NeatTweets Historical Landmark Replicas By Greg Zirbel


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This is a collection of some of my birdhouse replicas along side the real thing. For more information on each piece please go to NeatTweets.

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NeatTweets Historical Landmark Replicas By Greg Zirbel

  1. 1. General StoreThe vary first birdhouse built in 1992 started simple, but soon the whole thing escalated. Following is a sampling of what I’ve got myself into. Built 10/18/1992
  2. 2. Bennett Valley Grange HallBuilt in 1873 this Sonoma County historical landmark is #36 This grange holds the distinction of being theoldest continuously used Grange Hall in the United States. Built 1/6/2012
  3. 3. Holy Trinity Chapel at fort Ross Built in 1825 as part of the Russian colony at Fort Ross.Designated as Sonoma County historical landmark #114 Built 6/10/2011
  4. 4. Chateau St. Jean Winery Built in 1910 in Kenwood CADesignated as Sonoma County historical landmark #76 Built 6/18/1993
  5. 5. Church of One Tree Built in 1873 from one redwood tree that stood 275ft tall. 18ft in diameter and produced 78,000 board feet of lumber milled in Stumptown, CA.Housed a Ripleys believe-it-or-Not museum until 2010. Built 8/25/1993
  6. 6. Coleman Valley Ranch HouseSonoma County Historic Landmark #134 was built in Greek Revival style. Built in 1860’s at 17220Coleman Valley Road Occidental, CA. Built 11/29/2011
  7. 7. Crane Melon Ranch Barn Built in 1868 at 4935 Petaluma Hill Road Santa Rosa CA 95404. Most famous for selling Crane Melons after Oliver Crane developed the CraneMelon at the turn of the 20th century at this site.
  8. 8. DeTurk Round Barn Built in 1891 in the historic Railroad district ofSanta Rosa, California. Originally built to houseprized trotting horses by Isaac DeTurk and is oneof only two true round barns in California.
  9. 9. Eagle Ridge WineryBuilt in 1890 and originally part of Mariano Vallejos Rancho Petaluma then property of the old Denman Creamery in Penngrove, California Built 8/1/1993
  10. 10. El Verano Inn El Verano Inn is a gathering place and has been since 1887 when it was the General Store & Post Office.Known as the last roadhouse still rocking the Sonoma Valley today. Built 1/11/2011
  11. 11. Empire Building Built in 1910 after the great quake of 1906 destroyed much ofSanta Rosa. Stands as the center piece in Old Courthouse Square. Built 9/1/1993
  12. 12. Freestone Store Built in 1876 the Freestone Country Store is Sonoma County historical landmark #2 complete with all thecharacter of a country general store. Built 10/10/2011
  13. 13. Old Geyserville HotelThe Old Geyserville Hotel was built in 1890 in the Italianate Victorian style. Located at 21253 Redwood Highway Geyserville, CA and dedicated as Sonoma County historical landmark #101 Built 1/19/2012
  14. 14. Glen Ellen Hotel CheuvetBuilt in 1906 and registered in Sonoma County as historical landmark #86 Classic Revival style and located at 13756 Arnold Drive in Glen Ellen, CA. Built 12/1/2011
  15. 15. Gloria Ferrer WineryAward winning Gloria Ferrer Winery is a wonderful place to share a bottle of wine. Here a piece of art sure to please your feathered friends. Built fromreclaimed redwood lumber from Sonoma County. Built 9/27/2011
  16. 16. Graton Community ClubBuilt in 1914 the Graton Community Club has been the site of many gatherings throughout the years in this small town. Built 9/24/2011
  17. 17. Hoag House Thought to be the first wood framed building in Santa Rosa and built asearly as 1854 in the Carpenter Gothic style of architecture, with its steeplypitched roof more commonly used back East with its heavy winter snows rather than the more temperate Bay Area weather. Built 12/15/2011
  18. 18. Hop Kiln Winery Built in 1902 on Westside road is the historic Hop Kiln Winery. The distinctive kiln was originally built by Italian stonemasons toprocess the hops that flourished on nearby farms. Built 12/1/1993
  19. 19. Jacuzzi WineryThe Jacuzzi Winery is a beautiful piece of art that not just birds want tohang out near. Hosting one nesting box for a Finch, and two feeders thatare easily accessed by lifting off the roofs is sure to be a family favorite. Built 10/18/2011
  20. 20. Joseph Hooker House The General Joseph Hooker House was built in the early 1850s for General "Fighting Joe" Hooker of Civil War fame in the town of Sonoma. Historical tidbit, the square nail used as the door knob comes from the oldestsurviving farmhouse in Sonoma County, the Stone Farm house built in 1865and now houses the offices of the Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation. Built 12/29/2011
  21. 21. Kendall-Jackson Winery This replica of the Kendall-Jackson winery is a beautiful piece of art which is sure to be the highlight of any wine lovers garden. Two Bluebird nesting boxes and a feeder that feeds out all threeTasting room doors is sure to be a hit. Built 10/3/2011
  22. 22. Kenwood Community Church The wood, hardware and even the nails used to build this birdhouse were salvaged from what was once the largest pig farm in Sonoma County. Just off Railroad Avenue south of Cotati, CA. This replica of the 1887 historical church in Kenwood uses a fantastic piece of wood representing the front ofthe building. Reading the history about this building told of being rolled on logs four blocks by horses to get it out of the mud was an interesting fact. Built 12/15/1992
  23. 23. Kenwood Winery Built in 1906 by the former Pagani Brothers as a winery.Today it’s Sonoma County historical landmark #78.If youvisit, notice this birdhouse sitting under the little windowwhere nesting birds move in each spring. Built 5/1/1993
  24. 24. Kunde Winery My replica of the Kunde Winery is almost as old as the original winery itself. Functioning as both a feeder and anesting box it’s sure to see visitor’s year around. Built 7/1/1993
  25. 25. KZST Radio Station KZST radio is one of the most popular stations in Sonoma County. This Replica building functions as both a feeder and a nesting box.The nesting box is built for the Bluebird using a 5”x 5”box and should behung 4-10 feet above the ground. The feeder feeds around a gallon of seed right out to the Left. The roof lifts straight off to easily fill the feederwith seed and clean out the nesting box. Built 8/20/2011
  26. 26. Luther Burbank Home “I firmly believe, from what I have seen, that this is the chosen spot of all this earth as far as Nature is concerned." Luther Burbank, 1875 Luther Burbank Home and Gardens is a city park containing the former home, greenhouse, gardens and grave of noted American horticulturist Luther Burbank (1849-1926).Built in 1875, Burbank lived at this location form 1884 to 1906. Built 12/12/2011
  27. 27. Ress Pig FarmThis is the story of how my birdhouses came about. One fall day in 1992, I was hiking through the hills ofSonoma County and while standing beneath a giant grove of redwood trees I was looking up in amazement at justhow magnificent these trees are. I then looked down and spotted an old piece of barn wood. Looking up againholding this piece of lumber in my hand I realized just how beautiful this wood was. With ideas running throughmy head, and a single piece of lumber in the bed of my truck, I headed toward home thinking of different ways Icould use it. I ended up building a box that holds my BBQ tools that’s still in use today. At Christmas time, I decided I would make gifts to give out of this old barn wood. I needed more wood tocreate these gifts, and as fate would have it, my first stop I came across the dilapidated remains of what was oncethe largest pig farm in Sonoma County and was welcomed to it. Bingo, all the old redwood barn wood I could use! For years my creations were built from this one source. Many giant redwood trees were cut down in the early1900’s, to help turn Sonoma County into the “chicken capital of the world.” I regretted seeing all this old growthredwood go to waste after the barns collapse, and glad that I was able to create so much art from it. Creating these one-of-a-kind birdhouses and bird feeders is magical. I love to build whimsical miniatures ofhistorical buildings that are fully functioning feeders, nesting boxes, or both! I prefer not to mass-produce mybirdhouses in order to keep them unique, and sign and date my creations. By recycling this old redwood, I’m excited to be preserving a part of Sonoma County history. Built 1992
  28. 28. Smother’s Brother’s Tasting RoomIn 1985, Tom Smothers built a tasting room in Kenwood on Highway 12 which now houses six small premium SonomaValley wineries and is called The Wine Room. Built 7/15/1993
  29. 29. Sonoma City HallDedicated in 1908, Sonomas City Hall built in the center of the Plaza was originally designed with four identical facades so that merchants from any side of the square could say the City Hall faced their businesses.Made of basalt stone from local quarries, the City of Sonoma government offices still remain in this central landmark of the valley. Built 12/7/2011
  30. 30. Sonoma County MuseumHistorically the building built in 1909 is one of the first 12 buildings built by the federal government in California. Opened as a post office in 1910 and placed on the National Historic Register in 1979.Located at 425 7th Street Santa Rosa, CA 95402 and converted to the museumin 1985 to showcase local art and history. Historical tidbit: The two square nails used as door knobs come from the oldest surviving farmhouse in Sonoma County, the Stone Farm built in 1865 and now function as the offices of the Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation. Built 12/29/2011
  31. 31. Stewart’s Point HotelSonoma County Historic Landmark #109 the Stewarts Point Hotel, School & Store was built in the Greek Revival style and sits at 31000 Highway 1 Stewarts Point, CA.Built in 1860 over looking the coast of the Pacific ocean. Built 9/27/2011
  32. 32. St. Francis Winery The wood, hardware and even the nails used to build this birdhouse/feeder were salvaged from what was once the largest pig farm in Sonoma Countylocated on the corner of Railroad Avenue and Old Redwood Hwy., just south of downtown Cotati. My St Francis Winery has seen its share of workersstop by looking for work and wine. Modeled after the St Francis building inKenwood with styling from buildings in Bodie, once the second largest city in California, Bodie was the place to go during the gold rush of 1860’s. Today, Bodie is only a ghost town. Built 8/15/1993
  33. 33. Stone Creek Winery Located in Kenwood California this tasting room has theclassic look from the area. Built 9/1/1993
  34. 34. Stone Farm HouseBuilt in 1865 and thought to be the oldest surviving farmhouse in Sonoma County still in its original location.This replica was built with the lumber that was salvaged from the inside of the farmhouse itself. Built 7/18/2010
  35. 35. St. Teresa Church Built in 1859 at 17120 Bodega Highway in the Gothic Revival style the church is Sonoma County historical landmark #136.Probably the most famous building ever if birds are mentioned.Alford Hitchcock made the movie “The Birds” in 1963. Built 10/18/1993
  36. 36. Trentadue WineryFeed the birds in style with this replica of the beautiful Trentadue winery located in northern Sonoma County. This feeder is easy to filled just by removing the roof and filling it up with nearly two gallons of seed. Built 9/15/2011
  37. 37. Union Hotel Sonoma County Historic Landmark #13 was built in the Greek Revival style. Built in 1876’s at 3639 Church Street Occidental, CA. Built as a nesting box and bird feeder. The nesting box uses a 1 1/2”hole and would be suitable for Bluebirds hung 5-10’ above the ground. The roof liftsstraight off to easily fill the feeder or clean out the nesting box. The reclaimed redwood and fir lumber was salvaged from a home in downtown Sausalito, CA. Built 11/28/2011
  38. 38. United Methodist Church This church located in Sebastopol is hard to miss as it sitshigh up on the corner of Main street and Healdsburg Avenue. This replica functions as both a nesting box and a feeder. Lift the top straight off to fill the feeder and even has a bellinside the tower that rings. Built 4/1/1993
  39. 39. Washoe House This is a replica of Sonoma County historical Landmarknumber 41, the Washoe House. This Spanish roadhouse built in 1859 has been one of the areas favorite stops for many years. With a birdhouse on the left and a feeder that feedsout the front door on the right will have plenty of visitors. Built 9/22/2011
  40. 40. Watson Dist. School House This 1856 one room school house still stands nearFreestone CA at 15000 Bodega Highway. The school house was restored in 2012 Built 11/2/2011
  41. 41. White Oak WineryThis replica of the White Oak winery can be used as both a nesting box and a feeder. Located in the Alexander Valley area of Healdsburg CA at 7505 Hwy. 128 resembles a classic Tuscan style building. The 1” entry hole is located 6” above the floor in a 4”x 4”box and is built to nest a Bewick’s Wren. Historical secret, the square nails used as lights come from theoldest surviving farmhouse in Sonoma County, the Stone Farm built in 1865 and now being used at the offices of the Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation. Built 11/11/2011
  42. 42. Wilson Winery This replica of the Wilson Winery has one Feeder and two nesting boxes, one on each end. Each nesting box will nest a Bewicks Wren. Wilson Winery was the overall winner in the2011 Sonoma County Harvest Festival with their 2009 Zinfandel. Built 9/26/2011
  43. 43. Mount Clair FirehouseInspired by the Storybook architecture of the Montclair Firehouse from 1927. The wood, hardware and even the nails used to build this nesting box were salvaged from what was once the largest pig farm in Sonoma County, just south of Cotati, CA. Not just a fancy birdhouse, it’s also a feeder which dispenses over two peaks of seed straight out the front door. Turn the lightson via little battery powered candles in the front windows and light the night. Built 12/24/1993
  44. 44. Waioli Huiia Church KauaiThe Wai`oli Hui`ia Church has had a continuous record of service since 1834, first as a Congregational Church, and since 1957, as a United Church of Christ.The birdhouse features a feeder with stained glass, a nesting box in the bell tower and a roost for the visiting fine feathered friends. Built 4/1/1995
  45. 45. Twin HomesThese twin homes using two different colors of wood werebuilt with both a nesting box and a feeder in each. Built 11/16/1994
  46. 46. Hamilton Airfield Control Tower Built around 1944 the Hamilton Air Force Base was a United States Air Force base located along the western shore ofSan Pablo Bay, south of Novato California. My replica features a nesting box on the left, a roost on theright, and lift off the tower to fill the feeder. Built 8/15/1993
  47. 47. Tourist HotelBuilt as a replica of the Tourist Hotel located in Dorris CA. A favorite place to hang while hunting in the area. Built withtwo nesting boxes and one feeder make this one busy place. Built 12/24/1993
  48. 48. Denny House The nesting box is built for a Bluebird, but will also nest the Violet-Green& Tree Swallow, or a House Sparrow by just dropping a two inch block to lift the floor. The feeder holds about a half gallon of seed and feeds out the front door. The white painted redwood tongue and groove siding I just salvaged from a home on 3rd street in downtown Sausalito. Built 11/20/2011
  49. 49. Paula Pearce Powerhouse Functioning as a feeder on the left and a nesting box on the right and fillseasily by lifting off the top. 57 signs and objects were built to accessorize it. Historical secret, the square nails used as door knob came from the oldest surviving farmhouse in Sonoma County, the Stone Farm built in 1865 and now being used at the offices of the Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation. Built 12/6/2011
  50. 50. Laguna Learning Center The new learning center for the Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation located in Santa Rosa CA.This replica is built as a feeder for our feathered friends. Built 7/12/2011
  51. 51. NeatTweets General Store The NeatTweets hosts a nesting box built for Bluebirds and a feeder that feeds over a gallon of seed right out to the left. The roof liftsstraight off to easily fill the feeder and clean out the nesting box. The whole thing hangs by one nail for easy mounting. Built 1/2/2011
  52. 52. Old Stone GarageThis Old Stone Garage built in 1909 in downtown Truckee sits onthe site of the first structure built in town back in 1863. Used bymy father back in the late 60’s to house Lucky Lager Beer for theNorth Lake Tahoe region. Built 3/11/2012
  53. 53. Truckee Hotel The Truckee Hotel located on the corner of Donner Pass Roadand Bridge Street is one of the towns most famous landmarks. Well over a 100 years old the hotel has many stories to tell. Built 3/20/2012
  54. 54. Old Truckee Jail The Old Truckee Jail was built is 1875 and is one of the few remaining original buildings built in Truckee. Able to withstand the many fires that swept through town itwas used continuously from 1875 to 1964. Built 3/17/2012
  55. 55. Truckee Tahoe Mortuary The Truckee Mortuary was built between 1885-1890 andoriginally built as a boarding house. Built 3/21/2012
  56. 56. Alta HotelThe Alta Hotel is one of the three oldest hotels in Truckee. It was originally built as a hotel and saloon during a period of recreational excitement in town during the 1920s. Built 3/22/2012
  57. 57. IL Trovatore ClubBuilt around 1909, the Sassarini Pool Hall on West River Street was the site of many gunfights and partying. Built 3/26/2012
  58. 58. Truckee Variety ShoppeIf you grew up in Truckee you have fond memories of this little Shoppe. Built 3/26/2012
  59. 59. Zirbel’s Gateway Bottle Shop This Bottle shop was run by my family from the late 60’s to the early 80’s. The Bottle shop was the place to go for a keg of beer,the latest news, or a hand full of candy. Built 3/27/2012
  60. 60. Truckee Trainmasters Office Being a popular destination along the railroad route, Central Pacific built this Trainmasters office whichdoubled as a hotel in this high sierra town. Built 3/31/2012
  61. 61. Gray’s Cabin This cabin built by Joseph Gray was the first cabin built in thetown of Truckee back in 1858. Built without saws, this 20’x24’ cabin was built using only axes and sat beside the only road throughtown and known as Gray’s Station. Built 4/1/2012
  62. 62. Bickford Ranch The Bickford Ranch Barn sits along the Little Truckee River just north of the historic town of Truckee. Located in one of the most picturesque spots between Truckee and Sierraville it’ssure to catch your eye. Built 4/1/2012
  63. 63. Truckee NeatTweetsNeatTweets Truckee is a building out of my imagination that incorporates many special historical artifacts from thelumber to the door knobs to the windows and overhangs. Built 4/2/2012
  64. 64. Sierra Tavern It was rumored that Baby Face Nelson lived in the Sierra Tavernduring Prohibition. Truckee was known for it’s whiskey, gin and guns. The Sierra Tavern was the hub of excitement. Built 4/5/2012
  65. 65. 10046 Spring Street TruckeeThis is the building I went to Kindergarten in, later it became the Parks and Recreation department and currently it’s theTruckee Community Arts Center. Built 4/7/2012
  66. 66. Southern Pacific Railroad RoundhouseTruckee was home to this Southern Pacific 22 stall Granite and Steel Roundhouse. Used as a helper district this mammoth structure housed locomotives that would helptrains up and over steep Donner Summit in 1882. Built 6/21/2012
  67. 67. Dechambeau Hotel & I.O.O.F. Hall Bodie The Dechambeau Hotel and I.O.O.F. (Independent Order of Odd Fellows) hall was once a meeting hall, and at some point even a "health club" of sorts, where members would come to use the barbells and primitiveworkout machines as the owner was a wrestler. This building is located at the south end of Main St in historic downtown Bodie California. Built 8/16/2012
  68. 68. Los Gatos High SchoolDesigned by W. H. Weeks, a famous architect of schools of California.His Greek Revival style was famous in the 1920s and 1930s. The main building was dedicated on January 17, 1925. The Los Gatos High School mascot is the wildcat. Built 8/20/2012
  69. 69. Thunderbird Lodge 1936 The Thunderbird Lodge is one of the last and best examples of a great residential estate on Lake Tahoe from the period in which prominent San Francisco society built homes on the lake. The Thunderbird Lodge is an example of an approach to architectural design that is intended to be inharmony with its setting. Construction of the Thunderbird Lodge was begun in1936 by a man named George Whittell, Jr., or as he was more commonly called, the "Captain". Built 10/9/2012
  70. 70. Topo Gigio ChicagoIn Chicago IL. there is a fine Italian Restaurant named Topo Gigio, named for the character himself. This restaurant has served famous people from around the world. Topo Gigio was famous for his one line "Kiss me goodnight". Appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show from 1962 until 1971. In1965, he appeared in his own movie, The Adventures of Topo Gigio. Built 10/18/2012
  71. 71. 10167 West River Street Truckee, CA This birdhouse, bird feeder combo was built on 10/31/2012 from lumbersalvaged from the home itself. This long standing Truckee residence is bird friendly and just a stone’s throw away from the Truckee River in historicdowntown Truckee. Where is the treasure hidden, under the steps of course? Built 10/31/2012
  72. 72. 10175 West River Street TruckeeThis birdhouse, bird feeder combo is built from lumber salvaged fromthis historic home itself. This long standing Truckee residence is bird friendly and just a stone’s throw away from the Truckee River inhistoric downtown Truckee. Built 11/3/2012
  73. 73. Oil Derrick Old wooden Oil Derricks once prevalent in and along the shores of many of our southern California Beaches such as Huntington,Marina Del Ray and Santa Barbara to name a few. Built 11/16/2012
  74. 74. The Richardson House Truckee CA Built in the 1880s when Truckee was a wild west railroad town. This home is situated on High Street and built by a wealthy business man. Today, the home remains a centrepiece of Truckee’s historical districtas it overlooks the historic downtown & the Truckee River. Built 11/18/2012
  75. 75. That was just the replicas, there’s been many others.
  76. 76. TemplateNeatTweets Historical Birdhouses
  77. 77. Fountaingrove Round BarnThe Round Barn was built in 1899 and is the landmark for the Fountaingrove Ranch. The Round Barn is actually a 16 sidedbuilding approximately 70 feet in diameter and almost 60 feethigh that originally housed the horses used in the vineyards. Built 11/1/1993
  78. 78. The EndFor prices and availability please see
  79. 79. TemplateNeatTweets Historical Birdhouses