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White Paper: 6 Templates to Identify Your Top Consumer Personas


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Marketing to digitally connected consumers mandates the ability to understand and segment your audience based on a number of influential, actionable and behavioral attributes.

To help you get started, we’ve mapped out the defining characteristics of 6 key audience segments, and the data points you need to effectively identify and reach top performing consumer personas in ways.

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White Paper: 6 Templates to Identify Your Top Consumer Personas

  2. 2. GIGYA.COM | SEGMENTING MODERN CONSUMERS In the 1950s, leading brands began to bucket their audiences based on demographic insights collected via publicly available sources like surveys and census data. Basic personas like “moms” and “teens” were developed using information like age, gender and household income in attempt to reach consumers with more relevant and timely marketing. Today, as modern consumers share real-time insight into their relationships, hobbies and interests across social and mobile channels, they are defying consumer stereotypes and demanding personalized experiences. In today’s big data landscape, audience segmentation requires a totally new set of tools, technology and strategies. 2
  3. 3. 3 KEYS TO SEGMENTATION Marketing to connected consumers requires a lot more information than age and gender. Leading brands are developing strategies to understand and segment their audiences based on a number of influential, actionable and behavioral attributes. GIGYA.COM | 3 To do this successfully, your business will need to leverage the 3 A’s of Audience Segmentation: 1. Access to Consumer Identity 2. Aggregate Cross-channel Data 3. Actionable Insights
  4. 4. GIGYA.COM | After the demographic-restricted days of the 1950s and before consumers sent over 100K tweets per minute (Domo), brands often relied on mass third-party data to fill in the gaps and more effectively reach their audience at large. But with the rise of big data, there’s hardly need for modern marketers to make “educated” assumptions about customers. Today, innovative brands are placing increasing emphasis on collecting and analyzing their own first-party login data to gain a more current, accurate and identity-centric view of consumers. 4 ACCESS TO CONSUMER IDENTITY By giving users the option to login using their existing social identities, brands can gain permission-based access to the insights housed in their social profiles, including their locations, relationships, hobbies, media preferences and more.
  5. 5. AGGREGATE CROSS-CHANNEL DATA Most 3rd party data collection techniques, like cookies, track consumers as they move across the Internet on a given device - an obsolete strategy in a world where 67% of online shoppers admit to having recently made a purchase involving multiple channels (Zendesk). To truly understand consumers, businesses must ditch siloed data management in favor of a centralized database that offers a single view of identity and activity across channels. This database must be able to handle traditional data like name and email address, as well as the surge of unstructured data, such as interests and media preferences. GIGYA.COM | 5
  6. 6. GIGYA.COM | 6 ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS A clear picture of consumer identity is useless without the ability to tie these insights to your bottom line. Connect social and behavioral data to traditional KPIs like revenue, time spent and repeat conversions to gain a deeper understanding of how your customers are impacting your business. Most importantly, you can take action on these insights by developing user experiences that drive more meaningful interactions and valuable behaviors.
  7. 7. GIGYA.COM | 7 6 KEY SEGMENT TEMPLATES To help you get started, we’ve mapped out the defining characteristics of 6 key audience segments, and the data points you need to effectively identify and activate these consumers in relevant and meaningful ways: With actionable insight into cross-channel consumer identity, you can start segmenting your audience on a highly strategic and impactful level.
  9. 9. GIGYA.COM | 9 DEFINING CHARACTERISTICS Think of influencers as the prom kings and queens of consumers. Consumers that fall into this segment have a natural ability to connect with and influence the decisions of others, and are extremely outspoken about their opinions. Whether they savored that delicious steak or were offended by the waiter, everyone will know about it - and follow suit. WHY THIS SEGMENT MATTERS 90% of consumers admit that their purchase decisions are influenced by consumer ratings and reviews ()MarketingLand) KEY OPPORTUNITIES The ability to recognize influencers opens the door to maximizing their social reach and impact on behalf of your brand, effectively turning them into brand ambassadors. But beware: these trendsetters move on to “the next thing” quickly, and often require some incentive to stick around. Here’s an interactive template of the data points you should collect to identify and activate your Influencers.
  10. 10. GIGYA.COM | DATA POINTS TO COLLECT WHAT TO EXPECT YOUR FINDINGS Number of Social Connections A large numbers of friends and followers across networks Social Shares Frequent shares to multiple networks Referrals A high volume of referred traffic iRank Score Ranks customer influence according to those who drive the most engagement across your site Top ranking among customer base Reviewed Purchases High quantity and quality of reviews Up-Voted Reviews A high number of up-votes per posted review Reactions Allow consumers to give feedback with the click of a custom button Frequent reactions to content and products DATA POINTS TO COLLECT WHAT TO DO YOUR FINDINGS Friends and Followers Maximize influencers’ community visibility and impact by enabling connectivity with their individual social circles directly from your site. Interests Recommend content and products that are inline with influencers’ expressed interests for tailored and streamlined experiences that influencers love. Previous Purchases Drive brand loyalty by sending thank you notes and exclusive discounts for items inline with past buys. SEGMENTATION TEMPLATE | INFLUENCERS ACTIVATE IDENTIFY
  11. 11. GIGYA.COM | INFLUENCERS SUCCESS STORY 11 24 Hour Fitness is a great example of a brand that has successfully identified and activated its influencers. To foster member loyalty while increasing new fitness club sign-ups, 24 Hour Fitness created an online referral program that allows members to share free 3-day gym passes with their social networks. As customers refer their friends socially, 24 Hour Fitness uses Gigya’s iRank influencer reporting to rank its top referrers by number of friends, number of shares, volume of referral traffic, and activity frequency and timing. After discovering its top influencers, 24 Hour Fitness rewards these high-value customers with a tailored thank you package. By turning influencers into highly valuable, long-term brand ambassadors, 24 Hour Fitness has driven over 331K direct contact referrals, worth over $3 million in online media, in just 3 months.
  13. 13. DEFINING CHARACTERISTICS Perhaps the most valuable customer segment of all, brand loyalists exhibit a deep, often emotional connection to your brand. They are in it for the long haul, choosing your brand time and again, even over newer or less expensive options. GIGYA.COM | 13 WHY THIS SEGMENT MATTERS Repeat shoppers represent just 8% of all site visitors, but account for 40% of total online sales. (PracticalEcommerce) KEY OPPORTUNITIES Recognize and foster long-term brand loyalty by rewarding this segment for its dedication. While loyalists can be highly engaged in brand communities, they are not necessarily the most vocal. However, loyalists make the best advocates if you know how to spot and nurture their potential.
  14. 14. GIGYA.COM | DATA POINTS TO COLLECT WHAT TO EXPECT YOUR FINDINGS Purchase History A long list of purchases over time LOYALISTS Average Transaction Value Large cart sizes BRAND Purchase Frequency A series of recurring purchases | TEMPLATE Quantity/Quality of User-Generated Active, valuable participation in your brand Content community SEGMENTATION Tailor recommendations and offers toward items and content your loyalists have actively expressed interest in to show that you value their relationship and are paying attention. DATA POINTS TO COLLECT WHAT TO DO YOUR FINDINGS iRank Score Loyalists with a high iRank score can be nurtured as brand advocates, and given incentive to drive awareness and referral traffic for your brand. Interests Build lifetime value by recommending content and products relevant to loyalists’ favorite brands, sports and more. Favorited Items ACTIVATE IDENTIFY
  16. 16. DEFINING CHARACTERISTICS It happens even to the best of brands: potential customers show up to your site, fill their carts to the brim and POOF - they’re gone. Serial abandoners are notorious for sharing items and adding them to their wish lists, but never following through and completing checkout. GIGYA.COM | 16 TIPS TO REDUCE ABANDONMENT Request only necessary information at login and checkout Give users the option to register via payment providers like Amazon and PayPal, which can pre-populate mandatory checkout fields with existing data Leverage progressive profiling, which allows you to capture additional data over time via interactions like sharing and comments KEY OPPORTUNITIES In addition to making the checkout process as simple and seamless as possible, presenting serial abandoners with highly relevant opportunities to complete the path to purchase is key in decreasing shopping cart abandon.
  17. 17. GIGYA.COM | DATA POINTS TO COLLECT WHAT TO EXPECT YOUR FINDINGS Abandonment Rate High percentage of incomplete purchases Time on Site Short durations Page Views Minimal views per visit Login Frequency Moderate frequency DATA POINTS TO COLLECT WHAT TO DO YOUR FINDINGS Abandoned Items Follow up with emails reminding abandoners of the items they left behind. Socially Shared Items Encourage abandoners to complete the path to purchase by sending them exclusive discounts and offers toward desired items. Social Connections Highlight items previously purchased and review by members of users’ individual social circles to increase likelihood of conversion. SEGMENTATION TEMPLATE | SERIAL ABANDONERS ACTIVATE IDENTIFY
  19. 19. DEFINING CHARACTERISTICS This growing segment of users visits your website on desktop, returns to buy via mobile and leaves you reviews using their tablets. Multi-channel consumers are constantly connected, interacting with your brand across a series of devices and touchpoints along the path to conversion, sometimes simultaneously. WHY THIS SEGMENT MATTERS Over 20% of consumers ages 18-49 visit websites from 4 different devices each week, and 36% of US organizations interact with consumers across 5 or more channels. (Experian) KEY OPPORTUNITIES Meet multi-channel consumers wherever they are by enabling unified, real-time user experiences across preferred devices. Connect the dots across channels in a cohesive and purpose-driven manner to encourage valuable actions on-the-go. GIGYA.COM | 19
  20. 20. GIGYA.COM | DATA POINTS TO COLLECT WHAT TO EXPECT YOUR FINDINGS CONSUMERS Check-Ins Frequent check-ins at various locations CHANNEL Event-Based Shares MULTI-| TEMPLATE SEGMENTATION Once you discover the points at which consumers are switching or leaving devices, you can optimize the user experience accordingly. High volume of shares prompted by mobile apps; i.e. chips won via Zynga poker or miles run via the Nike+ Running app Social Login Preferences Large share of total logins captured by networks with a majority of mobile users, such as Instagram and Pinterest Mobile vs. Desktop Activity: Email opens, shares, ad clicks, checkout, etc. A fairly even mixture of mobile vs. desktop actions, with a possible inclination toward mobile activity DATA POINTS TO COLLECT WHAT TO DO YOUR FINDINGS Check-Ins Reach consumers in real-time by text messaging exclusive offers when they check-in to your store, or information about a location in their current area. Media Preferences Expand connectivity beyond mobile and desktop channels and find ways to incorporate other devices, like the TV, based on customers’ favorite shows, music artists, etc. Drop-Off Points Per Device ACTIVATE IDENTIFY
  21. 21. GIGYA.COM | 21 MULTI-CHANNEL CONSUMER SUCCESS STORY Dick’s Sporting Goods identifies and engages multi-channel shoppers with its personalized, virtual Gift Lockers. Users can login socially to their gift lockers on any device and add desired items to their lockers not just by browsing online, but by taking mobile photos of items in store or scanning catalogue QR codes. They can also share their gift lockers directly with their social networks. Tying all activity to a single user identity enables Dick’s Sporting Goods to create seamlessly tailored experiences across devices, as well as spot and address channel preferences and trends.
  23. 23. DEFINING CHARACTERISTICS At first glance, passive users exhibit all the qualities of your best customers - they login, browse your site and even checkout on a fairly regular basis. However, if you take a deeper dive into your customer data, you will discover that they are totally and completely unengaged with your brand - a dangerous pitfall in today’s connected and highly competitive marketplace. WHY THIS SEGMENT MATTERS Consumers that engage with a brand online spend 20-40% more with that company. (Inc) KEY OPPORTUNITIES The key to engaging passive users is to provide them with such relevant and timely user experiences that they can’t help but interact! Show members of this silent segment that you value their relationships and want to connect closer with personalized messaging and communications. GIGYA.COM | 23
  24. 24. GIGYA.COM | DATA POINTS TO COLLECT WHAT TO EXPECT YOUR FINDINGS Login Frequency Consistent logins over time Time On Site Average USERS Page Views Average PASSIVE Purchase History Repeat purchases Number of Comments / Reviews Minimal to none | TEMPLATE Number of Social Shares Minimal to none Social Media Activity Minimal posting SEGMENTATION Highlight actions taken and content created by individual social circles to encourage participation and similar actions. DATA POINTS TO COLLECT WHAT TO DO YOUR FINDINGS Relationship Status / Life Events Send special emails offering specific content or discounts in honor of events like an engagement. Offer Redemption and Purchase History Prompt passive users to share these meaningful events with their social networks as they occur. Interests Tailor content and product recommendations to users’ expressed social interests to increase chances of engagement. Social Connections ACTIVATE IDENTIFY
  26. 26. DEFINING CHARACTERISTICS Not to be confused with serial abandoners, opportunists do abandon frequently - but only when they find a better deal elsewhere. As the saying goes, opportunists go where “the getting’s good,” showing little loyalty when presented with a more customized user experience or free shipping. GIGYA.COM | 26 KEY OPPORTUNITIES Opportunists are savvy decision makers who wield a lot of buying power. By building sticky, customized user experiences that encourage valuable behaviors at prime points of influence, your business can grow opportunists into valuable repeat customers. TIPS FOR A STICKY USER EXPERIENCE ! Gamify your website or app to reward users points and badges for taking valuable on-site actions Make these virtual points and badges redeemable for real-life rewards like free merchandise and exclusive discounts Stimulate feelings of prestige and friendly competition by publicly ranking participating users via leaderboards Tailor user experiences and rewards to consumers’ individual preferences
  27. 27. GIGYA.COM | DATA POINTS TO COLLECT WHAT TO EXPECT YOUR FINDINGS Brands Liked / Followed Follows a large number of brands across social networks OPPORTUNISTS Brands Mentioned Frequent brand interactions across social networks Abandonment Rate Higher than average | Offers Claimed & Redeemed on Higher than average Facebook TEMPLATE Percentage of Checkouts with Above average Coupons / Discount Codes Used SEGMENTATION Strengthen relationships and build loyalty by matching coupons and content to the items in which opportunists have shown interest. DATA POINTS TO COLLECT WHAT TO DO YOUR FINDINGS Social Connections Gamify your site or app and rank users’ actions or engagement directly against their real-life social connections. Showcase their achievements via leaderboards and offer rewards for high ranking. Check-Ins Reach opportunists in the moment with relevant product recommendations and discounts when they check-in to your store or at a location nearby. Social Shares ACTIVATE IDENTIFY
  28. 28. GIGYA.COM | Hotel and casino giant Boyd Gaming turns opportunists into repeat customers with its B Connected Social loyalty program. Participants can earn points by booking hotel rooms, linking their social media accounts, sharing promotions with friends and checking in at any Boyd Casino. These virtual points can then be exchanged for real-world rewards like vacations, iPads, slot dollars and gift certificates. This gamified reward system has led to exceptional results, including: Over 700,000 visits to B Connected Online a month after launch Over 115,000 game-based actions each month by members Over 35,000 social media shares, resulting in more than three social referrals per share A 30.4% increase in social check-ins to Boyd Gaming outlets OPPORTUNISTS SUCCESS STORY: BOYD GAMING 28
  29. 29. In collecting all of this data and segmenting your user base, you will uncover unifying characteristics of consumers driving the most value for your business. For example, your brand may discover that users who leave reviews spend 5x more than those that don’t. Or, you may learn that your repeat customers all seem to have an affinity for country music. These are all actionable insights that can be strategically grouped together to create a segment that looks like your ideal customer. These “look-alike” consumers can then be targeted across channels to increase acquisition and conversion. GIGYA.COM | 29 BONUS SEGMENT: LOOK-ALIKES
  30. 30. Here is a basic template with a list of data points you should consider when identifying your ideal look-alike segment: ALIKES DATA POINT YOUR NOTES DATA POINTS YOUR NOTES LOOK-Age Check-ins | Gender TEMPLATE Favorite Brands Relationship Status Favorite Celebrities Education SEGMENTATION Number of Social Favorite Music Connections Mobile vs. Desktop Usage Patterns Favorite Movies Number/Frequency of Social Shares Favorite Sports Number/Frequency of Reviews Number/Frequency of Activities Comments GIGYA.COM 30 |
  31. 31. GIGYA.COM | 31 ONE LAST THING BEFORE YOU GO… To effectively activate each of these segments, your user database needs to have a seamless, bi-directional feed into all your 3rd party marketing platforms. This enables your business to maintain a single, current view of consumer identity and create targeted, cohesive experiences across campaigns.
  32. 32. GIGYA.COM | 32 ADDITIONAL SEGMENTS We’ve provided templates to map out the data you need to effectively identify and activate 6 key audience segments. While this is by no means an exhaustive list of segments, it’s a great place to start. Here are some additional segments to consider: Big Spenders Millennials Bargain Hunters Early Adopters Previously Engaged Content Creators
  33. 33. ABOUT GIGYA Gigya's Customer Identity Management Platform helps companies build better customer relationships by turning unknown visitors into known, loyal and engaged customers. With Gigya’s technology, businesses increase registrations and identify customers across devices, consolidate data into rich customer profiles, and provide better service, products and experiences by integrating data into marketing and service applications. Gigya's platform was designed from the ground up for social identities, mobile devices, consumer privacy and modern marketing. Gigya provides developers with the APIs they need to easily build and maintain secure and scalable registration, authentication, profile management, data analytics and third-party integrations. More than 700 of the world’s leading businesses such as Fox, Forbes, and Verizon rely on Gigya to build identity-driven relationships and to provide scalable, secure Customer Identity Management. ! For more details about Gigya, visit ! Gigya, the Gigya logo, and Customer Identity Management Platform are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Gigya Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2014 Gigya Incorporated. All rights reserved.