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Una guida utile e ben fatta su cosa possono fare i Social Media per te e il tuo business

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Social media and you pdf

  1. 1. Social Media and You A guide to make Social Media work for you Business Builder Group. 1st Edition
  2. 2. Why is Blogging so important to the success of your brand? We continually hear that in order to make an impact online we need to blog consistently and provide valuable content for our readers. Blogging is the voice of your brand. Did you know that 82% of readers feel more positive about a company after they read custom content? Did you read that? People want to see and read content that you
  3. 3. have created. They do not want to see your TV commercials. Why spend thousands on a commercial when over 85% of the people will not watch it? People want to see your original content. When it comes to getting your company’s information to the public over 70% of the people would prefer to read about your product or company through articles rather than an advertisement. It has been shown that content marketing can generate up to three times as many leads as traditional marketing. Becoming a fan of a service, company or website is a gradual process. Think about some of your favorite online personalities.
  4. 4. Did you become a fan of their work immediately or gradually over time? They probably won you over with consistent and interesting content. How did you find your favorite bloggers or websites? Today most of the content you produce will be found via social media and through the use of search engines. This means you have to produce the great content and then make sure to share it with your audience via social networks like Google, facebook, twitter and Pinterest. Some of you may ask, “what if I don’t have any followers” or “I have a page but very few followers”.
  5. 5. In this Ebook I am including a case study of a facebook page that went from 10 followers to over 4,500 in one month using the methods I am telling you here. One question that I hear often is, “What is SEO and why should I care about it?” SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique of building your website, social media and articles in such a way that the search engines like Google and bing will find it easier and treat it favorably. SEO is a very large subject to cover. There are many different forms and plenty of experts who are more knowledgeable about the subject than I.
  6. 6. What kind of content is best on your blog? The great thing about your blog is that anything can be content. You can make videos, write articles, write quick reviews of products, post pictures and even use inspirational quotes. The key to success is to produce content that the people in your niche will enjoy. Did you know that a website is not essential for you to get the word out? Today more than ever people are using sites like Google Plus and tumblr. as their blogging platform. This is actually how I started building my online business. Two years passed before I decided it was time to have a website specifically for my business. I grew my business via facebook, Linked in and Google Plus.
  7. 7. You may ask, “how can I do that without a website”. You see I leveraged the power of groups and communities on these platforms. For example, I own a business that sells Gold and Silver, I joined and started communities on each of the platforms that pertain to the subjects Gold and Silver. In those communities I became an expert concerning the subject. I would regularly write content that would be posted for the members. After a few short years my sales and customers gave me the opportunity to walk away from my full time job. Let’s breakdown the benefits of a few of the social networks.
  8. 8. Google Plus This is by far my favorite of the social networks especially since Google launched communities in December of 2012. The biggest benefit for my business is that posts are immediately indexed or searchable on the Google search engine. This means that months or years can go by and a potential customer does a search concerning the subject of the post, your
  9. 9. post will continue to show up in the results. Google’s author rank is attached to your personal Google Plus page. This means every article you write can show up in search with your picture next to it in Google search. This means higher click through rates and branding. The power of communities Prior to communities the amount of followers you had on Google Plus directly related to your success. Now with the advent of communities anyone can reach out to thousands of potential customers in their desired niche. Just remember that spamming communities is frowned upon, and can get you banned quickly.
  10. 10. facebook The largest of the social networks is also the easiest to grow an audience for your business page. There are many tools that facebook provides small business owners or bloggers to grow their audience.
  11. 11. The facebook paid Ads are an essential low cost way to grow “Likes” to your page and the amount of potential customers who see your posts. facebook groups are the place to find the people who will be interested in your niche. This is how I started. By joining groups you will be able to reach people in your niche who are not already your friends.
  12. 12. twitter This social network was bewildering for me in the beginning. I could not imagine being limited to 140 characters or less to be able to achieve the desired results of gaining. After I decided to take twitter seriously I was able to engage and befriend many of my peers in my niche.
  13. 13. This has resulted in my knowledge of online marketing expanding rapidly. Typing out a 140 character or less Tweet with an engaging headline, accompanied by hash tags, pertaining to the subject and a link to the content is all you need. Unlike the other social networks it is acceptable on twitter to Tweet the same info multiple times. Using platforms such as TweetDeck makes scheduling Tweets easy. Remember that twitter just like the other social networks requires that you engage or communicate with your followers. Saying thank you to someone who Retweets your post goes a long way.
  14. 14. Linked in This social network more than all the others is where you need to have your most professional appearance. Set up your business page and optimize your personal page for business.
  15. 15. Linked in has become the place where potential clients check you out. Linked in is (B2B) or Business to Business central but can easily become a place where you can find potential customers as well. Post your best material on Linked in, remembering that it should be reading that is acceptable to view at work. Do not post more than a few times to your personal profile per day. Leverage the power of Linked in groups. These are groups of professionals in a particular niche. You can share to multiple groups at one time using Linked in’s sharing tool. Make sure to join in the conversation, you do not want to appear like a spammer.
  16. 16. Now that you know how to use Social Media to get the word out about your company let’s talk about a website or blog. A blog or website is the center of your online world. Everything you post on Social Media will point back to your blog. Make sure that your site is a good representation of what your niche is about. Do not blog about Star Wars on a site that has a subject concerning investing. This seems like common sense but you would be amazed at how many people make the mistake of posting everything to their website.
  17. 17. One question that comes up often is, “do I pay to have a site built or do I use one of the free services?” It comes down to your knowledge of building websites and how serious you want your clients to take you. When it came time to build a site I reached out to my friends at Abstract Universal. I wanted my site to look as professional as possible. Nothing hurts a brand more than going to a website that does not look professional. There are many benefits to owning your own website. The biggest is that you own it. Imagine having a successful blog on a web property that is getting closed down or is being sold. Recently we heard tumblr. has been sold to YAHOO!. This can be a stressful time for someone who put thousands of hours into a blog.
  18. 18. A website also gives you the capability of collecting an email list. This list is invaluable and can be turned into a newsletter which in turn leads to more loyal customers. Email marketing is not going away. The list is still one of the most important pieces of your online business.
  19. 19. Your website can be built and promoted anyway you choose. Having 100% control of your web property is a good feeling. The ability to add landing pages and sub domains gives you limitless opportunities. Now once you have everything in place what is the easiest way to gain an audience on Social Media? I know, you want to have sales or grow your audience quickly. This is where our case study begins. A few months ago a client came to me and asked me to come up with a plan to help her build an audience without having to build a standalone website.
  20. 20. Since this is exactly how I began my online journey I knew exactly what I wanted her to do. Here are the steps in chronological order. 1. Open an page to list her products. 2. Open a personal Google Plus profile. 3. Open a facebook business page. 4. Start producing original content to post on facebook and Google Plus. 5. Post content to facebook and Google Plus with links to 6. Promote facebook page using facebook Ads with a budget of $5 per day. 7. Focus on growing the audience. 8. Within a week the first sales were completed. 9. After 30 days she had over 4,500 Likes on facebook and sales coming in daily. 10. Total spent on facebook ads $150
  21. 21. Going Forward 1. Expand to Pinterest 2. Google Plus business page 3. Promoted Posts on facebook 4. Expand to twitter 5. Using Online Ads via our AdExchange 6. Business Website within a year. The main takeaway is that you must be active with your audience. People want to feel connected to the company or person that they are doing business with. Social media has given us the opportunity to connect with our customers.
  22. 22. Remember when your corner store owner knew your name and greeted you whenever you came in the door. History is repeating itself. We might never meet our customers in person, but we will have an online connection with them. These connections are what will propel your business to success. The best way to put your new skills to the test is to become a member of the Business Builder Group, through their
  23. 23. Profit Generating Savings Program. With registration members receive a Website valued at: $1,950.00. These are full website templates with over 80 options to choose from. Your prebuilt website INSTANTLY contains everything from industry specific coupons and savings listings, to a full admin system, to stats and analytics.... so with little effort you can generate valuable traffic and leads. Lead and Landing Pages sell for: $149.00 per page ValueAccess to a series of interest
  24. 24. building, lead generating capture pages that create a sales process. So there is no need to do any legwork. Leads will keep generating and continuously earn from them. On top of that,there is a full lead management system to allow easy communication with leads and team members! Training and Guidance valued at: $199.00 per session. Includes step-by-step checklist based training series (with business
  25. 25. knowledge follow up quizzes), that cover everything from basic business management to communicating for conversions and more.... Plus, members, are granted access to generate incredible amounts of income through the BBG Affiliate program, for any referrals you will earn 100% of signup fees as well as recurring commissions on any coupons they use! To find out more about this great opportunity check out the video here: