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Is Congressman Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, a “Practicing Muslims?”In the aftermath of the publicity about NY Congressman W...
In the laws of Islam, there are two types of marriages. Type one; a couple marriespermanently as in any other culture. Typ...
Deceiving the public is not acceptable according to Islam. Our faith is very restrictedwhen it comes to marriage. We can n...
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Is congressman weiner wife, huma abedin a practicing muslim


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Is Congressman Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, a “Practicing Muslims?”

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Is congressman weiner wife, huma abedin a practicing muslim

  1. 1. Is Congressman Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, a “Practicing Muslims?”In the aftermath of the publicity about NY Congressman Weiner and his wife, HumaAbedin, CNN and other media keep referring to her as a “Practicing Muslim.”Before I start this article to educate those who wish to read more about the practices ofauthentic Islam, I want to emphasize that this article is not about the Congressman’sprivate life, his legacy or his wife. This is solely about the misconceptions of US media inmaking uneducated comments about Muslims. This article is to educate and is notintended to cause any further hurt to either the congressman or his wife.As the Tweeter saga grows more detailed and graphic daily, I, as a practicing Muslim,have noticed every time the Congressman’s wife enters the conversation, apart fromflattering compliments about her fashion sense, the media keeps referring to her as a“Practicing Muslim.”As an authentic Muslim and Shi’a Islam Scholar, it is both my personal and religiousduty to educate others whenever possible. Islam not only encourages us to do so butGod, or Allah, orders those who are educated about Islam to educate others.First: When we talk about marriage in Islam, a marriage between two religions isimpossible unless, of course, the man or woman coverts to Islam. We have two kinds ofconversion. One, the person willingly decides to practice and therefore agrees to pray, goto hajj and become a fully practicing Muslim like the rest of us. No questions askedabout his or her past, the person becomes a Muslim. God says it is as though that personwere just born, clean of any sins and therefore when we meet those who convert to Islamwe greet them with great respect and don’t try to remember who they wereThe second version of conversion is what we call a “conversion of convenience.” Thismeans that a non-Muslim individual, male or female, agrees to marry a Muslim but willnot necessarily participate in the Islamic rituals. Both are agreeable according to the lawsof Islam.In the ceremonial process, the Congressman and his wife were wed through the powervested in President Clinton. According to the laws of Islam, it doesn’t matter if Prophet,Moses, Jesus or even Mohammed were present unless the Congressman converts toIslam. Ms. Huma Abedin cannot marry a Jew an remain a Muslim regardless of who waspresent.If they decided to have President Clinton preside at their marriage, they needed to have aMuslim ceremony before hand. They could then exchange vows but could not use anyother books, such as Torah or Bible, for their American ceremony. This is notdiscrimination toward any religion but mandatory rules of Islam.
  2. 2. In the laws of Islam, there are two types of marriages. Type one; a couple marriespermanently as in any other culture. Type two, a man and woman can marry temporarily.This is called Sigha ‫ - ;الصيغة‬boy friend and girl friend type of living common law style.Sigha, is a common law marriage for the Muslim society. Mind you, women in Muslimcountries do not like it and among Kurdish people it is highly disreputable unless thewoman is truly in need. E.g.: her husband is dead; she has children, has no other means ofsupport and needs someone to take care of her and her children. This type of marriage isallowed by God solely for the benefit of women but in most Muslim societies, men takeadvantage of temporary marriages to cheat on their permanent wife or wives. Up to fourwives are allowed in Islam if the man can divide his time, resources and devotioncompletely equal to each wife. It is a noble theory that, regrettably, is not strictly adheredto in Muslim cultures, especially in Saudi Arabia from where Mrs. Huma Abedin comes.In Islam, there is also a difference between marriage for women and for men. A Muslimman can marry a non-Muslim woman, Christian or Jew alike, for a temporary time whichcan be set for 2 minutes or 20 years. Temporary marriage is a contract between twopeople and they choose the time period they spend together. The temporary marriage fora man with a non-Muslim woman means he can have a common law and live with heruntil they decide to marry permanently; at which time she must convert to Islam. Shedoes not have to convert during temporary marriage. However, during the temporarymarriage she can’t eat pork or drink alcohol because these two are highly forbidden inIslam and in our homes. A Muslim woman can’t be in any kind of engagement with anon-Muslim man unless that man converts and marriage is permanent. So, a temporarymarriage with a non-Muslim man is out of question for a Muslim woman. Again, it canbe conversion of convenience but still has to obey the laws of Islam.There is a reason that Islam is very strict about women’s marriage versus that of men. InArabic cultures, when a child, particularly a boy is born, the mother is named after thechild. For example, if his name is Ali, the mother is called “mother of Ali in literaltranslation ” or‫.أم علي‬This means the child has so much value in Islam that it must be brought up a Muslim. Heor she can’t be a little Jew and a little Muslim. A child’s faith in Islam has bearing on itsfuture action; therefore the mother can’t marry a non- Muslim at all.The Congressman publicly says he is a Jew and of course his constituents would havebeen critical if he changed his religion to Islam to marry a woman of that faith. But thenwe keep hearing his wife is a practicing Muslim. These two phrases don’t go together.Either she is not a practicing Muslim who decided to marry a man from any faith shewishes. Or, the Congressman’s wife is a practicing Muslim woman whose husbandconverted to Islam and is no longer a Jew.
  3. 3. Deceiving the public is not acceptable according to Islam. Our faith is very restrictedwhen it comes to marriage. We can not hide it. We, as Muslims, have been brought up tobe honest with people regardless of our profession. Our faith has become politicized butif we decide to save it, first and foremost we need to be truthful. If we are trulypracticing, we should say stand up and say so. At least have the decency to say we areborn to Islam but not fully or at all practicing. Unlike other religions where people maychoose to hide their practices, Islam encourages and God orders you to tell people you area practicing member of your faith. Deception by those on the far right spectrum, who arecalled radicals, and on the far left, who call themselves “liberal, secular or moderateMuslim”, is what has impacted the foreign policy of America.If we don’t understand the billions of people in the middle and rely for information onthose who don’t understand Islam fully, we will receive bad advice and not know it. Itwill impact the actions of the US government in the world and directly impact theAmerican people.The US media, knowingly or not, is not doing a good job in researching practicingMuslims to educate America. Or, perhaps they simply don’t care to educate the Americanpeople properly. This will hurt America. Knowledge is the weapon of the 21st century andthose who have it can stand up to any Jihad that might be pronounced on America. Ihumbly suggest, let us make American powerful and educate the American people sothey can stand up to the radicals who pretend to practice Islam.Ghazal Omid