Using Social Media to Enhace Your Job Search


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How to leverage social media to enhance your job search. Touches on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, but main focus is LinkedIn.

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Using Social Media to Enhace Your Job Search

  1. 1. Topics   •  Defini&on  of  Social  Media   •  Why  Use  it?   •  Create  Your  Plan   •  Expand  Your  Network   •  Build  Your  Presence   •  Keep  It  Current   2
  2. 2. It’s  Huge   —  Facebook:  1.15  billion  ac&ve  users     —  TwiPer:  500  million  ac&ve  users   —  LinkedIn:    238  million  users   —  Pinterest:    70  million  users   —  YouTube:  1  billion  users  (4  billion  views  per  day!)   —  Blogs:  66  million  blogs,  346  million  people  readers   each  day  
  3. 3. Why  use  it?    It’s  Essen&al!     —  One  in  five  hiring  managers  conduct  background  searches   using  social  networks,  primarily  Facebook  (Mashable)   —  25%  of  all  openings  are  filled  through  referrals   (CareerXroads  2013  Report)   4
  4. 4. Geang  Started   —  Create  Your  Plan   —  Do  Your  Research   —  Build  Your  Presence   —  Keep  it  Current   5
  5. 5. Create  Your  Plan   —  Listen  to  what’s  being  said  in  your  industry   —  Technora&  and  Google  Blogsearch   —  YouTube  to  see  who’s  talking  about  your  area  of  interest   —  TwiPer  for  relevant  conversa&ons   —  LinkedIn  and  Facebook  for  groups  and  company  pages     6
  6. 6. Create  a  Plan,  cont.   —  Define  your  brand  -­‐  be  consistent   —  Values  –  What’s  important  to  you?   —  Posi&oning  –  What  differen&ates  you?   —  Visual  iden&ty  –  Colors,  style,  avatar   —  Key  messages  and  voice  –  What  do  you  want  to   communicate?    Simplicity  is  key   —  Your  story  –  How  you  connect  in  a  compelling  and   authen&c  way,  making  you  memorable   7
  7. 7. Do  Your  Research   —  Iden&fy  the  companies  you’re  interested  in   —  Search  to  find  people  working  for  these  companies   —  LinkedIn  Profiles  and  Company  Page  –  connect  with  people   and  join  relevant  groups   —  Google,  Bing,  Yahoo  search   —  Facebook  company  pages     —  TwiPer   8
  8. 8. Do  Your  Research  and  Connect   —  Connect  with  them!   —  Social  media  has  broken  down  barriers,  messaging   someone  you’re  not  friends  with  is  OK   —  Do  your  homework  on  the  company  and  the  person  your   contac&ng,  crah  a  message  that  states  your  interest,   without  asking  for  a  job  (at  first)   —  Eventually  ask  if  there  are  open  posi&ons   9
  9. 9. Build  a  Powerful  Presence   —  Create  a  Facebook  Page  and  TwiPer  Accounts   —  Complete  the  profile   —  Leverage  your  branding  (colors,  avatar)   —  FB:  Connect  with  as  many  friends  as  possible  –  you  can  use   your  email  list  to  invite  people  to  “Like”  you   —  TwiPer:    Follow  relevant  people   —  Clean  up  your  exis/ng  personal  Facebook  profile  and   Twi9er  Accounts  –  Hiring  managers  WILL  look  at  these   10
  10. 10. Facebook  Apps  for  Job  Search   —  Beknown  –  Monster’s  app  provides  an  easy  way  for  job   seekers  to  search  for  and  apply  for  jobs  without  leaving   Facebook.  The  app  is  fully  integrated  with  Facebook,  but   enables  users  to  keep  their  personal  Facebook   informa&on  private.     —  BranchOut  -­‐  Facebook  app  that  lets  you  use  Facebook  for   career  networking.  When  you  install  BranchOut  you  have   the  op&on  to  import  informa&on  from  your  LinkedIn   profile,  so  you  can  easily  create  a  professional  profile  on   Facebook  without  having  to  edit  your  Facebook  page.     11
  11. 11. TwiPer     —  hPp://  -­‐  TweetMyJobs   (@tweetmyjobs)  is  the  largest  TwiPer  job  board.  It   includes  6,500+  ver&cal  job  channels  segmented  by   geography,  job  type,  and  industry.   —  hPp://  -­‐  Search  for  jobs  listed   on  TwiPer  with     12
  12. 12. Build  a  Powerful  Presence   —  Create  a  content  calendar  which  defines  what  you’ll  post   about  and  when  (e.g.,  Monday,  Wednesday,  Friday)   —  Interviews,  how-­‐to,  new  informa&on,  Lists,  etc.   —  Post  videos  occasionally   —  Create  new  content  regularly   —  Write  brief  pieces  with  lots  of  visual  breaks  for  people  to   absorb   —  Images  draw  people’s  aPen&on  –  at  least  1  graphic  per   post   —  Write  passionately!   13
  13. 13. Build  a  Powerful  Presence   —  Blog  -­‐  Set-­‐up  a  blog  that  centers  around  you  exper&se   and  your  passion   —  Use  or  (beginners)   —  Select  a  theme  (template)  that  reflects  your  brand   —  Buy  an  appropriate  domain  name   —  Your  “About”  page  should  be  about  you  and  your   professional  background   —  Make  it  easy  to  comment  on  your  site,  easy  to  subscribe   —  Use  easy  to  read  fonts   14
  14. 14. 15
  15. 15. Build  a  Powerful  Presence,  cont.   —  Post  updates  on  FB  and  Tweet   —  Tweet  your  blog  posts  –  leverage  exis&ng  content   —  Connect  with  recruiters  on  TwiPer   —  Comment  and  ask  ques&ons  on  other  blogs  to  build   awareness  and  establish  your  credibility   —  Subscribe  to  blogs  that  post  jobs,  e.g.,   16
  16. 16. 17
  17. 17. 18
  18. 18. 19
  19. 19. Build  a  Powerful  Presence,  cont.   —  Create  a  video  resume  -­‐  they  serve  as  a  differen&ator  in   the  recrui&ng  process   —  Keep  it  short  –  1  to  2  minutes   —  Describe  the  value  you  can  contribute  to  a  given  posi&on,   explain  why  you’re  the  best  person  for  the  job  and  talk   about  your  background  in  a  story-­‐like  format   —  Search  on  YouTube  for  “Video  Resume”  and  you’ll  see   lots  of  examples   20
  20. 20. Pinterest  -­‐  What  is  it?   —  Pinterest  is  a  “virtual  pinboard”  that  lets  people   share  anything  and  any  topic  on  the  web  that   they  find  interes&ng  and  beau&ful  –  e.g.,  pictures,   quotes,  recipes,  etc.     —  Conceptually  similar  to  social  bookmarking  sites.   —  Content  is  organized  in  “Boards”  and  organized  in   categories.     —  Each  piece  of  content  is  called  a  “Pin”   21
  21. 21. Examples  of  Pins   22
  22. 22. Pinterest  is  one  of  the  largest  social  media  networks  on   the  web.  The  network  saw  +4377%  growth  between  May   2011  and  May  2012.   23
  23. 23. How  to  use  it   —  Pin  your  resume   —  Create  a  resume  pin  board   —  Follow  career  experts   —  Link  to  your  Pinterest  resume  (Facebook,  LinkedIn)   —  One  more  tool  for  your  arsenal   ‹#› 24
  24. 24. 25
  25. 25. ‹#› 26
  26. 26. LinkedIn   —  LinkedIn  –  80%  of  employers  use  for  pre-­‐screening   —  The  world’s  largest  professional  network  with  over  238   million  registered  members  and  growing  rapidly.     —  Connects  you  to  your  trusted  contacts  and  helps  you   exchange  knowledge,  ideas,  and  opportuni&es  with  a   broader  network  of  professionals.  
  27. 27. LinkedIn  Connec&ons   —  2nd  degree  are  friends  of  your  direct  contacts.     —  3rd  degree  are  friends  of  friends  of  your  direct  contacts.   —  Generally  can't  contact  3rd  degree  directly  unless  you   also  know  them  from  somewhere.     —  You  can  ask  for  an  Introduc&on  to  start  a  dialog  that   might  lead  to  either  of  you  invi&ng  the  other.     —  Or  you  can  simply  join  a  group  that  they  belong  to  and   you'll  be  able  to  contact  them  directly  and  any  other   member  of  the  group   28
  28. 28. Profiles   —  First  step  in  controlling  your  professional  iden&fy  online.   —  Authorita&ve  source  on  your  career.   —  Represents  your  career  accomplishments  and  opens  the   door  to  new  opportuni&es.   —  Communicates  your  professional  brand.   —  Enables  people  to  connect  and  reconnect  with  you.   —  100%  complete  profile  contains  an  execu&ve  summary,   your  skill  set,  educa&on,  3  recent  posi&ons  and  3   recommenda&ons.   30
  29. 29. 32
  30. 30. Profile  -­‐  Job  History   —  Add  at  least  3  recent  posi&ons.   —  If  you  company  isn’t  listed,  add  it.   —  Provide  details  on  your  responsibili&es.    This  drama&cally   helps  improve  search  results.   34
  31. 31. 35
  32. 32. 36
  33. 33. 37
  34. 34. Profile  -­‐  Educa&on   —  Include  detail  about  your  formal  educa&on.  Let’s  people   you’ve  known  in  the  past  connect  with  you.   —  Where  and  what  you’ve  studied  provides  insights  into   your  professional  exper&se.   —  Opens  up  valuable  connec&ons  to  Alumni,  Professors  or   others  with  similar  backgrounds.   38
  35. 35. 39
  36. 36. 40
  37. 37. Profile  –  Recommenda&ons   —  Quick  way  for  people  to  get  a  sense  of  your  strengths  as  a   professional  and  for  you  to  help  out  your  connec&ons  in  a   few  simple  steps.   —  Click  on  “Asked  to  be  Endorsed”  on  any  posi&on  on  your   profile  and  select  which  connec&on  can  speak  to  your   work  at  that  posi&on.   —  They’ll  submit  a  brief  recommenda&on  for  your  approval.   —  You  can  control  which  recommenda&ons  to  display  by   clicking  “Manage”     —  3  recommenda&ons  required  to  have  a  100%  complete   profile.   41
  38. 38. 43
  39. 39. Profile  –  Recommenda&ons   —  To  recommend  the  strong  work  of  a  colleague  or  business   partner,  visit  their  profile  and  click  “Recommend  this   person”  be  sure  to  include  specific  details  in  your   recommenda&on.   —  An  authen&c  recommenda&on  helps  people  to  get  a   sense  of  what  it’s  like  to  work  with  this  person.   44
  40. 40. 45
  41. 41. 46
  42. 42. 47
  43. 43. From Mashable 48
  44. 44. Inbox   —  Center  of  communica&on   —  Take  ac&on  on  messages  and  invita&ons   —  Flag,  delete,  archive  or  mark  messages  as  read  or  unread   —  Filter  messages  by  type  and  sort  by  name,  date,  or   subject   50
  45. 45. 51
  46. 46. Search   —  Like  Google,  enter  a  keyword   —  Search  your  own  connec&ons  and  groups.   —  Find  and  reconnect  with  people,  or  look  for  new   connec&ons  by  company,  exper&se,  or  educa&on.   —  Filter  search  results  by  powerful  facets  like  loca&on,   industry,  language,  and  more.  
  47. 47. 54
  48. 48. 55
  49. 49. 56
  50. 50. 57
  51. 51. 58
  52. 52. 59
  53. 53. People  You  May  Know   —  Quickly  helps  you  find  people  and  build  professional   rela&onships.   —  Find  people  from  the  home  page  or  under  the  Contacts,   Add  Connec&ons  menu  item.   —  You  can  ask  someone  you  recognize  to  connect,  remove   someone  you  don’t  know  (x)  or  click  through  to  their   profile  to  learn  more  about  them.   —  When  viewing  the  complete  list,  you  can  filter  by  where   they  work,  used  to  work  or  where  they  went  to  school.   —  You  can  assess  the  people  you  have  in  common.   60
  54. 54. 61
  55. 55. 62
  56. 56. Groups   —  Quickly  discover  the  most  popular  discussions  in  your  professional   —  —  —  —  —  groups.   Have  an  ac&ve  part  in  determining  the  top  discussions  by  liking  and   commen&ng.   Follow  the  most  influen&al  people  in  your  groups  by  checking  the   Top  Influencers  board  or  clicking  their  profile  image  to  see  all  their   group  ac&vity.   See  both  member-­‐generated  discussions  and  news  in  one  seang.   Easily  browse  previews  of  the  last  three  comments  in  a  discussion.   Find  interes&ng  discussions  by  seeing  who  liked  a  discussion  and   how  many  people  commented.   63
  57. 57. 64
  58. 58. Groups   —  Search  for  your  industry  or  a  career  keyword,  and  find  a  group  that  fits   —  —  —  —  —  —  your  interest.   Once  you’ve  been  accepted  to  the  group  you  can  share  relevant  content  by   star&ng  a  discussion  or  pos&ng  a  link  in  the  share  box.   Sharing  consistently  is  a  good  way  to  quickly  iden&fy  yourself  as  an  expert   in  your  field  or  industry.   Click  on  your  photo  to  see  your  updates  as  well  as  what’s  changed  in  the   discussions  you’ve  started,  joined  or  followed.     Good  way  to  keep  track  of  discussions  most  important  to  you  and  your   career.   Aher  sharing,  check  out  the  newest  discussions  in  the  slide  show  below,   and  cast  your  vote  by  liking  or  commen&ng.   Under  each  discussion  you’ll  see  the  last  3  members  who  have   commented,  click  on  the  headline  to  see  all  comments.  
  59. 59. 67
  60. 60. 68
  61. 61. 69
  62. 62. 70
  63. 63. Jobs   —  LinkedIn  Jobs  helps  you  find  or  fill  that  next  job  using  the   power  of  your  network.   —  Job  seekers  can  u&lize  inside  connec&ons  at  poten&al   employers  to  help  land  their  dream  job.   —  Hiring  managers  can  tap  into  a  network  of  over  150   million  professionals  to  find  the  ideal  candidate  with  the   specific  skill  set  and  experience  needed.   71
  64. 64. Jobs   —  U&lize  the  advanced  job  search  to  take  that  first  step  towards  that   dream  job.     —  Along  with  specific  keywords  you  can  tailor  your  search  by   specifying  an  experience  level  or  job  &tle  to  find  the  right  job  for   your  specific  situa&on  and  career  goals.   —  Addi&onally,  you  can  refine  your  search  using  the  following  criteria:     —  Loca&on   —  Experience  level   —  Date  posted   —  Title   —  Company   —  Job  Func&on  (ex:  Wri&ng  /  Edi&ng)   —  Industry  (ex:  Entertainment)  
  65. 65. 74
  66. 66. 75
  67. 67. Jobs  -­‐  Search   —  Jobs  that  match  your  search  terms  and  filtering  criteria  will  be  returned  in   two  clickable  tabs:   —  LinkedIn  Jobs:  posi&ons  posted  directly  on  LinkedIn,  including  exclusive   lis&ngs   —  The  Web:  posi&ons  from  partner  sites  all  over  the  web   —  Regardless  of  the  source,  LinkedIn  will  display  who  in  your  network  can   help  you  with  the  posi&on.  With  LinkedIn  you  can  reach  out  through  your   network  and  find  the  right  person  at  the  company  for  more  informa&on,  to   answer  any  ques&ons,  or  even  introduce  you  to  the  hiring  manager.   —  Once  you’ve  returned  search  results,  if  you’d  like  to  expand  or  refine  your   query,  click  the  “refine  search  results”  buPon  and  make  changes  without   losing  the  informa&on  you’re  already  entered.  
  68. 68. 77
  69. 69. 79
  70. 70. Company  Pages   —  Central  hub  where  millions  of  LinkedIn  members  can  go  to   keep  in  the  loop  on  company  news,  products  and  services,   business  opportuni&es,  and  job  openings.   —  Also  perfect  place  to  start  conversa&on  with  your  customers,   prospec&ve  clients,  job  seekers,  post  company  updates.   —  Post  industry  ar&cles  and  fun  facts.   —  These  updates  appear  on    your  company  page  and  also  the   pages  of  your  followers.   —  Have  followers  Like  your  post  so  it  goes  viral.   —  Analy&cs  pages  to  see  ac&vity  on  the  page.   80
  71. 71. 81
  72. 72. 82
  73. 73. 83
  74. 74. 84
  75. 75. In  Summary   —  Cover  the  basics  –  100%  complete  profile   —  Get  meaningful  recommenda&ons   —  Post  updates   —  Join  groups   —  Make  connec&ons   85
  76. 76. Keep  It  Current   —  Post  new  content  and  status  updates  regularly   —  Con&nue  to  comment  on  other  blogs   —  Con&nue  to  listen  to  what’s  being  said  out  there   —  Make  it  easy  for  people  to  reach  you   —  Be  confident  and  consistent   86
  77. 77. You’re  ready!   —  Integrate  social  media  and  the  tradi&onal  approach  –  add   all  your  social  media  links  to    your  resume!   87
  78. 78. Thank  you!   Bridget  Gibbons   @gibbonsdigital   88