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Gridiron Toss PPT


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Published in: Marketing
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Gridiron Toss PPT

  1. 1. Backyard Entertainment Tailgating Tournaments League Play
  2. 2.  GiT Real Football Gridiron Toss is based on the concept of the game of cornhole or bag toss, but revolves around the rules of playing real American football. The playing field is laid out like a real football field, divided into scoring zones. The balls closely resemble a real football in surface texture and weight, but have the soft, safe feel of a beanbag.
  3. 3.  Gridiron Toss Gridiron Toss© is a game where every single play counts! This is a game that requires strategy as well as skill and sometimes a little luck. You will find yourself in tight battles that come down to the wire. Gridiron Toss© has it all! Get ready for a tailgating, gaming experience so exciting and realistic that you might even be late for the real game you are there to attend! Bombs, sacks, penalties, blocked punts / field goals, a scramble for a loose ball, kickoff and punt returns for a touchdown.