product, like those from Max International, you expect it to be safe and effective. To ensure that this standard is met, we follow rigorous quality-control procedures during every step of the manufacturing process. Our commitment to you is that we will never cut corners where quality is concerned. It starts with the screening and evaluation of raw products. Using highly advanced procedures, we check each ingredient for purity and potency before it is released for production. Any ingredient that fails this screening is discarded. During the production process, exact ingredient weights are carefully monitored. By using Good Manufacturing Processes (GMPs), we go beyond mere sample testing and take the approach of monitoring the manufacturing and laboratory testing environment itself. Furthermore, microbial testing is performed on each finished blend, and we guaranty potency and blend uniformity. Random samples of capsules are checked throughout the production process, to validate weight and monitor for defects. Samples of finished batches are also checked. Once production has concluded, every finished box is inspected for weight accuracy and seals. Before shipments are made to the distribution warehouse, each shipment must contain Certificates of Analysis, attesting to each shipment’s quality. Every production batch undergoes quality testing for stability assurance. In addition to the U.S. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), our processes have been certified by other agencies and NSF International, a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization that develops standards and provides product certification. And unlike other supplement manufacturers, Max follows the FDA’s CFR 210 requirements for Good Manufacturing Practice in manufacturing, processing, packing, or holding of medicinal products. While our products are only supplements, we adhere to the higher standard required of pharmaceuticals. This is one more example of our commitment to the highest quality and safety. We take no shortcuts in our efforts to monitor and validate the manufacturing of our products. The result is clear: the highest possible quality. It’s something you can count on us to deliver, time after time. To read more about our efforts to produce safe, high quality products, please visit here. 6
  7. 7. RECOGNIITION Max International honors the TOP ASSOCIATE RECRUITERS George Innerarity Jr., believes there are two ways to look at MaxGXLTM —as a consumer and as an entrepreneur. Both are legitimate perspectives with long-term benefits. A consumer will take the product and enjoy the health benefits over the long haul. An entrepreneur, on the other hand, would be motivated to purchase a Diamond Pack, share it with prospects and do follow-up to assess the outcome for the consumer. “Entrepreneurs will find a need in the consumer’s life, fill that need and make money doing it,” George said. “This is not just a sale of a product or a business. This is a life- changing combination for anyone.” George approaches people with confidence because of a firm belief in the products and the company. When you are dealing with powerful products with measurable benefits you can let the products do the work, he said. Using tools like 3-way calls is also helpful, especially when introducing friends and family to the business, because they tend to be more receptive to a third party. “Though they love, like and care about you, they often don’t hear you when you are sharing information about another opportunity,” George said. Verifying your conviction of the company through a person in your upline can be a powerful means of convincing those closest to you that this is a company worth a closer look. Cedrick Harris, who has been in network marketing since 1993 in such diverse fields as communications and mortgages, feels the thing that sets Max apart from other companies he’s been involved with is the emotion. This is his first time in a health and wellness company. Cedrick said there’s no emotion involved with marketing e-books on the Internet or sending out his card to a prospect. But hearing the experiences of people he’s shared the products with fuels the momentum and is more exciting than anything he’s ever done. Cedrick’s background in network marketing, with an emphasis on technical advancements has given him a niche he uses to his advantage. Cedrick has webinars daily and feels they are, without question, his most useful tool. They allow him to reach many people from diverse locations at once, and have led to a lot of success in a short time. 7
  8. 8. RECOGNIITION Through his work as a life coach, consulting with charter schools and church ministers, Bracy Wilson has developed people skills that have been invaluable to his Max business. This is his first attempt at network marketing. Bracy said his secret is “keeping it skinny”—introducing people to Max using a short and sweet approach. He put together a concise sheet of pertinent information about glutathione to introduce people to MaxGXL, which has been very effective. “Don’t sell MaxGxL, share your story and share the samples,” Brady said. “Let MaxGxL sell itself.” Bracy focuses on two types of people, those looking for an opportunity and people who have health concerns or just need a physical boost. Most people fit into one or both of those categories. He said that most of the Associates on his team started out as Preferred Customers and later became Associates because they didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity, which happened as a natural result of the strength of the company. Eric and Shelley Mallari heard about Max International 18 months ago but didn’t join the company until April, 2009. Eric had been committed to another company for 14 years. They ignored many offers from other companies and Eric and Shelley knew that it would take the perfect company to make them leave. After being approached by eight different people in 18 months they finally realized Max International was that company. Of the eight people who approached Eric and Shelley about Max, only one did dedicated follow up, Mike LeBrun. Mike became good friends with them well before Eric and Shelley joined the company. Eric and Mike regularly touched bases on the phone and through email as leaders and colleagues in different companies, sharing tips with each other. When Eric and Shelley got to the stage where they were looking for a change they never considered contacting anyone but Mike. Eric said Mike once drove six hours to attend a presentation that the Mallaris had set up. It’s that kind of dedication to the company, and to them personally, that let them know he was a person they wanted on their team. It’s that kind of commitment that has helped them succeed. Eric said his interest in Max was initially piqued because he knew Mike had left a very successful career with another company to join Max. When he took a serious look at Max it became clear why, and Eric and Shelley followed Mike’s lead. Eric called Max the perfect storm: perfect company, Founders, product, and timing. It simply became a matter of making the decision to join and enjoy the ride. 8
  9. 9. RECOGNIITION Max International honors the TOP PREFERRED CUSTOMER RECRUITERS Al Greer, Will Farrell and Tom Hinding were Top Recruiters once again this month. They were all featured in recent issues of MaxToday. Keep up the great work! Cynthia Denkin has been a Top Recruiter for several months in a row and had yet another stellar month recruiting Preferred Customers. Her focus has been on providing her customers and team with the best service she can provide and it is paying off in ways she wouldn’t have imagined. Many of her recent recruits have come from customer referrals. Cynthia said that Max has been a huge blessing for her family. Her husband, who works as a biology teacher at a private high school, was recently notified that, due to cutbacks, he wasn’t going to have his job for much longer. Cynthia said if it weren’t for Max they would be filled with anxiety over the future, but Max gives them something substantial to fall back on. She said that even though it can be a challenge working the business with children, she wouldn’t trade it for the world. She may have to leave the house without combing her hair occasionally, but she looks at other women in the community who have to leave home to work and she wouldn’t trade places with them. And while she has the freedom of setting her own hours it is also something she has to be very dedicated to. “It’s not a hobby but a business and needs to be approached with a level of commitment and professionalism,” Cynthia said. “If you approach it that way it is a perfect business for moms and you can have a lot of success.” For Ed Lee, building his Max business has been about hard work, dedication and enduring rejection with a sense of optimism. He gets up at 4 a.m. and only breaks for a brief lunch at noon before hitting it again. He makes about 50 to 60 phone calls every day and wades through a lot of no’s before getting any yes’s, but with persistence the yes’s come, as evidenced by his Top Recruiter status this month. By staying focused, Ed is confident he will be able to meet his goals in the coming months. His belief in the company and the Founders’ vision gives him fuel to keep going on days when unreceptive prospects take their toll. Ed said conference calls are one of his most valuable tools. He never fails to listen to company and team calls and learns something new every time. He feels the single most important thing about Max is Dr. Keller and MaxGXL™. “It’s not another juice made from a fruit nobody’s heard of in some obscure part of Africa, but an effective, patented product,” Ed said. 9
  10. 10. RECOGNIITION Raylene Lynas grew up around network marketing and swore she would never get involved in the industry. Raylene was recruited into the company by her parents. She had seen the rollercoaster ride her parents, Rick and Elaine Lynas, had been on during much of her life and experienced the highs and lows with them. “Honestly, sometimes I wonder how they have made it this far in life without killing each other,” Raylene said. “I have seen them go from the very bottom to the very top. I have watched them work so hard for everything they had and watched it fall out from under them.” Despite this, she is so glad to have them as role models of what can be accomplished if you don’t give up. Raylene could see Max was different from anything her parents had been involved with before. She said she has never seen her parents so happy. Once Raylene and her fiancé figured out that succeeding at Max involved grabbing hold of their support team and giving it their all, they went Bronze in about two-and-a-half weeks. She was impressed that people like Steven K. Scott and Craig Case took time for her personally at the meeting in Calgary that she attended. They seemed to really care about her success, which has motivated her to do even better. “We are so honored to be part of a company that has products that really work and that we feel confident sharing with people,” Raylene said. “Max is so simple. Sharing an opportunity with someone that you know can change their lives is exciting, “she said.” We have so many tools to help us and an amazing team to lean on if ever we need them. We love this business!” 10
  11. 11. RECOGNIITION APRIL 2009 RANk ADVANCEMENTS Congratulations to the Max Associates who have advanced in rank because of their dedicated efforts in sharing the Max WAY! Bronze Associates Ed Lee, San Antonio, TX Julie and Rudy TwoMoon, Plymouth, MI Ruth Ann Menutis, Lafayette, LA Tim Feland, Maricopa, AZ Zach Magalei, Provo, UT Steffani and Brad Parr, Frisco, TX Noah LaRoche, Exeter, NH Laurie Coursol, London, ON Kate O’Leary, Provo, UT Jo-ann and Ronald De leon, Fontana, CA Dan Percell, Fresno, CA Dan Sundby, Colorado Springs, CO Emma and Nestor Diego, Fontana, CA David Carroll, Huntington Beach, CA Pamela Kerr, Strongsville, OH Ronald Seger, Jasper, IN Becky Hurst, Elizabeth, LA Rogelio and Matty De leon, Fontana, CA Karen Vega, Orlando, FL Guillermina Perez, Woodland, CA Lori and Dennis McDowell, Carrollton, GA Joshua Robinson, Fort Worth, TX Wanda and Dorsel Eagle, Valley City, OH Christi Winfield, Sarasota, FL Art of Long Driving, Inc., Roanoke, TX Janice and Kevin Gillespie, Dallas, TX Taylor and Tyler Gilberti, Fairfield, CT Keith Margeson, Manteca, CA Cathey LeMaster, Dallas, TX Christy and William Wise, Wichita, KS Gailyn Sanderson, Houston, TX Darrel Keuck, Scottsdale, AZ Bridget Agbee-Bamfo and Rex Bamfo, Windsor William Johnson, Mount Sterling, KY Mill, MD Julio Rivera, Caguas, PR Sally Coburn, Chugiak, AK Mark Aviles, Newport Beach, CA Meynardo Dela Torre, Fontana, CA Dinny Bullard, Eureka Springs, AR Evelyn and Johnny Streett, Hendersonville, NC Allisa and Nicholas Nichols, Wichita, KS Jerald Lindsey, Tyler, TX Esther and Matthias Runck, Wichita, KS Sandee Angelo, Edmonton, AB Amy Jackson, Minneapolis, MN 11
  12. 12. RECOGNIITION Rae Anderson, McMinnville, OR Jay O’Neill, Temecula, CA John Gilles, Eden, WI Donna and Dan McSherry, Carlsborg, WA George Innerarity Jr., Denham Springs, LA Tricia Lewis, Colleyville, TX Douglas Williamson, Rapid City, SD Deborah Van Voorhis, The Colony, TX Bobbie and Chris Dunn, Montrose, CO Universal Fitness, Bayamon, PR Antonio Martinez, Kissimmee, FL Silver Associates Sandy Haun, Coppell, TX Tyron Mangakahia, Ogden, UT Chad and Krystal Inslee, Wichita, KS Renato Cortez, Fontana, CA David Weisman, Costa Mesa, CA Kim Schwendiman, Omaha, NE Anne Bushell, Cambridge, ON Frank Limtiaco, Long Beach, CA Trisha Clark and Nathan Wright, Wichita, KS Gloria and Danny Hockenberger, Azusa, CA Jeff Yazmer, Killingworth, CT Cheryl and Christopher Theis, Medicine Lodge, KS Jennifer Strassburg, Salt Lake City, UT Lorraine Craymer, Scarborough, ON Lynette Sims, Ogden, UT Sheri and Earl Stephens, Ponchatoula, LA Team Takeover Marketing LLC, Odessa, FL 12
  13. 13. RECOGNIITION Gold Associates Bracy Wilson, of McKinney, Texas, remembers the exact day he joined Max International —January 14, 2009. It’s a significant day because his life took a decided turn for the better. Bracy went Gold after just a few months with the company despite having never worked in network marketing before. He attributes this to an enormously strong belief in the products and the skills he developed working with people as a consultant and life coach. Bracy feels indebted to Mitch Edland and Brett Edmonds for introducing him to the company. He feels obligated to do the same for the people he knows could benefit from being a part of Max, which includes pretty much anyone who will listen and open themselves to what it has to offer. Bracy is honored to be a part of a team he refers to as the greatest Max business center out there, Max Champions, working with go-getters like Mike and Scott Unclebach, Edland and others that are “killing it.” “Alignment with the right people is the key,” Bracy said. “You can do the right thing with the wrong people and it will go south over time. But align yourself with the right people and you can go far.” Judy Malinowski, of South Lyon, Mich., had been taking Max products for a year before signing up as an Associate. Judy is a clinical psychologist and had been making substantial income with another network marketing company. Making the switch wasn’t an easy decision, but when she did she knew it was the right one. She and her husband William Thimm work this business together, which Judy sees as a big plus because William believes in Max as much as she does. When she approaches people, she will often ask them if they would be interested in hearing about a company that is powerful enough that it gave her incentive to leave a very lucrative career with another company. They usually want to hear more. “I had reached a point with my former company where I was no longer confident I could help people I’d recruited 13
  14. 14. RECOGNIITION duplicate my success,” Judy said. “The opposite is true at Max. With a breakthrough product in MaxGXL™, and other amazing products like Max N-Fuze™ and a compensation plan that is the best I have ever seen, people can’t go wrong. We are at still at the pre-momentum stage and people are looking for alternatives in a struggling economy, so the timing couldn’t be better.” Shelley and Eric Mallari, of Cambridge, Ontario, went Gold in their first month as Associates as a result of their enthusiasm for the company, which they consider their primary asset. They try to pass on to their team the same sense of urgency and excitement that they feel. “It’s easier to build the business fast,” Eric said. “When you use all the tools and attend all the events you can make it to, it inspires you and those around you to succeed.” They wanted to go Gold in their first month to show their team that it could be done. In addition to having team players like Mike LeBrun in their upline, who bend over backwards to help people succeed, they have been able to recruit people who are equally dedicated. The Mallaris couldn’t be more excited about the potential that is already starting to be realized in their team. Other selling points at Max include company leadership, timing and a product that is one of the most unique in the industry. “Max isn’t in the juice war or the vitamin war,” Eric said. “We have a product that is unlike anything out there.” Jon Jaque, of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, attributes his success to believing in the company and listening to his upline. He said his sponsor, Henry Kramer, has been an invaluable part of his success and is always willing to go the extra mile. “This is a simple business, but it’s not easy”, Jon said. “It requires a shift in thinking and a reprogramming of your life’s paradigm.” Jon has found that not everyone has the vision of what you can accomplish in a company like Max International and some have natural hang-ups with network marketing generally. Quite often it is the people closest to you that become your biggest skeptics and can erode your vision if you let them. 14
  15. 15. RECOGNIITION “No matter how smart and successful you are, you must endure the skepticism of those you love the most. Max can be everything you want it be if you create the vision, add the belief and put in the effort,” Jon said. He said the world would be a better place if more people followed a fraction of the wisdom in one of Steven K. Scott’s books. The company he helped found has the same integrity and high sense of purpose. Azure and Justin Winter, of Wichita, Kan., had been in network marketing five years with the same company before coming to Max International, and had built a six-figure income. Though loyal to their former company, they both felt it was wise to keep their options open. When their good friends Rick and Michelle Teague approached them about Max they started to feel not only drawn to the company but felt almost a moral obligation to make the shift. They believed Max had a product that was a life-changer and had the potential to bless the lives of many of the people they knew. “We felt spiritually motivated to align with Max because of the nature and strength of the product,” Azure said. When building their Max business, they first targeted other business owners and people who were successful in their chosen fields, who were entrepreneurs with strong work ethics. The Winters used Rick and Michelle’s tried-and-true system because they knew it worked. They have built an amazing team that has helped them rise to where they are. Azure and Justin are now committed to help their team follow in their footsteps. 15
  16. 16. RECOGNIITION Triple Diamond Associates Rick and Michelle Teague, of Mansfield, Texas, said that a major shift in momentum is just on the horizon and it is a perfect time for Associates to sit down and figure out just what they want out of Max International and lay the groundwork for future success. “What do you need right now and what do you dream of in the future?” Michelle asked, adding that it is the perfect time to set long- and short-term goals and expand your vision of the future. According to Michelle, producing solid, consistent growth involves asking ourselves why we are here, getting the basics done by making the best use of Max tools and getting “plugged in” to as many events as you can — business meetings, Max Showcases, Super Saturdays and fly-ins, etc. And, of course, Convention is just around the corner. “Convention is where all of our efforts should culminate,” Rick said. “Convention is where Associates can get a clearer vision of the future and a better understanding of why they are in the business. The clearer our vision the better we can help others.” Rick and Michelle feel it is an honor to be part of Max. They expressed love for their team and are so thankful for the Co-Founders and Corporate team. They said that even more important are those who haven’t even heard of Max or tried our life-changing products. “We have a lot of opportunity and work ahead of us. Our challenge is to get our ‘whys’ in focus so we can help others achieve more than they ever dreamed possible,” said Michelle. 16