Final report on advertising


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Final report on advertising

  2. 2. Advertising Plan Outline • PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE: ABOUT OUR YOGURT – Product research: Nutrition Facts and Health benefits of Nourhealth Yogurt • MISSION, VISION AND CORE VALUES • MARKETING PRINCIPLES USED IN OUR YOGURT PRODUCT – Marketing Plan • Internal and External Analysis – – Market Segments – • Marketing Tools/Mix Market Position and Value Proposition ADVERTISING TECHNIQUES – Packaging – Advertising promotions used – Advertising Plan • Advertising Budget • Media Used • Structure of a Campaign Plan: Message Strategy and Media Strategy • Advertising Strategies: INFORMATION, INFLUENCE, EMOTIONS & EXPOSURE
  3. 3. PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE BASIC INFORMATION ABOUT YOGURT » Yogurt is a dairy product produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. » Bacteria used to make yogurt is known as yogurt cultures • NUTRITION FACTS AND HEALTH BENEFITS – Yogurt is nutritionally rich in protein, calcium, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and riboflavin. Riboflavin-help treats migraine. – Vitamins B6 and B12 help our brain in performing its functions. It also helps the body to produce energy by the process of metabolism. – It has nutritional benefits beyond those of milk. Lactose-intolerant individuals can sometimes tolerate yogurt better than other dairy products, because the lactose in the milk is converted to glucose and galactose, and partially fermented. – Ingestion of yogurt also resulted in fewer reports of diarrhea or flatulence than did a similar quantity of lactose ingested in milk or a water solution.
  4. 4. PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE • 50% reduction in the risk of developing high blood pressure among people eating 2-3 servings of low-fat dairy a day (or more), compared with those without any intake. (Source: • Scientifically tested. Nourhealth Yogurt, corrects the ph balance of the skin. – When ingested, the yogurt has probiotics (good bacteria) that strengthens the immune system to fight acne problems. (Source: Jean Mayer U.S. Department of Agriculture Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University)
  5. 5. Our Claim: Yogurt cuts down body fats • Organic Yogurt with active cultures help detoxify or clean the intestine. Making it easier to absorb nutrients from the yogurt itself that eventually stimulating the metabolism, helping the body system burn more fats.
  6. 6. NOURHEALTH ORGANIZATIONAL VALUES “Nourhealth Yogurt is committed to creating a healthy Mission nation who consistently serve the highest quality, cultured yogurts and provide outstanding service in a vibrant store atmosphere.” Vision Core Values “Nourhealth Yogurt will be the most loved and respected yogurt company nationwide." Compassion, fairness, honesty, responsibility, respect for others.
  7. 7. MARKETING PRINCIPLES As part of the decision process, our objective is to introduce and sell our Yogurt products. Given the stated internal and external
  8. 8. INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT: 5M’s 1. Man: Applying the dvertising organizational structure in our group • Marketing Manager: Gil Alfonso • Advertising Manager: Ahmad Siraj • Category Manager: Juan Paolo Caponpon • Brand Manager: Matthew Gacutan 2. Machine: Advertising Equipment, inventories necessary to sustain operations – E.g. machines for fermentation of Milk products, and warehouse. 3. Materials: Packaging materials, promotion tools (e.g. Flyers) 4. Money: Investment Capital Total of P 5,000,000. In more expanded context, this is about the advertising budget. 5. Minutes: The traffic pertaining to the strategic time the advertising agency will launch our advertisement.
  9. 9. EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT PEST – Politico-Legal: Criteria that we will consider in our advertising plan such as the freedom of speech, Ad Board Ethics and Trade Practices. – Economic: Economic instability will have direct impact in our advertising • (I.e. change in advertising expenses.) – Socio-Cultural: a market segment we are trying to target selling our Yogurt, especially subsets such as consumer’s social status, culture, sub-culture and family life cycle. – Technological: Yogurt is a very versatile food. Hence, we should establish product development to provide other yogurt selections. (I.e. Yogurt that can be enjoyed on its own, used as a dip, or mixed as a sauce or dressing, or Yogurt containing ingredients such as fiber and omega 3 fatty acids)
  10. 10. EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT SWOT – Strength: Yogurt features healthy attributes that is essential towards human health. Thus, there is always a market for yogurt. – Weaknesses: n/a – Opportunities: Yogurt is a very versatile food. It can be enjoyed on its own, used as a dip, or mixed as a sauce or dressing. By choosing our target segments, we have the opportunity to take advantage of specific yogurt demands that might arise. – Threats: Threat of substitute for yogurt and the threat of being a new entrant in the market.
  11. 11. INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT 5 FORCES – Threat of Substitute: Unless a consumer is lactose-intolerant, they usually prefer milk over yogurt. – Threat of Entry and Competitive Rivalry: We are new entrant in the market; our firm should immediately construct market stability to stand out over competitors. – Bargaining Power of Consumers: for the sake of penetrating the market and creating a brand identity, we are initially passive to consumer's bargaining power. – Bargaining Power of Suppliers: We lessen the emphasis on this factor because this is more on Operations’ standpoint and not in Marketing, particularly Advertising.
  12. 12. MARKETING TOOLS “Right Product at the right price, at the right place and at the right time (advertising traffic).”
  13. 13. Product: Nourhealth Yogurt Marketing Mix Pricing Strategy Middle Class Working Class Class C Premium Premium Premium Glorietta Robinson’s Malate SM ManilaSM SM Mall of Asia Along Makati Ave Megamall Fort High Street Paseo de Roxas SM North Edsa Alabang Town Center Rufino st. SM Pampanga Tordesillas SM Marilao Salcedo St. SM Bacoor Placement SM Lipa SM Sta. Rosa SM Calamba Promotion Billboard, Radio Radio, Internet Radio, Internet, Post Ads
  15. 15. • Geographic by size: We are targeting consumers living in the urban areas like Makati, Taguig, Quezon City, Manila, Pasig, Paranaque and Muntinlupa. We also include in our target market selected Sub-urban areas like Mandaluyong, , Caloocan, and other major cities in Region III and IVA such as Angeles Pampanga, Marilao Bulacan, Bacoor Cavite, Lipa Batangas, Sta. Rosa and Calamba Laguna. • Demographic by age: 21 to 45 years old. The age segment is clustered into two: 21-30 or the Young professionals and 31 to 45 years old referred to as the executive/managerial stage. • Demographic by income: P18k to P25k. Generally, the income bracket is consistent to occupation. Consumers receiving this range of income are those who can avail yogurt regularly. • Psychological by need motivation: Health needs. Young professionals are inclined to perform personal healthy activities such as exercising plus, modifying their diet programs. • Psychological by personality: Extrovert (always updated about the new and best products launched in the market. Yogurt is a sophisticated, fast-moving product where people “on the trend” mostly catch this product.) • Psychological by Perception: A consumer whose behavior to consumption is Low-risk (Buys freely. This is a type of consumer who immediately tries new and appealing products.)
  16. 16. • Psychological by Attitude: A type of market segment where a consumer, has a positive attitude/outlook towards the nutritional benefits of drinking yogurt. • Psychographic by Lifestyle: Primarily our target consumers are those who live a healthy lifestyle. Second are those lives like Couch potatoes; they do not exercise yet they compensate it by eating and drinking health-sensitive products including yogurt. • Socio-cultural by Social class: We cluster our target market into 3 social classes: A, B and upper middle class. Generally, these three classes of consumers focus on their health. They surpassed the first, second and third hierarchy of needs wherein they have job security and have plenty of personal belongings. Hence, they proceed to perform the self-esteem need that requires being healthy. • Socio-cultural by family life cycle: We are targeting consumers in a Bachelorhood stage to develop a marketing campaign. This consumer who’s in the stage of bachelorhood is occupied with meeting, dating and mating. Thus, they have direct intention of eating or drinking healthy products that’ll improve their physical appearance, making them attractive. • Use-related, by Usage rate: Given those sets of segments, we are also targeting consumers who’ll drink yogurt frequently. • Use-situation, by Time: Generally, Health-conscious people will drink yogurt during morning time. This is relevant for our advertising plan. • Use-situation, by Objective: A yogurt drinker usually drinks yogurt as part of their meal (breakfast).
  17. 17. Sample Profile
  18. 18. Market Positioning Value Proposition: ”To busy professionals who are seeking for a deliciously-nutritious drink that complements their diet program, Nourhealth Yogurt is a cultured-health drink organically containing billions of active probiotics that stimulates the immune system for fat burning and faster digestion.”
  20. 20. Broadsheet: Philippine Daily Inquirer Why we choose this: Country’s most widely read and circulated newspaper. Distribution: Nationwide Readership: 2.7 M readers per day Traffic/Day to advertise: Every Sunday (Base Rate P407/cm) Frequency: We will advertise in newsprint twice a month. Advertising Rate: Source ¼ page with Full Color P 87, 912 Add: 20% Position surcharges (FrontPage Lifestyle) Gross: 13, 187 P101, 989 Add: 12% VAT 12, 132 Total P114, 121 • 1 Month (P114, 121 x 2 times advertising) P228, 242 • P684, 726 1 Quarter January to March 2013 (P114, 121 x 6 times)
  21. 21. Magazine: Enrich Magazine Why we choose this: Only P65 per copy, affordable for everyone and is very popular. Distribution: Nationwide through Mercury Drugstore Readership: 500,000+ readers monthly Traffic/Month to advertise: Monthly Frequency: Every first Sunday of the Month Advertising Rate: Source ½ page with Full Color P 33, 000 Add: Inside Covers P 75, 000 Subtotal P108, 000 12% VAT 12, 960 Monthly Total P 120, 960 X 1 year contract (January 2013 to January 2014) P1, 451, 520 Less: 5% Frequency Discounts Annual Adv. Rate for Enrich Magazine 72, 576 P1, 378, 944
  22. 22. Single Face Billboard: COCJIN RYMAR ADVERTISING (Rymar Cocjin Contact Person) Advantage: Billboard availability + strategically located within our target market. Billboard locations: 1. Edsa Guadalupe Bridge (South bound) 2. Makati Ave. cor. Jupiter St. Frequency: Subscribed for 6 months (Launching on January to June 2013) Advertising Expenses: source COCJIN RYMAR ADVERTISING and Volumetarp Proprietor • At Edsa Guadalupe (46ft x 23ft) Advertising Monthly Rate Add: 12% VAT P 46, 800 Billboard expenses (P14 x 1,058 sq ft) P14, 812 Subtotal • P390, 000 P451, 612 At Makati Ave (40ft x 40ft) Advertising Monthly Rate P260, 000 Add: 12% VAT P 31,200 Billboard expenses (P14 x 1,600 sq ft) P22,400 Subtotal P313, 600 Total Monthly Billboard Expenses (P451, 612+ P313, 600) P 765, 212
  23. 23. Edsa Guadalupe Bridge Makati Ave. corner Jupiter Street
  24. 24. Media Mix and Scheduling Click Here
  25. 25. Total Advertising Expense News Print: Philippine Daily Inquirer P228, 242 Magazine: Enrich Magazine P 120, 960 Single Face Billboard at Edsa Guadalupe Southbound P451, 612 Single Face Billboard at Makati Ave. corner Jupiter St. P313, 600 Total Advertising Expense P1, 114, 414
  26. 26. Conclusion We were challenged by determining the advertising rates for radio and television. • Presuming: We will advertise on radio; 1. Radio Station: Magic 89.9 2. When to Launch 1. January 2013 – Consumers has their own New Year’s resolution to start a healthy lifestyle 3. Times: 7 – 8am (Target audience usually tuned in these times before, during and after doing an exercise) and 10 – 11am (Appealing to audience, they crave something for their appetite. Note: The figures in the MS Excel is a presumption.
  27. 27. Packaging Carl Dair’s Typography Contrast of Size Bold text on Variant name Contrast of weight Font Arial Contrast of structure “different volume, same voice” Contrast of texture letter-distance approach Contrast of colour emphasis on tonal value Contrast of direction all texts are arranged horizontally.
  28. 28. MEDIA MIX Electronic Radio (New) Radio (Exposure) Broadsheet
  29. 29. Electronic: Nourhealth Yogurt Website
  30. 30. Radio – related to Introductory stage Aired at Magic 89.9 7:00am
  31. 31. Radio – related to Maturity stage Aired at Magic 89.9 7:00am
  32. 32. TV ads Aired at GMA – Unang Hirit (6-9am)
  34. 34. Information (Introductory) 1. Product – we will emphasize the product on advertising because it provides product information and benefits. – With guarantees (E.g. DOH, BFAD) • Nourhealth Yogurt does not only aids digestion, it also treats acne problems. • Strengthens the immune system
  35. 35. 2. Price – We will emphasize the price because the supply is abundant. (E.g. Milk used for fermentation of Nourhealth Yogurt were imported from New Zealand.
  36. 36. Influence (Growth) 1. Commitment: Large changes “Thanks to Nourhealth diet, it helps me lose weight in two months” –Mr. Gacutan After Before
  37. 37. 3. Benefits – We will emphasize the benefits because it is new to the market. – It has long term benefits. Function: Direct message through Packaging
  38. 38. Emotion (Maturity Stage) 1. Fear Threat likely (E.g. It prevents colon cancer, helps digestive system to function well, and nourishes your health. ) Nourhealth Yogurt consumer are less likely to have colon cancer. Boost the immune system and helps the internal organs function well.
  39. 39. Exposure (Pre-decline Stage) Trust - Through experience we came up with new variants ( flavors).
  40. 40. Thank you  Group II  Alfonso Jr., Gil  Caponpon, Juan Paolo  Gacutan, Matthew Efraim  Siraj, Ahmada