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Key principles for successful parenting


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Some key principles for parents to follow for successful parenting.

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Key principles for successful parenting

  1. 1. PARENTING: Key Principles
  2. 2. THRIVE FOR SUCCESS Parents should pursue success in every task that they are encountering. The principal is that you should raise your children to thrive for success in everything they do.
  3. 3. THRIVE FOR SUCCESS in school in sports in household chores in relationships
  4. 4. SHOW YOUR LOVE Tell them you LOVE them every minute of everyday.
  5. 5. SHOW YOUR LOVE when they come back from school. when they are frustrated & need you. when they accomplish something. while you are parenting and directing them
  6. 6. PERSONALIZATION Remember people are different (even siblings). Every person have their own special qualities so treat each child based on his/her own personal traits.
  7. 7. PERSONALIZATION Be personalized with your interactions and avoid comparisons with other children at all costs.
  8. 8. NO DESPAIR There is always room for improvement. Do not be too harsh on yourself, because there is always another chance to try again.
  9. 9. NO DESPAIR try again and again and again
  10. 10. KEEP IT BALANCED Do not over do it. Do not spoil your kids or be too harsh on them.
  11. 11. KEEP IT BALANCED create a balance between love and severity.
  12. 12. HAVE A LIFE Do not shut yourself up and sacrifice everything for the sake of your children. Remember that you are human and you too have needs. Parents should have interests and hobbies that are not child- centered.
  13. 13. HAVE A LIFE TOO MUCH focus and emphasis on the kids is harmful.
  14. 14. BE PATIENT Raising children requires a lot of patience and repetition. Normally children forget the rules, regulations and values set forth by you, so you need to do a lot of repetition to ensure that these rules are remembered and followed.
  15. 15. BE PATIENT Parenting is a long term process so be patient and your kids will sprout into beautiful trees.
  16. 16. BE CONSISTENT In their everyday life; children need consistency and they need boundaries.They need to know that once a rule is set it is non-reversible or negotiable (with few minor exceptions).
  17. 17. BE CONSISTENT Children will test your boundaries, so be consistent to earn credibility.
  18. 18. Be Patient Be ConsistentHave a Life No Despair Keep it Balanced Be PersonalizedThrive for Success Show your Love Key Principles Of PARENTING