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Last Tuesday, the third and final session of the Storytelling Expedition took place. It was an interesting session with a lot of new insights about storytelling, especially about Story Doing. During a nice boat trip across the canals of Amsterdam a group of top marketers discussed multiple statements.

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  1. 1. Story Doing: doing something remarkable with your product or service that gets people involved and sparks their imaginations. How top marketers think about storytelling By Lemon Scented Tea
  2. 2. The Storytelling Expeditions Together with Adfo Groep, Lemon Scented Tea is organising Storytelling Expeditions: three boat trips on the Amsterdam canals, where marketers and storytelling specialists will discuss the do’s and don’t’s of storytelling. The theme of the third edition was Story Doing: doing something remarkable with your product or service that gets people involved and sparks their imaginations. During the session the following claim was discussed: ‘Brand engagement is created best by involving people in the development of your (campaign) story, not just by telling the outcome.’ Luuk Ros, Editor in Chief at Tijdschrift voor Marketing/MarketingOnline moderated the discussion.
  3. 3. How top marketers think about storytelling 10 Takeouts
  4. 4. “It’s important to respond to the target group. If you want to reach your customers, you should adapt your story on their preferences and demand.” – Jacobine van der Meer, Heineken
  5. 5. “It’s necessary to bring knowledge to the place where your customers are.” – Ella Hollander, Nuon
  6. 6. “ In fact, you have a simple product, but you create a whole story for your product around it. That is essential for marketing. You have something and with a story you add value to the product.” - John Olivieira, zelfstandig adviseur
  7. 7. “We don’t look at the product and think; what kind of stories match with the product, but nowadays we think; which story are we going to make? You need to have the courage to tell that story.” – Tijmen Doesborgh, Redbull
  8. 8. “Once you are part of a subculture, you will make a credible impression. You need to be available for your customers and you have to know and be every little aspect of the story. ” – John Olivieira, ex Sanoma
  9. 9. “Story Doing is all about who brings the story and how fast you bring the story to your customers.” – Gijsbregt Vijn, Lemon Scented Tea
  10. 10. “The stories you tell have to come straight from the heart. It has to be in your DNA. It is relevant for your brand to find new communication angles, because then you can use them for creating new stories.” –Tijmen Doesborgh, Redbull
  11. 11. “It is all about the story and how you tell the story to your customers. A platform needs to be introduced, and you as a brand, needs to serve as a platform. In this way, people can communicate and discuss with each other.” – Yvonne Nassar, RAI Amsterdam
  12. 12. “With Story Doing you have to talk to your audience. It is essential that you stick to your story and not target an individual but a whole group instead.” – John Olivieira, ex Sanoma
  13. 13. “Nowadays people trust more then ever on their own network. They rather talk to people instead of brands. You need to make the people behind the brands visible.” – Yvonne Nassar, RAI Amsterdam