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Creation of the Iranian Al Qaeda ...


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It is not a secret to anyone that MEK receives funding from US think tanks and has the backing of Israel. They will do what MEK is good at; causing chaos and death for Iranians and pursuing a war with Iran. You are not doing the Israelis or Americans a favor. Iranian people, to whom I talk on regular basis, prefer the current regime, as bad as it is, to MEK. They believe the Iranian regime has run its course and is short of breath while MEK is fresh out of the academy and willing to stretch its muscles. Whoever stands up against MEK will receive the same reward as their own outcast members; a bullet to the brain.

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Creation of the Iranian Al Qaeda ...

  1. 1. Ghazal Omid1701 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.,Suite 300 PMB# 332Washington DC, DC 20006Attention: Secretary Hillary ClintonU.S. Department of State2201 C Street NWWashington, DC 20520Creation of the Iranian Al Qaeda… 1
  2. 2. Dear Mrs. Clinton,I am an expatriate Iranian opponent of the current regime. I left Iran in 1995 for my safety but I have beenan activist since age eight when the Iranian regime came to power. Most girls my age didn’t even knowwhat revolution was but for some reason I knew. Perhaps it was my Kurdish blood that made me realizesomething important was happening in 1978. Or, perhaps it was because my great-great uncle, aprominent provincial governor, was a friend of Reza Shah until he said the wrong thing in a meeting andsuddenly became an enemy. He, along with his wife and children, were arrested in the middle of thenight. He was executed and his grave paved over by a busy highway so nothing, except what he toldReza Shah, remains of his legacy. In my childhood in Iran, I grew up not with toys, but with WAR, a warPresident Reagan brought to Iran through his misguided friendship with Sadam Hussein.Decades later, a war plan was written even before George W. Bush was sworn in as President of theUnited States. His advisor, Michael Ledeen, proudly told me himself in his office, “I wrote the plan forwar in Iraq and Afghanistan.”You may question my sincerity but those who know me, among them Senator Coburn’s Chief of Staff,know that I keep my word and am truthful about what I know and what I will tell.For eight years, I saw the MADE IN USA bombs falling on the Iranian streets; even the city of Isfahan,supposedly the safest city, was bombed around the clock. I saw our neighbors, twelve people all together,including small children, buried in rubble and no one even attempted to dig them out.There were no major factories or army supplies around the urban residential neighborhood where welived. There was nothing worthy of a single bullet, let alone an expensive bomb, which made us curiousas to why our neighborhood received such attention from Sadam. Later, we learned that the pilot, whoseemed to know the neighborhood house-by-house, was a local man who had fled to Iraq and joined MEKin the fight against the Iranian regime, His parents and family were arrested and harassed in typical fascistdictator behavior. He took them out of Iran and swore that he would bring that neighborhood upside downbecause someone from that neighborhood had reported him to the Iranian regime. For almost six months,that pilot harassed and killed as many innocent civilians as he could. The city of three million became avirtual ghost town as people fled to remote villages.You may not believe any of this but I am an eye witness to the crimes of MEK, or MOK, the beloved“Children of Iran”. The fascist behavior of MEK toward the Iranian people is a copy cat of that of theIranian regime. They are a perfect match in every sense.The Kurds of Iran/ Iraq also have not forgotten the crimes against the Kurds by MEK aides. Shootingfrom fast motor cycles and running away is the signature of MEK mercenaries in urban settings.I am a Kurd and have always been on the opposite side of MEK. I am not afraid to be killed but if I am itwill be at the hands of MEK. In 2006, I came up with the idea of staging a small anti-MEK protestoutside the US Senate. A small media gathered and my PR firm in California immediately received phonecalls threatening to burn their office if they helped me with my campaign against MEK. This is what theydid when Iranians in Europe protested MEK delisting in European countries. I have several witnessesfrom Europe who barely escaped with their lives from multiple attacks by MEK. They stay silent in fearof their lives. That is exactly what the Iranian regime does to Iranian opposition.In 2010, I did something the orthodox Iranian opposition doesn’t do. I worked under cover with the FBIand became, for a while, the face of the Iranian regime. I got very close to the Iranian regime andachieved what I was asked to do. Because of my thirty second video that was aired on Iranian TV inside 2
  3. 3. Iran, I received three death letters from MEK saying they would burn me alive in front of the UN if Iever met with members of the Iranian regime again.I am a member of the Iranian opposition but not the kind that stands on the streets, wearing a green T-Shirt, waving Iranian flags and covering their faces in fear that their families in Iran will become targetsfor retribution or, worse, they can’t spend next year’s vacation in Iran doing business with wealthy IranianMullahs.I know more about everyday life in Iran than most members of the opposition because I and my familyare religious and do not fear educating others about what we must. We have contacts within everysegment of the Iranian government. We oppose the current regime but, unlike many others, we and ournetwork are NOT interested in replacing the regime with MEK tyrants equal to Al Qaeda.My work as an expatriate Iranian opposition is to collect and study intelligence data and use it to helpIranian people. I am not here to boast but my actions have saved more lives than most Iranian oppositioncan imagine. Many members of Congress and Senate have consulted and received information from me.You and your advisors hold private meetings with MEK leaders and spokespersons. You have even beenseen embracing them as close friends do. Your advisors also meet with the AIC President and NIACPresident. The Iranian opposition considers all three groups enemies of Iran.The Shah was deposed and the Iranian regime brought to power by MEK. How do you suggest MEKwould react when Prince Reza Pahlavi’s supporters want him back on the throne? And, when the Iranianpublic rejects the leader of MEK? A civil war will start that will not only impact Iran. But also massivecasualties and refugees will end up in neighboring countries; all the way to Europe.And, how do you think MEK would react to someone like Mir-Hossein Mousavi, who, when he wasIran’s Prime Minister from 1981 to 1989, ordered the killing of thousands of MEK members and leadersalong with thousands of the former Shah’s officers. He basically did the last massive cleanup for theregime. Is MEK a friend of the United States because they only killed four Americans in the 1970s? Doesthis make the crimes against Iraqis, where MEK helped Sadam by passing intelligence to him and hisgovernment, perfectly acceptable? There is no War Crime that this group did not commit while in Iraqenjoying the hospitality of Sadam.MEK is a “religious” group no different than the Iranian regime when it comes to religion. They haven’teven given their female members the freedom to go uncovered but you call them secular? How secularcan they be when they have religious Du’a from DC or NY at Camp Ashraf, aired via satellite with UStax payers’ money.I have contacts on the streets in Iran and know Iranian girls no longer wear the bulky Mantoo as MEKmembers and Iranian government workers are required to do. You may not know of the infighting overthe Persian Gulf being referred to as the Arabian Gulf that started several years ago when Ahmadinejadwas photographed in the UAE sitting under an Arabian Gulf banner. The Arabic press began referring tothe Persian Gulf as the “Arabian Gulf.” The Rafsanjani Group has been privately working to discouragereference to the Persian Gulf as the “Arabian Gulf”; not a big deal on the world stage but immenselyimportant to the Iranian people.Nuclear technology was brought to Iran by Khatami, once called the “smiling” President of Iran but nowknown for his opposition to Khamenei. Before 2009, he was also known as the President who stopped theuprising of students in Iran; sending thousands of them to prison in a single day.I know the price of peas, water, electricity and other everyday items in Iran. There is nothing worse thanhaving too much time and nothing to do year after year. That is a perfect receipt for uprising and, right 3
  4. 4. now, is a problem for the regime. There are more than 70 million mostly young Iranians who havenothing to do on a daily basis. Music, sports and politics have become their ritual. In signing MEK off theterrorist list on October 1, you will unofficially sign a war with Iran which will give the Iranian regime aworkable plan for the next twenty years; keeping the youth occupied defending the sovereignty of theirMother Country.It is not a secret to anyone that MEK receives funding from US think tanks and has the backing of Israel.They will do what MEK is good at; causing chaos and death for Iranians and pursuing a war with Iran.You are not doing the Israelis or Americans a favor. Iranian people, to whom I talk on regular basis,prefer the current regime, as bad as it is, to MEK. They believe the Iranian regime has run its course andis short of breath while MEK is fresh out of the academy and willing to stretch its muscles. Whoeverstands up against MEK will receive the same reward as their own outcast members; a bullet to the brain.I have made every effort to let the FBI know that I got the death threats. I am sure MEK will say theynever threatened me, that it must have been the regime.There is no excuse for what the Iranian regime does but what do you expect? MEK brought them topower. In fact, they celebrate every 22 of Bahaman, the day Shah was kicked out of Iran. They believethey defeated Evil and a Saint returned to Iran. Khomeini’s regime and Rajavai’s MEK were exactly thesame, just a different face.At every step of Iranian history going back to 1951, the United States has always had the wrong policytoward Iran. In 1953, when Mossadegh was about to oust the Shah, the United States supported the Shahand returned him to Iran through a coup d’état against the best man Iran could have had as a leader sinceAmir Kabir back in the 17th century. In 1978, when Shah came to the United States for aide, USPresident Carter rejected him. With the help of allies, particularly France, Khomeini returned to Iran,proclaiming himself a Grand Ayatollah and ruler of Iran. In 1979, it was through Reagan that the Iraq/Iranwar started; a war that Khomeini called a blessing. And indeed it was for them.If Iran had been left on its own, it would have crumbled. About a month ago, Khamenei had a privatemeeting with certain people, and reminded them, “Didn’t I tell you that every man’s dignity is inproviding for his family. When he can’t provide, nothing matters. No religion, no country, nogovernment… nothing matters.” If you think this is a small statement you know very little about Iran.You may have noticed the Republicans are rooting for you to make this decision quickly. And, I am sureyou know that Alireza Jafarzadeh has been a Fox News Channel Foreign Affairs Analyst since 2003. Doyou know of any other Terrorist member in the world that can work for Fox while on the Terrorist list? Inan interview, he mocked this terror list, put “quote” fingers around his ears, smiled and blinked, “We areon the list…”I fear I may not be able to persuade you to listen to the Iranian people and you will do whatever it takesfor Israel to feel safe and to get the Jewish votes. Be forewarned, what you are about to do on Oct 1, 2012is not just a decision that will free one group from US anger. You will enable the Iranian Al Qaeda. Itwill impact not only the future of your party, the United States and the Iranian people but it will be yourboss that will carry that guilt. Past experience predicts the future. We don’t have to go any further thanAfghanistan and Iraq to see past mistakes. I have no doubt that when MEK is recognized as a US enemythe Republican Party will blame Democrats because it was a Democrat President’s decision to removeMEK from the Terrorist list. Your party will pay the price at the ballot box as well as in lives ofAmericans through an unnecessary war with Iran. You are releasing the Iranian demon. It is yourdecision, your signature but a lot of people will pay…Sincerely,Ghazal Omid 4