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This presentation covers all aspects of using LinkedIn as a business tool: edit profile, groups, jobs, company pages, connections, etc. LinkedIn 101.

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LinkedIn 101

  1. 1. LinkedIn   —  The  world’s  largest  professional  network  with  over  225   million  registered  members  and  growing  rapidly.     —  Connects  you  to  your  trusted  contacts  and  helps  you   exchange  knowledge,  ideas,  and  opportuniBes  with  a   broader  network  of  professionals.   —  hCp://  
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  5. 5. Profiles   —  First  step  in  controlling  your  professional  idenBfy  online.   —  AuthoritaBve  source  on  your  career.   —  Represents  your  career  accomplishments  and  opens  the   door  to  new  opportuniBes.   —  Communicates  your  professional  brand.   —  Enables  people  to  connect  and  reconnect  with  you.   —  100%  complete  profile  contains  an  execuBve  summary,   your  skill  set,  educaBon,  3  recent  posiBons  and  3   recommendaBons.   8
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  11. 11. Profile  -­‐  Basic  InformaBon   —  Gives  snapshot  of  you  and  your  professional  brand.   —  Name  and  “other  name”   —  Professional  “Headline”  –  defaults  to  your  current  job   Btle,  but  you  can  customize  it  to  reveal  something  about   your  experBse  and  personality.   —  Include  locaBon  and  industry  to  help  people  reconnect  or   reach  out  to  you  with  new  opportuniBes.  
  12. 12. Edit  Basic  InformaBon     15
  13. 13. 16
  14. 14. Profile  -­‐  Job  History   —  Add  at  least  3  recent  posiBons.   —  If  you  company  isn’t  listed,  add  it.   —  Provide  details  on  your  responsibiliBes.    This  dramaBcally   helps  improve  search  results.   18
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  17. 17. Profile  -­‐  EducaBon   —  Include  detail  about  your  formal  educaBon.  Let’s  people   you’ve  known  in  the  past  connect  with  you.   —  Where  and  what  you’ve  studied  provides  insights  into   your  professional  experBse.   —  Opens  up  valuable  connecBons  to  Alumni,  Professors  or   others  with  similar  backgrounds.   21
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  20. 20. Profile  –  RecommendaBons   —  Quick  way  for  people  to  get  a  sense  of  your  strengths  as  a   professional  and  for  you  to  help  out  your  connecBons  in  a   few  simple  steps.   —  Click  on  “Asked  to  be  Endorsed”  on  any  posiBon  on  your   profile  and  select  which  connecBon  can  speak  to  your   work  at  that  posiBon.   —  They’ll  submit  a  brief  recommendaBon  for  your  approval.   —  You  can  control  which  recommendaBons  to  display  by   clicking  “Manage”     —  3  recommendaBons  required  to  have  a  100%  complete   profile.   25
  21. 21. Profile  –  RecommendaBons   —  Quick  way  for  people  to  get  a  sense  of  your  strengths  as  a   professional  and  for  you  to  help  out  your  connecBons  in  a   few  simple  steps.   —  Click  on  “Asked  to  be  Endorsed”  on  any  posiBon  on  your   profile  and  select  which  connecBon  can  speak  to  your   work  at  that  posiBon.   —  They’ll  submit  a  brief  recommendaBon  for  your  approval.   —  You  can  control  which  recommendaBons  to  display  by   clicking  “Manage”     —  3  recommendaBons  required  to  have  a  100%  complete   profile.   26
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  23. 23. Profile  –  RecommendaBons   —  To  recommend  the  strong  work  of  a  colleague  or  business   partner,  visit  their  profile  and  click  “Recommend  this   person”  be  sure  to  include  specific  details  in  your   recommendaBon.   —  An  authenBc  recommendaBon  helps  people  to  get  a   sense  of  what  it’s  like  to  work  with  this  person.   29
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  27. 27. 33 From Mashable
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  29. 29. Inbox   —  Center  of  communicaBon   —  Take  acBon  on  messages  and  invitaBons   —  Flag,  delete,  archive  or  mark  messages  as  read  or  unread   —  Filter  messages  by  type  and  sort  by  name,  date,  or   subject   36
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  31. 31. Search   —  Like  Google,  enter  a  keyword   —  Search  your  own  connecBons  and  groups.   —  Find  and  reconnect  with  people,  or  look  for  new   connecBons  by  company,  experBse,  or  educaBon.   —  Filter  search  results  by  powerful  facets  like  locaBon,   industry,  language,  and  more.  
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  33. 33. 41
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  36. 36. ConnecBons   —  2nd  degree  are  friends  of  your  direct  contacts.     —  3rd  degree  are  friends  of  friends  of  your  direct  contacts.   —  Generally  can't  contact  3rd  degree  directly  unless  you   also  know  them  from  somewhere.     —  You  can  ask  for  an  IntroducBon  to  start  a  dialog  that   might  lead  to  either  of  you  inviBng  the  other.     —  Or  you  can  simply  join  a  group  that  they  belong  to  and   you'll  be  able  to  contact  them  directly  and  any  other   member  of  the  group   44
  37. 37. 45
  38. 38. Add  ConnecBons   —  You  can  ask  someone  to  join  your  network  by  sending   them  an  invitaBon  to  connect.     —  If  they  accept  your  invitaBon,  they  become  a  1st-­‐degree   connecBon.     —  Normally  recommend  that  you  only  send  invitaBons  to   people  you  know  well.     47
  39. 39. 48
  40. 40. 49
  41. 41. People  You  May  Know   —  Quickly  helps  you  find  people  and  build  professional   relaBonships.   —  Find  people  from  the  home  page  or  under  the  Contacts,   Add  ConnecBons  menu  item.   —  You  can  ask  someone  you  recognize  to  connect,  remove   someone  you  don’t  know  (x)  or  click  through  to  their   profile  to  learn  more  about  them.   —  When  viewing  the  complete  list,  you  can  filter  by  where   they  work,  used  to  work  or  where  they  went  to  school.   —  You  can  assess  the  people  you  have  in  common.   50
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  44. 44. 53
  45. 45. Groups   —  Quickly  discover  the  most  popular  discussions  in  your  professional   groups.   —  Have  an  acBve  part  in  determining  the  top  discussions  by  liking  and   commenBng.   —  Follow  the  most  influenBal  people  in  your  groups  by  checking  the   Top  Influencers  board  or  clicking  their  profile  image  to  see  all  their   group  acBvity.   —  See  both  member-­‐generated  discussions  and  news  in  one  selng.   —  Easily  browse  previews  of  the  last  three  comments  in  a  discussion.   —  Find  interesBng  discussions  by  seeing  who  liked  a  discussion  and   how  many  people  commented.   54
  46. 46. Groups   —  Search  for  your  industry  or  a  career  keyword,  and  find  a  group  that  fits   your  interest.   —  Once  you’ve  been  accepted  to  the  group  you  can  share  relevant  content  by   starBng  a  discussion  or  posBng  a  link  in  the  share  box.   —  Sharing  consistently  is  a  good  way  to  quickly  idenBfy  yourself  as  an  expert   in  your  field  or  industry.   —  Click  on  your  photo  to  see  your  updates  as  well  as  what’s  changed  in  the   discussions  you’ve  started,  joined  or  followed.     —  Good  way  to  keep  track  of  discussions  most  important  to  you  and  your   career.   —  Amer  sharing,  check  out  the  newest  discussions  in  the  slide  show  below,   and  cast  your  vote  by  liking  or  commenBng.   —  Under  each  discussion  you’ll  see  the  last  3  members  who  have   commented,  click  on  the  headline  to  see  all  comments.  
  47. 47. 57
  48. 48. 58
  49. 49. Groups   —  From  group  home  page,  see  which  members  are  most  influenBal  that   week,  click  through  to  learn  more  about  them,  and  follow  them.   —  By  following  them  you  can  stay  current  with  influenBal  group  members.   —  On  Members  tab  you  can  review  all  group  members,  see  how  closely   you’re  connected  to  them,  and  send  a  message.   —  You  can  review  new  members  or  search  for  specific  members.   —  Some  groups  feature  a  jobs  tab  where  you  can  review  jobs  posted  by  other   group  members,  or  post  a  job  of  your  own  to  increase  distribuBon  for  the   opening.   —  Click  on  the  search  tab  when  looking  for  a  specific  topic  across  all   discussions.   —  Under  the  More  tab,  you  can  control  selngs  for  distribuBons  from  the   group,  see  subgroups  for  more  focused  discussions  and  review  the  groups   public  profile.  
  50. 50. 60
  51. 51. 61
  52. 52. 62
  53. 53. Jobs   —  LinkedIn  Jobs  helps  you  find  or  fill  that  next  job  using  the   power  of  your  network.   —  Job  seekers  can  uBlize  inside  connecBons  at  potenBal   employers  to  help  land  their  dream  job.   —  Hiring  managers  can  tap  into  a  network  of  over  150   million  professionals  to  find  the  ideal  candidate  with  the   specific  skill  set  and  experience  needed.   64
  54. 54. Jobs   —  UBlize  the  advanced  job  search  to  take  that  first  step  towards  that   dream  job.     —  Along  with  specific  keywords  you  can  tailor  your  search  by   specifying  an  experience  level  or  job  Btle  to  find  the  right  job  for   your  specific  situaBon  and  career  goals.   —  AddiBonally,  you  can  refine  your  search  using  the  following  criteria:     —  LocaBon   —  Experience  level   —  Date  posted   —  Title   —  Company   —  Job  FuncBon  (ex:  WriBng  /  EdiBng)   —  Industry  (ex:  Entertainment)  
  55. 55. 66
  56. 56. 67
  57. 57. Jobs  -­‐  Search   —  Jobs  that  match  your  search  terms  and  filtering  criteria  will  be  returned  in   two  clickable  tabs:   —  LinkedIn  Jobs:  posiBons  posted  directly  on  LinkedIn,  including  exclusive   lisBngs   —  The  Web:  posiBons  from  partner  sites  all  over  the  web   —  Regardless  of  the  source,  LinkedIn  will  display  who  in  your  network  can   help  you  with  the  posiBon.  With  LinkedIn  you  can  reach  out  through  your   network  and  find  the  right  person  at  the  company  for  more  informaBon,  to   answer  any  quesBons,  or  even  introduce  you  to  the  hiring  manager.   —  Once  you’ve  returned  search  results,  if  you’d  like  to  expand  or  refine  your   query,  click  the  “refine  search  results”  buCon  and  make  changes  without   losing  the  informaBon  you’re  already  entered.  
  58. 58. 69
  59. 59. 71
  60. 60. Jobs  –  Referrals  –  Not  working     —  Referrals  are  powerful  tools  that  will  help  you  get  your  foot  in  the   door.     —  Click  on  the  “Request  Referral”  buCon  to  see  whom  in  your  network   connects  you  to  the  job  poster.  Request  an  IntroducBon,  which  lets   you  contact  people  through  those  that  you  know.     —  If  you  want  to  contact  a  user  who  is  two  or  three  degrees  away  from   you,  you  can  request  an  introducBon  through  one  of  your   connecBons.     —  Your  connecBon  will,  in  turn,  decide  whether  to  forward  it  on  to  the   desired  recipient  (if  in  your  2nd  degree)  or  to  a  shared  connecBon  (if   in  your  3rd  degree).  
  61. 61. 73
  62. 62. 74
  63. 63. Jobs  –  PosBng  a  Job   —  Discover  acBve  and  passive  job  candidates.   —  ACract  the  highest  quality  candidates  (rated  3-­‐to-­‐1  versus  job   boards  in  a  survey).   —  Get  viral  distribuBon:  jobs  are  forwarded  an  average  of  11  Bmes,   seen  400  Bmes  and  receive  30  applicaBons.   —  Discover  passive  candidates  with  proprietary  matching  technology.   —  Draw  aCenBon  to  your  opening  with  appearances  in  search  results   and  immediate  posBng  to  TwiCer.   —  Let  your  applicants  see  how  they’re  connected  to  the  company  for   high-­‐quality  referrals.   —  Review  all  candidates  with  a  simple  web  interface.   75
  64. 64. Jobs  –  PosBng  a  Job   —  Candidates  can  apply  directly  for  the  job,  idenBfy   connecBons  who  work  at  your  company,  and  forward  the   job  to  their  connecBons.   —  You  can  specify  whether  or  not  to  include  your  picture,   and  a  link  to  your  profile  on  the  lisBng  so  that  candidates   in  your  network  can  reach  out  to  you  directly.   —  You  decide  if  you  want  to  receive  applicaBons  via  email   or  your  website.   —  Real-­‐Bme  profile  matching  across  LinkedIn  
  65. 65. 25  best  matching  profiles   78
  66. 66. Account  Selngs   —  From  this  page,  you  can:     —  Change  your  primary  email  and  password.   —  Compare  account  types  and  see  how  many  InMails  and   introducBons  you  have  lem.   —  Manage  any  jobs  or  LinkedIn  Ads  you've  purchased.   —  View  and  manage  selngs  for  your:   —  Profile   —  Email  Preferences   —  Group,  Companies  and  ApplicaBons   —  Account   79
  67. 67. 80
  68. 68. 81
  69. 69. Company  Pages   —  Central  hub  where  millions  of  LinkedIn  members  can  go  to   keep  in  the  loop  on  company  news,  products  and  services,   business  opportuniBes,  and  job  openings.   —  Also  perfect  place  to  start  conversaBon  with  your  customers,   prospecBve  clients,  job  seekers,  post  company  updates.   —  Post  industry  arBcles  and  fun  facts.   —  These  updates  appear  on    your  company  page  and  also  the   pages  of  your  followers.   —  Have  followers  Like  your  post  so  it  goes  viral.   —  AnalyBcs  pages  to  see  acBvity  on  the  page.   82
  70. 70. 84
  71. 71. 85
  72. 72. 86
  73. 73. 87
  74. 74. 88
  75. 75. 89
  76. 76. In  Summary   —  Cover  the  basics  –  100%  complete  profile   —  Get  meaningful  recommendaBons   —  Post  updates   —  Join  groups   —  Use  value-­‐added  applicaBons   —  Become  an  expert  with  LinkedIn  Answers   —  Set  up  a  page  for  you  company  and  start  connecBng     90
  77. 77. CongratulaBons!   —  Now,  let’s  connect  -­‐-­‐   @gibbonsdigital