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Presentation given as part of the workshop at the Irish Centre for Talented Youth's Gifted Education Conference on March 13th 2010, Dublin City University

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  1. 1. An Online Survival Guide for Parents & Teachers of Gifted Children in Ireland Online Resources for Exceptionally Able and Twice Exceptional Children Presenters: Margaret Keane & Anna Giblin,
  2. 2. Background  Launched in February 2008  Founded by Margaret Keane, parent of exceptionally able children  Frustration at lack of information, understanding and supports for parents and families  Initially aimed at parents and children but began to focus on teachers in response to requests from educators  Initial aims: – to create a support network for parents & teachers – To act as a signpost to educational & other support services  Run on a voluntary basis by small group of parents & teachers  Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Awardee 2009  Member of Clare Voluntary Forum
  3. 3. Exceptionally able children can be found in all socio-economic groups and in all communities. It is Giftedkids’ vision to see an education system in place which allows for the early identification and support of all exceptionally able children in Ireland, regardless of their socio-economic background, culture or learning challenges, so that early potential can be recognised and successfully guided towards achievement.
  4. 4. is a web based support and advocacy voluntary group which provides online supports for parents, teachers and exceptionally able children in Ireland. Our mission is to build an online gifted community where parents and teachers can share their unique experiences, offer support and ask for advice. We advocate on behalf of gifted children by promoting awareness of gifted issues to the general public and special interest groups through the use of ICT tools such as social media (Twitter), webinar technology, podcasting and a GK youtube video channel. We also advocate with education policy makers and individual schools around the possible development of a gifted education policy for schools.
  5. 5. – Independent Parent national web based Support Groups – support, information parental support at a portal, online local level & resources & advocacy advocacy Irish Centre for Talented Youth – enrichment Individual Advocates programmes, gifted research & advocacy Gifted Advocacy
  6. 6. Supporting Gifted Children, Parents and Teachers GIFTEDKIDS.IE: HOW WE SUPPORT ALL OF THE STAKEHOLDERS
  7. 7. • Website • Webinars - aimed at • Partnering with N.C.T.E. • Community Forum parents, teachers & other • Partnering with other • Articles education & psychology S.E.I. Awardees - Daynuv professionals • Book reviews • Social Networking – • Downloadable Resources Twitter,, • Online Resources • Presentations Classroom 2.0, Gifted • Amazon Affiliates shop • Videos Networks Worldwide • Daynuv Pilot Programme information education advocacy Partners: • Social Entrepreneurs Ireland • National Centre for Technology in Education • Daynuv - Immersive Virtual Technology • Irish Centre for Talented Youth
  8. 8. Parents Section  Characteristics  Myths & Misconceptions  Assessment  What is NEPS?  Supporting Your Gifted Child at Home  Dealing with Schools “I asked Mom if I was  Accessing educational resources a gifted child... she  CTYI information  Parenting Gifted Girls said they certainly  Parenting Gifted Teens  wouldn't have paid for  Homeschooling Recommended Reading me.” Anon
  9. 9. Teachers Section  Role of the School  Dual Exceptionality in the Classroom  Indentifying Exceptionally Able Students  Innovative ICT “Tell me and I'll forget;  Online Resources for Teachers show me and I may  Pages in Development: – Differentiation remember; involve me – Classroom Strategies – Enrichment Activities and I'll understand.” Anon
  10. 10. Online Gifted Education Resources  Pilot Webinar Series: "Characteristics of the Exceptionally Able - Faster, Earlier, Differently". To view recorded webinar click here. The accompanying presentation handout, suggested reading list and the online resources list can also be downloaded.  Special Education support Service: Equality of Change Post Primary Pilot  Gifted Education Professional Development Package commissioned by the Australian government.  A case for affective education: Addressing the social and emotional needs of gifted students in the classroom. SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted)  Dabrowski's Theory of Positive Disintegration: Some implications for teachers of gifted students. SENG  National Association for Gifted Children (US) - Resources for Educators  Teachtidbytes - Gifted Education Resources - information on Enrichment  Hoagies List of Online Resources for Educators  Special Education Support Services: Information on Exceptionally Able / Gifted & Talented Children  CTYI - List of Resources for Teachers  The Visual-Spatial Learner: An Introduction by Linda Sliverman  Visual Spatial Resources for Teachers from  Developing Individual Education Plans For Gifted Students: Information for Parents by the Association for Bright Children of Ontario  Meeting the Needs of Gifted Students in the Regular Classroom -  - List of Teacher Links
  11. 11. Kids Section  Ancient History  Animal Science  Anime  Archaeology  Architecture  Art  Astronomy & Space  Chemistry  Chess  Children’s Book Reviews  Creative Writing “It’s not easy being   Geography History  Green!” Kermit the Frog Information Technology  Language  Maths  Music  Natural History  Paleontology  Physics  Puzzles  Science  Strategy Games  Video Game
  12. 12. Teens Section  Online Resources  Books  Our Voice – for creative & talented teens  Gifted Programmes, scholarships & events “It's difficult to decide  How to be Happy whether growing pains are something teenagers have - or are.” Anon
  13. 13. Gifted Community Forum  PARENTS: – General Parenting – Accessing Educational Support Board – Parenting a Twice Exceptional Child Board  TEACHERS: – Teachers’ Board
  14. 14. Anna Giblin – One Mum’s Lightbulb Moment! GIFTEDKIDS.IE COMMUNITY FORUM
  15. 15. New ways to advocate . . . CURRENT PROJECTS
  16. 16. GIFTEDKIDS/DAYNUV ICT PILOT  Innovative ICT pilot project based in Gaelscoil, Carlow  Learning Support for small group of exceptionally able children  Used to support & enrich the Primary Curriculum  Building a 3D virtual world which replicates a local history site  Using ICT equipment such as digital cameras & laptops  Includes site visit  Daynuv
  17. 17. WEBINAR Series Next Webinar coming in MARCH 2010! Free to Parents & Teachers Introductory Online Seminars Download Recorded Webinars & Videos  Characteristics of the Exceptionally Able – Faster, Earlier, Differently  How to be your Child’s Best Advocate – Supporting your Child at home and at School  Educational Assessment  Dual Exceptionality – Aspergers, Adhd, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, Behavioural Issues  In Class Strategies – Differentiation, Enrichment, Acceleration, ICT Resources  Social & Emotional Sensitivities
  18. 18. Webinar Series BE Your Child's Best Advocate “How toSupport Your Exceptionally Able Child at Home and at School” Presented by Margaret Keane, Founder of & Anna Giblin, Giftedkids Committee Supported by Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, C.T.Y.I. & N.C.T.E.
  19. 19. Summary  The love of learning - keeping up with your exceptionally able child  Negotiating the early years – preschool activities  Importance of a peer group and how to help a child create opportunities for friendship  The relationship between home and school and the key partnership between teacher and parent.  Importance of parental involvement – supporting your school community  From Home to “Big” School  From Primary to Secondary School  Online Resources  Suggested Reading
  20. 20. Contact Details: Website: Email: Twitter: Register for Webinars: