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Branded Content Event 2017 Preview Presentation


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Bridging the gap between brand story & content stories. A preview of Gijsbregt Vijn's Storylining presentation at the Branded Content Event 2017.

Intro Gijsbregt
Hello, my name is Gijsbregt Vijn, managing director of LST, a Creative Storytelling agency based in Amsterdam.
We create campaigns based on storytelling principles for brands such as Nuon, Delta Lloyd and Royal Canin.

Brand stories
We always start with writing the brand story. These are stories in which it becomes clear what the brand is, what it stands for and what it is trying to achieve.

Creative compass
The brand story explains the identity of the brand and is the creative compass for all internal and external communications that connect employees as well as your target group with the brand.

Brand stories that are engaging
A lot of these brand stories are being written, and not just by us. However, we think it is important that the brand story really engages people with what the brand represents. That is why we have looked at the ancient structure of storytelling, and based on that we created our own model.

The Brand Conflict Model film
Watch the movie here:

Beautiful, isn't it? Based on this, we have written brand stories for Nuon, Delta Lloyd, Royal Canin and ING, etc.

The gap between the brand story and the product and services
We’ve noticed that sometimes there is a gap between the brand story -which describes the brand positioning- and the proposition of the products and services. Very often, the positioning is completely embraced at brand level, but too far removed from a more practical level. This results in the daily content development regarding products and services not being in line with the brand story.

Story-lining the brand
In order to bridge this gap, we have developed an approach in collaboration with our clients. We call this approach storylining the brand and it is actually quite simple.

Why storylining the brand?

You are making the essence of your brand story more tangible, both internally and externally.

Conflict creates engagement
You can use brand conflict in your content, which leads to a greater degree of engagement.

Creative space
The sub-stories allow you to increase the creative space to develop content and formats.

Want to know more about storylining the brand?
Let us know and we’ll send you the full presentation!
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Branded Content Event 2017 Preview Presentation

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