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Case Study: Natura


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Nurturing Customer Acquisition & Shopping Cart Conversions

Published in: Marketing
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Case Study: Natura

  1. 1. Nurturing Customer Acquisition & Shopping Cart Conversions
  2. 2. About Natura Natura is the largest cosmetics and personal care company in Brazil. With a passion for connecting consumers through the power of wellness and beauty, Natura’s network of products and consultants now touches nearly 60% of Brazilian homes each year. Its new social commerce site,, is currently available to consumers in the state of São Paulo. | 2 • Transformed  the  sales  process  to  a   highly  digitized,  interactive  shopping   experience,  contributing  to  network   growth  of  over  100  million  consumers   and  nearly  14k  consultants   ! • Thousands  of  daily  site  visitors   ! • A  9x  increase  in  repeat  user  logins  over   time   ! • Hundreds  of  shares  across  social   networks  each  day   ! • A  6x  increase  in  social  referral  traffic   over  time,  resulting  in  an  average  of   10%  total  daily  site  traffic   ! • Enhanced  audience  understanding  and   personal  user  experiences  via   permission-­‐based  identity  data Case Study Highlights
  3. 3. 3 Challenge Scaling the Sales Process to Accelerate Customer & Revenue Growth Key Challenges: Scaling the direct-selling model for the digital era Growing word-of-mouth, product discovery and customer acquisition Maintaining the authenticity of customer and consultant relationships | 3 As a high-growth company with its sights set on expansion, Natura wanted to find a way to scale and enhance its direct-selling model. With customer and consultant relationships at the heart of its success, Natura sought to create an ecommerce experience with consumer connectivity and community engagement at its core. Increasing new and repeat shopping cart conversions Developing an interactive brand loyal community
  4. 4. | 4 Solution   Building a Digital Storefront Powered by Personal Shopping Experiences Natura transformed its direct-selling model by building a comprehensive ecommerce platform where consumers can browse Natura products and connect with consultants directly. Gigya’s social login powers this experience by giving consumers and consultants the ability to easily login and verify their identities using their existing social media accounts. When consumers visit and login socially, they are able to choose consultants based on a number of criteria, including whether or not they are part of their existing Facebook networks. Customers can search and select consultants using any of the information in their profiles, such as their areas of expertise and star rating.
  5. 5. | 5 Solution (Cont’d) Using Gigya’s gamification, consultants are able to earn badges based on a number of achievements, like number of customers and volume of products sold - another factor consumers can use to filter their selections. Once a consumer selects a consultant, she is directed to his personal site URL and can message him directly. Here, all orders are placed through the consultant and shipped to the customer directly, expediting the direct-selling process while humanizing the ecommerce experience and developing personal buyer/seller relationships.
  6. 6. | 6 Solution (Cont’d) Beyond connecting consumers with consultants, social login also gives shoppers the ability to interact with the Natura community and take a range of valuable actions. In addition to providing ratings for consultants, shoppers can also use Gigya’s reviews and comments to provide feedback and have discussions about Natura products. Socially logged-in consumers can share products directly with their social networks with the click of a button, driving product discovery and brand awareness for Natura. Prompting users to authenticate their identities prior to sharing and providing feedback helps Natura more efficiently moderate user-generated content, improving the quality and authenticity of user interactions.
  7. 7. | 4 Solution (Cont’d) Natura encourages consumers to take these and other meaningful actions via Gigya’s gamification. Users earn points and custom badges for logging in socially, sharing content, leaving reviews, buying merchandise and more. By logging in socially to, consumers grant Natura access to a variety of data points housed within their social profiles, including their birthdays, current cities, likes and social connections. Capturing user identity enables Natura to tie this information to these shoppers’ on- site behaviors, preferences and histories, including gamification badges and favorited products, to create individual user profiles that foster more personal user experiences.
  8. 8. Solution (Cont’d) All of this data is stored in Gigya’s Identity Storage database to help Natura and its consultants better understand their customers, and can be used to inform more relevant messaging and communications across channels. | 8 Key Implementations Social Login: gives users the ability to verify their identities with a single click using their existing social media accounts ! Share: boosts brand awareness and referral traffic by syndicating content across social networks ! Ratings & Reviews: generates valuable UGC while influencing product discovery and purchase decisions ! Comments: fosters an engaged community of brand trust and consumer interaction ! Gamification: incentivizes valuable user actions to stimulate long-term participation and loyalty ! Identity Storage: provides a single view of consumer identity that can be seamlessly imported into 3rd party platforms !
  9. 9. | 9 “Gigya’s partnership has enabled us to digitize and scale our direct- selling model while simultaneously maintaining the quality and closeness of consumer and consultant relationships. Allowing consumers to interact directly with one another, their consultants and Natura products has led to consistent growth in transaction volume and value. Associating consumers’ on-site activity with verified user identities using Gigya’s Social Login and Identity Storage is helping us grow a collection of first-party, permission- based data, which provides us with a deeper understanding of our customer base and the insight to reach them with an increasing level of relevance in future campaigns.”   
 Marcio Orlandi, 
 Digital Presence Governance Natura
  10. 10. About Gigya   Gigya helps clients build better customer relationships by turning unknown visitors into known, loyal and engaged customers. With Gigya’s technology, businesses increase registrations and identify customers across devices, consolidate data into rich customer profiles, and provide better products and experiences through integrations with leading marketing and service applications. More than 700 of the world’s leading brands rely on Gigya to build identity-driven relationships and to provide scalable, secure Customer Identity Management.       For more information on how to grow your business and increase sales with interactive, identity-centric ecommerce, request a demo by calling 888.660.1469 or visiting:­‐demo. ! Gigya doesn’t own any end user data and only processes this data on behalf of our clients. Learn more in our Privacy Policy at­‐policy.