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Fundamentals of soil science


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This Presentation explains the Concept of Soil as Science.

Published in: Science
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Fundamentals of soil science

  1. 1. Pedology Edaphology 1. Pedology is the word which come from the Greek word ‘Pedon’ which means soil or earth 1. Edaphology is the word which come from the Greek word ‘Edaphos’ which means soil or ground 2. Pedology deals with soil formation, soil genesis, soil classification and description of soil properties. 2. Edaphology deals with soil in relation to growth, nutrition and yield of crops or plants. 3. Pedology considers the soil as a natural body and places minor emphasis on its immediate practical utilization. 3. Edaphology considers the various properties of soils as they relate to plant production.
  2. 2. Fig. Volume composition of mineral soil. 25% water 25% air 5% Organic matter 45% Mineral matter