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Seminiamo Il Futuro A Eng

  1. 1. Automatic Let’s sow the future
  2. 2. We can only imagine how rich and unspoiled our planet was in its early morning
  3. 3. seeing that notwithstanding the wearing away and pollution that we’ve all caused through time, it still looks so beautiful.
  4. 4. Nature is splendid in every way, as splendid as the creatures that inhabit the Earth.
  5. 5. Even the fog, so white and thick and intangible, shows a fascinating beauty,
  6. 6. as much as the diaphanous slender frost crystals ladening the grass and every leaf and stalk
  7. 7. or the inmutable majestic rocks, carved and shaped and polished by fierce or mild winds and rains through the eras.
  8. 8. Le creature del mondo sommerso Undersea creatures,
  9. 9. as well as those living on Earth and even Nature itself, are subjected to specific laws
  10. 10. that cannot be broken, since any changes would inexorably lead to resource extinction within a short time.
  11. 11. Cominciamo a renderci conto che il pianeta mostra ora sintomi di malattia: abbiamo abusato delle sue risorse We realize now that our planet is sick.
  12. 12. We have neglected its requirements, we have impoverished it,
  13. 13. we have deteriorated it.
  14. 14. However, we are still in time to give our planet the necessary cares to avoid aggravating its illness.
  15. 15. The awakening conscience is the challenge of the third millenium. We have come to understand that the environment is not only our home but that we are a part of it. We must do our best to reduce pollution in order to keep it clean.
  16. 16. This will progressively improve biodiversity issues
  17. 17. thus preserving life in every possible form.
  18. 18. This personal commitment will be our seed of future.
  19. 19. The minuscule seed will germinate over time,
  20. 20. while the slow but constant action of air, water and soil will nurture its growth.
  21. 21. We’ll feel deeply human then, with the inner satisfaction of being there and be participant of a reality greater than us all.
  22. 22. . We’ll also be aware that our little contribution has had an effect, after all, so after a long night of illness the world will awake one bright morning cleared of any contamination.
  23. 23. Let’s sow the future: it will be our very own fragment of eternity. Text: Gina Fazi Design: English: