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MissionV CTYI Presentation


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A short version of the MissionV Presentation given by James Corbett and Margaret Keane at the Irish Centre for Talented Youth Conference, March 5th 2010.

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MissionV CTYI Presentation

  1. 1. A Tool for Building Immersive Learning Experiences for High Potential StudentsCONNECT - CREATE - COLLABORATE
  2. 2. What’s Up Doc?
  3. 3. The Problem SYSTEM FAILURE- Over 27,000 Difficult to Identify –for Teachers, Parents & exceptionally able No Agreed Definition Students students in Ireland Lack of Opportunities for Exceptionally AbleNo Co-ordinated Effort Myths & students fromto reach Entire Group Misconceptions Disadvantaged Backgrounds Legal Quagmire-Learning Difficulties & Lack of Teacher Training recognition of E.A. as a Disabilities can mask & Gifted Education SEN in 1998 Education High Ability funding Act – none EPSEN 2004
  4. 4. The Needs Schools to Greater develop a Appropriate Peer groupbreadth and Teacher gifted educational development depth of Training education challenges opportunities curriculum policy
  5. 5. The Risks Dis- Chronicengagement Loss of Under- with Motivation achievement Learning
  6. 6. What Works! Opportunities HighPotential Motivation Achievement Support “What Really Works in Gifted & Talented Education” Professor Deborah Eyre
  7. 7. What Works!Growth vs. Fixed Mindsets– Stanford Psychologist Carol Dweck"Kids get so caught up in the moment-to-moment issue of will they looksmart or dumb, and it blocks them from thinking about the long term . . .You have to teach them that they are in charge of their intellectualgrowth."Read more:,9171,1126743,00.html#ixzz1FeB1QVc5
  8. 8. What Works!Gagné’s Model of Giftedness & Talent• Giftedness = High Potential• Talent = High PerformanceExceptionally able journey from high potential tohigh performanceIdea of Hidden Gifts – allows the identification ofchildren from disadvantaged backgrounds, differentcultural backgrounds and twice exceptionalchildren.
  9. 9. So, how do we Support Exceptionally Able Students in the Classroom? ,
  10. 10. What about TwiceExceptional Students?
  11. 11. A Solution Can provide Supports the Can be used opportunities 21st Century PrimaryChallenging Collaborative Creative at school and for peer Skills School at home group Development Curriculum development
  12. 12. 3D Immersive Technology
  13. 13. The Pilot
  14. 14. The Ingredients5 Exceptionally Able 1 Creative Learning Parental support for Students Support Teacher access at home and school Supportive School 2 Hours Learning Management Support each Week
  15. 15. First Project: Castledermot High Crosses Digital Photos for TexturesSite Visit 3D Replica
  16. 16. Out of This World! Guest Speakers – Award Winning Chessboard – Making Children’s author BobReal Social Connections Burke makes a virtual visit
  17. 17. 21st Century Skills 3D Modelling and 3D Programming in a their own virtual world!
  18. 18. The Results Provides Highly creative Allows Independent opportunities for PeerLearning Environment Learning Group Development – SOCIAL NETWORKINGCan support Primary Can Support the Students Develop 21st School Curriculum Needs of 2e Students Century skills
  19. 19. Teacher Says . .“We worked the Daynuv project for two periods aweek in school, but the children continued to work onthe project at home. It was great that they could workon what they wanted and on something trulychallenging.I am not a techno-wizard, I dont even have an ECDL,so by taking this on, I felt I would be able to say to anyteacher that if I could do it, anyone could.” Bríd Uí Mhaoluala, Learning Support Teacher, Gaelscoil Eoghain Uí Thuairisc Carlow
  20. 20. Virtual WorldsLook like 3D games... but arent Open-ended, no objectives Can be edited / modified Avatars, presence Connect, Create, Collaborate
  22. 22. The Future is Now! Students 3D Children Digital need theTechnology Gaming, have 21st Producers skills to is here to Cinema, TV Century vs. compete stay expectations Consumers globally 3D is coming into the Classroom! Get Ready!
  23. 23. The Plan – Phase 1 DEIS Status Mix of Schools Patrons Incl. Urban & Large & Rural Small 20 Schools Support ofNationwide on 2E children MissionV
  24. 24. Innovative . .“The project (MissionV) is innovative and is making excellent use of anumber of cutting edge technologies. It is very timely given theDepartment of Education and Skills’ prioritisation of numeracy atboth primary and post primary level. The use of a 3D learningenvironment and geometric building tools by children tocollaboratively build 3D replicas generating a fully interactive worldpowered by their own software is very much in line with the thinkingand implementation of the project maths curriculum at post primarywhich is being rolled out at present to all schools.” Jerome Morrisey, NCTE Director For more information Email: