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Aruba Bank Renaissance … the kangaroo court has spoken


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Aruba Bank Renaissance … the kangaroo court has spoken

  1. 1. Aruba Bank…Renaissance … The Kangaroo Court has spokenA kangaroo court is "a mock court in which the principles of law and justice aredisregarded or perverted.”In the Aqua Spa case out of the Antilles, the Netherland court has exonerated the Bank and banking system, thereal driver of the alleged criminal enterprise that is directing all commerce on those Islands. Under the umbrella ofprotection and authority given to Banks Holland is allegedly running a criminal system designed to tap and enslavethe citizens of the Antilles. You be the judgeas you read this and the other stories.No Numbers just the Renaissance is guilty? The Bank is free now pay the court costs you havetwo weeks before we start the interest yet there is a vague preliminary verdict, that is missingso much? What a prime example of a Kangaroo Court driving the verdict instead of interpretingthe evidence and acting to protect what little credibility may have existed in this corruptAntilles. These people are at the mercy of an alleged criminal system that is generated out ofHolland.The verdict or lack of tells you the system is deeply corrupted. Five months delay on acooked verdict that has no numbers, says little to nothing, making sure the Bank comes outlooking clean as a whistle, it’s the Renaissance’s fault? Right! That would be like a convicting thegetaway car driver in a Bank heist where the people who enteredthe Bank and conducted therobbery are set free as the court turns there head and says we didn’t see anything.The Bank and the Renaissance were always ateam in this con-game before Aqua Spa, all theway through the court as they sat together never going after each other up to the verdict andwill be afterwards. The Renaissance gets mud thrown at them to protect the system and makepeople believe there isan actual legalBanking system and there is actual separation and not aconspiracy? The Renaissance could not have done all the court is alleged if the Bank was anactual Financial Institution doing their job, conducting their business like a reputable Bank.What an outrageous verdict and lie. Do you think there is one person who has followed thiscase that believes the words and verdict are from Schendel? There is not a snowball chance inhell that this is Schendel freely speaking unless he has done a complete 180 degree turn fromwhat his earlier statements in court were and what he said in the written court documents heput together after each of the court dates.Aruba Bank Gets an out of Jail free cardSo Aruba Bank that put a total of 2 million USD plus 3 million incollateral at risk to a Hotel ownerwith ahistory of taking over businesses aggressively their partner in this alleged criminal system yet the Bank islet off the hook? These same players are in court with other cases in similar circumstances Aqua Spa wasin. This con-game continues to be played out all over the Antilles. Aruba Orco Bank knew that EduardoDe Veerhad a history of cannibalizing businesses because they have worked with himas the other half of
  2. 2. the team and perfected this predatory operationwith him and succeeded in this very same con gamemultiple times prior.Shelia Van Veen executive director of Aruba Bank, Mena’s alleged friend asked forthe lease agreement to present it to the ArubaBank board and when Mena asked her what the boardthought of it, Shelia said all things are good we need to talk about collateral. Shelia never mentioned thepredatory choke or the Renaissance’s history of shutting down businesses in a questionable manner andtaking over their new facilities in an obvious con-game that has replayed itself out over and overagain.Shelia knew what would happen to Mena yet she went ahead and let her into the trap. Mena hadto move all her savings to Aruba bank, release all her assets into Aruba bank’s possession and sign apersonal guarantee all worth substantially more than the 715K she borrowed. Please people of Arubaand Curacao stay away from this operation. It is a criminally runsystem designed to steal your wealth.The Lease AgreementThe lease agreement is illegal in all countries and labeled a predatory choke designed specifically to kill abusiness at the time the doors are opening and cliental is being built yet the Bank lent money against itknowing it is thestandard contract from the Renaissance never warning Mena and Emile as theirfiduciary position required them to do.They have lent money to these before and watched thebusinesses get choked and killed and then collected on the security multiple times more than the loanamount that was borrowed.Shelia and Aruba bank board knew from the beginning thatno businesswould survive it’s over the top aggressive contract language yet went forward with the loan in afraudulent approach to get to Mena’s Jardines Condo’s. Where is the court in these facts? It is anabsolute travesty in the making as this preliminary verdict gives the criminal enterprise the go ahead.Why would the Bank lend money into a guaranteed failure? It’s simple; this is nothing more thanandirect line to the borrower’s collateral and the real reason for the Bank to lend money in the firstplace.This is how the corrupt Banking system of the Antilles works and is thriving. Don’t think you canbeat these criminals and the system they control from end to end. Where is the court in this? Did theymiss this crime? Is it too complicated for the court to wrap their heads around the actions? Do theyunderstand facts don’t disappear? That the deeper the hole you dig the higher the sides are when youclimb out. Now instead of just the Bank and the Hotel being dirty it exposes the filth and corruptionthrough the courts all the way to Holland. Are you idiots?How the system worksThis is an alleged criminal operation that encompasses the whole Antilles’ system. In thebeginningittakes two especially the Bank to be successful as they are the gatekeeper to the whole loanprocess and are generally a trusted safe place to conduct business. The Court has in their verdict giventhem a get out of jail free card, we got your back covered it is saying. It is an obscene verdict and showsjust how sick this particular government and court system (where the Judges are from Holland)hasbecome since the Natalee Hollowaycover-up. The next suspected move is to let the Renaissance off.They are both of the same corrupt system working together as a team working against the borrowerwhile they pass their way through the Antilles with the court as their guarantee failsafe backup. Theblaming of the Renaissance is nothing more than a diversion or smoke screen, set up to take your eyes
  3. 3. off the stippled bank and the banking system. They want the fire put out so the connection to theHolland government will not get a chance to be exposed.Nextaction the Bank removes all protective disbursement language already existing in their standardloan contracts in an action they consciously had to think about before doing which immediately put therisk of cost over runs almost a guarantee that they would now occur. Then they fail to appoint anIndependent supervisor the only safety net language still left in that loan contract, instead use theRenaissance’s Supervisor their real business partner all along and who they sat with and prepared thecourt case against Aqua Spa with. Giselle Gillio account manager for Orco Bank acknowledged Bruce wastheir Independent Supervisor who built it really at the whim of the Hotel or the corrupt system.Mena and Emile were sheep lead to the wolves by SheliaMena and Emile were nothing more than victims groomed and being used to build the Spa for EduardoDe Veer and the system while the enterprise was drooling over the Condo project that they thoughtthey could gain access through in this con game when the Spa would eventually be closed. With noBanking oversightor protection for the borrowerthe contractors went 35% over on costs and took twiceas long to complete the project wiping out all available loan capital forcing Aqua Spa to go back to theBank for help. How can the Bank be clean? It’slaughable.No Bank removes already existing protectivelanguage, fails to appoint a key independent oversight person as it says it will in the loan documentunless they want the loan to fail and know a court that will cover their wrong doings is waiting for themat the end as we have now have paid witness to.When Aqua Spa askedOrco Bank can you help us, can you increase our loan to get us started and overthis critical point of the opening, Orco Bank says No, you are on your own? That’s it, a 5 million dollarSpa ready to open and the Bank says too bad with their shared investment? What were they going todo, let it die right there or turn it over to the Renaissance as they did in the end anyway?This forcedAqua Spa to seek outside investors immediately. Then the Hotel Boycotts the Spa while the Bank standsidly by and watches.The court says the Bank is clean? In American terms this is called Bull shit.The Take-Over Agreement approach was a fraudulent attemptThe Bank through Giovanni Anthony produces a new revised loan agreement they call a takeoveragreement that makes Aqua Spa solely liable for the loan making them potential slaves for life changingthe language in multiple areas and in a fraudulent attempt, tell Mena she must sign iteven incorporatingAnthony Croes her accountant from Deloitte whom told her I think you have to sign itMena. When she
  4. 4. contacts an attorney he tells her they have already moved that loan she does not need to sign it. Thecourt says it’s the Renaissance’s fault only? I’m sorry this is a tragedy that will repeat itself again as thecourt is the last line of defense against lies, deception, fraud, greed, corruption, criminal activity and asystem that has enslaved a whole group of Islands with the Netherlands the driver and they havedecided to keep things going?Anthony Croes of Deloitte worked as a Lapdog for Aruba BankAnthony Croeswas introduced to Mena by Penelope a key Central Bank employee as a top notchaccountant whom could help her with the feasibility study needed for this Spa project. Anthony came upwith numbers too low for the liking of Eduardo de Veer and was asked to bump them. Emile declinedand eventually Anthony told Mena and Emile that they would each clear 16,000 florins a month after allbills were paid once things began to roll. This astonished Mena and she confronted Anthony about suchhigh numbers. Anthony told her its time you lived the High Life Mena. This is the same Anthony Croesfrom Deloitte who worked with Giovani Anthony of Aruba bank to coerce Mena into signing that take-over agreement that later was interpreted by an attorney to be a contract that would enslaved her forlife?.Mark Noreen works two months for Free = another FraudNext the Bank installs Mark Noreen a friend of Bos,Orco Bank CEO to mend the relationship with theRenaissance yet he said I cannot talk with the De Veers nor could the Bank. They made this too obviousconstantly reminding Mena and Emile they never talk with the Renaissance. There was nothing butconstant deception they faced from every Bank employee they ever came into contact with. MarkNoreen receives no pay for two months of work?He asks Mena and Emile to change their product line toPavonia the same one that Okeanos Spa suspiciously is now using in the taken over5 million Dollar Spathey received from the Bank for 40 K. Pretty tough for the Bank and the court they direct to dodge thisfact and their connection and their eventual handing over of the Spa in a sham auction to the Hotel yetthe court finds no fault in the Bank’s behavior? This is an absolute catastrophe for the Antilles and itsloving kind people as this criminal enterprise is deciding what is justice in the Antilles instead of a viableindependent court for the people..The Court Bailiff Says He closed the Spa for the BankThen on December 7th Court Documents show the Bank hired Ramazonthe Bailiff to begin closing of theSpa and collection of the collateral eventually to move on December 22 yet the bank claimed theymoved in the middle of that day only because they feared Emile was in Miami selling the Spa the samething the Bank actually did themselves only two months later to the Renaissance in a sham public
  5. 5. auction where no one else could bid for the grand total of 40K.There is written and recorded testimonyfrom the Bailiff stating he closed the Spa for the Bank as he was hired to do not Aqua Spa yet the courtsays there is no wrong doing by the Bank? The Bank can sell the Spa in a one day sham auction forpennies on the dollar but any hint the Spa owners are looking to pay off thecomplete loan in any way issuspected by the Bank and now the court agrees with the Banksays it is a viable reason to move on theSpa shut it down and then claim they were only taking inventory we find no wrongdoing by the Bank?This is simply lies and deception by the Bank and produced by the corrupt system controlling the courts.This verdict had to come in order for the world to see the depth of the corruption that exists in theAntilles. It is nauseating. It reaches through the last line of defense,the court system and tells you thatthis society is ill not of their own choosing but from their mother country whom has established asystem that is working with private bankers to enslave a people and that preys on anyone whom haswealth and borrows money or enters into any type of lease agreement or other business contracts withthe established soldiers for this enterprise that is tapping these Islands.A Missed OpportunityThis verdict exonerating the bank is a tragedy for all the Antilles and tells you the systemis out of controland above the court that gets its Judges out of Holland. It is now running the whole Antilles including thejudicial system the last line inthe defense of law, ethics and morals. Anyone who enters into a loanagreement must also face a court that is oblivious to this that can sit in Judgment of all except a Banker?Only a fool would roll the dice against those odds. Aqua Spa did no wrong yet has court costsapproaching 100,000 Florins and continuing to grow. The Judge has found the Renaissance guilty andthe reason for the failure yet the Bank in direct opposition to the courts findings is moving nowpersonally against Mena and Emile to add insult to the injury they have already created on theseinnocent people instead of going after the Renaissance whom the court says is guilty?The system needs willing Soldiers with a lack of IntegrityThis is what awaits anyone whom wants to invest in these Islands. This repulsive corrupt systemis notbeing generated locally but allegedly from the Netherlands. How can the Holland government not knowand not be an active participant of this alleged criminal enterprise? How can Shelia Van Veen , ThomasArdenburgh or Anthony Croes or others throw their fellow citizens whom trust themunder the bus fortheir income from this filthycorrupt system then go home at night tuck their kids in knowing what theyhave done to innocent people like Mena, knowing they are raising their children to grow up into thiscorrupt system they are key supporting players in? There have been citizens that have walked awayfrom it simply because their souls could not accept what they had been asked to do. . These 3 peoplehave thrived in it as Thomas has just arrived home from a Ski Vacation in Switzerland while Menaisstruggling to pay his attorney fees approaching 100,000when his representation of her case before thecourts could best be summed up as shameful and weak with multiple incidents where he failed to act inher best interest narrowly dodging bulletsthat would have killed the court case except for others thatcaught the mistake ahead of the chance.
  6. 6. Thomas Ardenburg even went as far as to pass to the court a plea without the Spa owners or theCurators approval even though they specifically warned him against doing this. It was at best a shamefulwatering down of a great opportunity to pin Aruba Bank to its entire alleged wrong doings. The Spaowners and American investors will stand on his chest from here out in the appeal process so that everymissing or forgotten bit of evidence showing the corrupt system and the Bank’s direct involvement isbrought forward and presented so it exposes this system so that the Court is forced to cook a decisionfrom all the evidence exposing the court and its key position and why the corruption is so entrenched.The Spa owners believe Thomas was pressured by the Bank or the system on multiple occasions andhave always felt they have had to drag him through the process having always to be on guard against hismissing something intentionally that would throw the case. If you are contemplating an attorney pleasebe aware they are all filthy dirty and working for the system or they simply don’t work or areallowed topractice in the Antilles. They will look and act like an attorney in the beginning but will fall down or misscritical things that should come natural. You will find yourself doing all the heavy lifting. if you ever areforced to use these lapdogs who are working for the system do not turn your back on them for a secondas they are always looking for a way to help the system without your knowledge.The attorney’s lack ofhonor and professionalism will turn your stomach and make you ill. Just stay away and save yourself thegrief you will eventually encounter.Enslaving a people is what Banks and Dictators are all aboutThe people of the Antilles are enslaved by a system that is being operatedunder the protectiveumbrellaof the Banking Cartel of Holland and it’s suspected to be tied to the Holland government.Theyuse local wealthy business owners and known community members in a sinister planto team againstanyone that enters into a loan contract. Accountants like Anthony Croes of Deloitte, Attorneys likeThomas Ardenburgh of Aqua Spa and Banking personnel like Shelia Van Veen are all willing supportersof this system as they receive their tainted wages from it as it marches through the Antilles taking thewealth of anyone who enters into a business loan agreement with their system.The system would dieovernight if the Anthony’s, Shelias and Thomases whom are working with and for the system steppedaway from it and the obscene acts that they are being asked to perpetuate against their neighbors andfriends. This system controls all the Antilleans do and stands over their freedom with heavy handedtactics where their own neighbors and alleged friends turn on them to support this alleged criminalenterprise. No one who enters into business and signs contacts with these entities is safe. Stay away foryour own good.