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This is a Business Plan Proposal that my group and I made.

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Pikoy pinoy-pc

  1. 1. • Is a one stop gourmetpancake house basedfrom the famous Filipinostreet food known as―Japanese Pancake‖
  2. 2. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Concept Pikoy Pinoy Pancake House is primarily basedfrom the famous ―Japanese Pancake‖ found in thePhilippines. Pikoy Pinoy is made to be an eminentversion of the Japanese Pancake. We visualize thesimple pancake and turn it into something of agourmet level that is served in finest cuisines.
  3. 3. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Founders Personalized Cluster Company is from the Business Administration students of Ateneode Zamboanga University Batch 2014-2015 .
  4. 4. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY MissionPikoy Pinoy Pancake House aims to be recognized inZamboanga as the casual-dining restaurant that valuesFilipino hospitality traits and integrates internationalstandards in both products and service. We aim tocontinuously train our employees not only to adhere tohigh standards of service but also to learn to anticipateand respond to our customers expectation. In fulfillingthese high standards, we will improve our financialperformance and by this means generate greater valuefor our customers, employees and the company.
  5. 5. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ObjectivesTo be known as a restaurant that values Filipino family culture. Be an active part of the Filipino/ Zamboangeno’s community.Create a solid concept in the industry and trackperformance in order to begin expanding to other markets within six months.
  6. 6. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Keys to success Be the restaurant of choice in our segment in the food industry . Be consistent in our services and provide high level of assistance. Give importance to our quality products. Be up-to-date in the web designs and community services.
  7. 7. COMPANY DESCRIPTION• Personalized Cluster Company launches with its first ―Pikoy Pinoy Pancake Shop‖ located at Jardin Maria Clara Lobregat and soon to open in Paseo Del Mar/Lantaka and at the Airport• It will offer the residents and visitors a totally new style of a different variety of high class Filipino delicacies which specialized on pancakes, desserts, and beverages Variety Location Expansion
  8. 8. THE PIKOY PINOY PANCAKE SHOP CONCEPT The concept was originated by the Personalized group on Facebook handled by the business administration students of Ateneo de Zamboanga University. This was originally a business plan project and pursued by the management students who took up the Entrepreneur track and turned it into a real competitive business. Pikoy Pinoy Pancake Shop offers a superior pancake product, delicious pastries, fresh juices, the finest coffee drinks, and gift items.
  9. 9. THE PIKOY PINOY PANCAKE SHOP CONCEPT The Pikoy Pinoy Pancake Shop staff members who prepare the desserts and beverages are highly trained and experienced. They know how to prepare an excellent espresso-based drink and brew tasty coffee. We use the highest quality equipment and ingredients to deliver a noticeably superior product. Our design style is different from all other coffeehouses and cake shops an upscale "Cote dAzur" look. It features stained glass decorations, art glasswork, Mediterranean Riviera style furnishings and outdoor dining.
  10. 10. COMPANY OWNERSHIP The Pikoy Pinoy Pancake Shop is a privately held company. It is registered as a state LLC Corporation, with ownership shared by Personalized Cluster Company, Gian Carlo Flores, Whilda Suarez, Lalaine Hailil, Isabelle Agustin, Antonette Rubio, and Gerald Baruc.
  11. 11. START-UP SUMMARY Our costs are an estimated P189,000 and P25,000 for opening inventory and operating capital. Future stores should cost no more than P175,000 to build out since many of the costs incurred here will not have to be repeated later.
  12. 12. START-UP SUMMARY Long term assets Under counter Refrigerators P30,000 Service/Prep Counter P12,000 Pancake Stove (2) P40,000 Large Refrigerator P30,000 Milk Coolers (3) P10,000 Cash register Point of Sale System P14,000 Espresso Machine P11,000 Fetco Coffee Brewer P2,500 Counters/Condiment bar/shelving P12,000
  13. 13. START-UP SUMMARYShort –Term Assets Tables, Chairs, Furnishings P 20,000 LPG (2) P 6,000 Lighting Fixtures P 2,000
  14. 14. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Pikoy Pinoy Pancake sells high-quality specialty Japanese cake, coffee, juice, water, soft drinks, pastries, and gift items. Despite being an upscale Pancake Shop, our prices are in line with the leading national chains.
  15. 15. THE PIKOY PINOY PANCAKE MENU We offer three groups of drinks—coffee, sodas, juice, also snacks and pastries—with several choices within each group. This enables us to provide more variety than our competitors while keeping the preparation of the drinks easy to execute.
  17. 17. MARKET ANALYSISMarket Place: Maria Clara Lobregat Park Paseo Del Mar (soon to open) Airport (soon to open)Target Market: Local citizens and tourists in Zamboanga City.
  18. 18. STRATEGY AND IMPLEMENTATION Competitive Edge• High quality and best tasting food at an affordable price.• Relaxing location with a superior ambiance.• Wider variety of pancake, pastries and drinks
  19. 19. STRATEGY AND IMPLEMENTATION Marketing Strategy We offer a high quality products and services in a superior environment that satisfy all customers. They become an instrument of our company for a word-of- mouth marketing that will generate our business. We will also engage in an ongoing aggressive marketing program that will help us establish profitability quickly and set the stage for continual growth.
  20. 20. WEB PLAN SUMMARY The PC Company plans on setting up a website for Pikoy Pancake House. The website address will be www.PikoyPinoy.blogspot.com . With the increasing improvement of technology, more and more customers usually discover products online. This will help the customers to know more about the product and also give them an opportunity to give their feedbacks about the store, product and service.
  21. 21. WEB PLAN SUMMARY Sales and Marketing Strategies:  Gift cards  Gift Baskets  Birthday and Christmas promos  New store openings  Pay-per-click advertising
  22. 22. FINANCIAL ANALYSIS MANAGEMENT TEAM Pikoy Pinoy is a pancake house managed by Personalize ClusterCompany•Antonette Rubio•Gian Carlo Flores•Gerald John Baruc•Whilda Suarez•Angelica Isabelle Agustin•Lalaine Hailil.
  23. 23. RESPONSIBILITIESAntonette Rubio Antonette already gain more than a year of experience in the business and selling. She is also a management student of Ateneo de Zamboanga University. Founder/owner of Anets Japanese Cake, 2009- present. Antonette will be responsible for Marketing, Site development, Equiptment ordering, Product ordering and assigned in the supervision of Pikoy Pinoy every Friday in Paseo del Mar and Wednesdays on the main local branch.Gian Carlo Flores Gian is a fresh entrepreneur here in Zamboanga City and a management student of Ateneo de Zamboanga University. Gian Carlo flores will be assigned in Marketing, Training and assigned in the supervision of Pikoy Pinoy every Saturday in Paseo del Mar and Mondays on all other future local branch.
  24. 24. RESPONSIBILITIESGerald John Baruc Gerald is also a fresh entrepreneur, also a management student in Ateneo de Zamboanga University. Gerald John Baruc will also be assigned in Marketing, Accounting Supervision and assigned in the supervision of Pikoy Pinoy every Thursday in the main local branch..Whilda Suarez Whilda is also a fresh entrepreneur and also a management student in Ateneo de Zamboanga University. Whilda Suarez will be responsible for Staffing, Inderior design and assigned in the supervision of Pikoy Pinoy every Wednesday in the main local branch together with Ms. Rubio.
  25. 25. RESPONSIBILITIESAngelica Isabelle Agustin Lica is also a fresh entrepreneur and also a management student in Ateneo de Zamboanga University. Lica Agustin will be responsible for Website design/development, Menu development and supervision of Pikoy Pinoy every Monday in the main local branches.Lalaine Hailil Lalaine is also a fresh entrepreneur and also a management student in Ateneo de Zamboanga University. Lalaine Hailil will be responsible for Marketing, Training, Menu development and supervision of Pikoy Pinoy every Tuesday in Paseo del Mar and Mondays on all other local branches.
  26. 26. FINANCIAL ANALYSISIncome per Kilo Cost of Japanese Cake mixture per kilo ₱ 287 1 kilo = minimum of 115 pcs. Japanese Cake SELLING PRICE @ P5 each ₱ 575 Income ₱ 288 / Kilo
  27. 27. FINANCIAL ANALYSISDaily Income Income per kilo ₱ 288 Kilos per day X 10 Income ₱ 2880 / Day
  28. 28. FINANCIAL ANALYSISMonthly Income Income per day ₱ 2,880 1 month (26 working days) X 26 Income ₱ 74,880 / Month Salary of 3 employees (₱ 267/day) ₱ 20,826 / Month TOTAL PROFIT ₱ 54,054 / Month
  29. 29. FINANCIAL ANALYSIS Return of Investment Return of Investment was achieved within 4 months of the company operation. We are already at our 7th motnth and planning to branch out and expand soon in Paseo del Mar and in selected malls in Zamboanga City.