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Tips for home improvement


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Tips for home improvement

  1. 1. Tips for home ImprovementA home interior designer helps you in turning the dream into reality. A professional approachhelps in bringing out the best in the space available. There are many aspects of home decoration;the furniture, walls, doors, flooring, lighting etc. There are several constraints also, which have tobe taken care of such as the budget, space available, size of rooms, shape of rooms etc. You canalign these aspects together to create a wonderful home with the help of a home interiordesigner. Everyone has a dream to build a beautiful and lavish home for their family. A beautiful home isa matter of pride. Your hard earned money is spent on building the home of your dreams; itshould definitely have the best interiors and design. A home interior designer helps you inturning the dream into reality. A professional approach helps in bringing out the best in the spaceavailable. There are many aspects of home decoration; the furniture, walls, doors, flooring,lighting etc. There are several constraints also, which have to be taken care of such as the budget,space available, size of rooms, shape of rooms etc. You can align these aspects together to create a wonderful home with the help of a homeinterior designer. The ambience and aura of your home should be such that you feel relaxed andcomfortable while being there. The market is flooded with home design options in furniture,furnishings, paints, textures, doors, lighting and what not. You should decide what theme youwant to employ in each room. The living room is the foremost area of your home which comesinto view when anyone enters your house. It is your choice to design it on a cool and soothingtheme by using white or light blue color, or warm by using colors like brown and red. You canalso choose between modern theme and traditional look for your home. It just needs to beplanned and executed in a proper manner. Various metallic wall colors are available in themarket these days, with texture serving as an icing on the cake. It seems as if the designs arecoming alive and it gives a rich look to the walls of your room. If you don’t want all that glitterand bling, you can go for classic white as the color of your room. White walls make the homelook spacious and well ventilated. So, if you have a smaller place, paint the walls with whitecolor and make them look bigger and spacious. The furniture should be selected such that it complements the color of the walls. A homeinterior designer would keep all you preferences in mind and get the best of everythingavailable in the market under your budget. A wide variety of furniture in light and contemporaryas well as traditional and ethnic is available in the market. You can go for modern and uniquedesigns or traditionally crafted furniture made of dark wood. Multipurpose furniture such as sofacum bed can be used if you have a small space. These come in various styles and save space asthey can be folded into a sofa when not being used as a bed. Other aspects like lighting, flooringetc are also very well handled by a home interior designer who creates a beautiful home for youat your own convenience. So take the services of a home interior designer and transform yourabode in a live dream with professional experience and ideas.
  2. 2. Add Color to your Kitchen and Other Rooms:Kitchen is the place where a woman spends most of the time of her day. It is an essential part ofthe house, and should be given equal importance as other rooms while designing a house. Thefamily’s nutrition comes from that place, so it should be designed carefully and lovingly. Thecontemporary woman has several responsibilities to handle these days, so it has made theconcept of a functional yet easy to maintain kitchen very popular. A modern kitchen iscontemporary, designer and efficiently organized. To complement the other aspects Kitchenwall tiles come to rescue when you are looking for beautiful, colorful and easy to maintain wallsfor your kitchen.Wall tiles are an evergreen concept, which never goes out of trend and makes you feel goodevery time you enter your kitchen. The market is opulent with so many colors and designs thatone might feel puzzled in making a selection. The color of kitchen wall tiles should complementthe color of the kitchen fittings, like the cabinets and furniture etc. You should keep a theme inmind, and design the cabinets and wall tiles according to that. You could use a soothing theme,by using light colored subtle tiles with a shade of blue for cabinets, or you could choose warmtheme, by using designer tiles in warm tones. Kitchen wall tiles are available in differenttextures, colors, tones, sizes and materials. You can choose from ceramic, glass, stone or evenmetallic tiles. You should prefer those tiles which are easy to clean and look good at the sametime. Except natural stone tiles, all other kitchen wall tile textures can be cleaned and maintainedeasily.Ceramic tiles are a classic tile option for the kitchen, and will never disappoint you in terms ofvariety. Various colors and designs are available in ceramic tiles. These kitchen wall tiles areeasy to clean, heat resistant and easy to install. You can use tiles of two colors that complementeach other, or use two or three different sized tiles. Mosaic ceramic tiles are the best thing to lookfor in this category. Mosaic tiles are small in size and can be used individually, or along withbigger sized tiles to give them a different and designer look.Materials other than ceramic are also gaining popularity these days. The urge for somethingdifferent has made people to use glass tiles, stone tiles and even metallic tiles in the kitchen.Glass tiles are stylish and very easy to maintain at the same time. These tiles also come invarious colors and styles which could be customized by you according to your choice andpreference. You can also use steel interior for a modern and contemporary look. It is usuallyemployed along with ceramic tiles. So, don’t hesitate and explore the wide variety of kitchenwall tiles to make your personal cooking space an exhilarating one.Using Tile Flooring for modern Looks:Everybody has a fascination of having a dazzling shiny floor for their home. Marble and stonewere considered the only way to realize this wish, but now ceramic tiles are emerging as aninteresting and better option to get that stylish floor. Ceramic tiles are much easier to install,
  3. 3. maintain and clean than marble floors. These come in an unimaginable variety of designs andmaterials. Glazed, unglazed, porcelain, mosaic and many more, the list of options for tileflooring just goes on. Tiles are made up of baked clay extremely hardened by the process ofverification. These tiles are non porous, and thus do not allow water to seep through them.Some varieties of tiles available in the market are:  Unglazed Tiles.This variety of ceramic tiles has a matte look attributed to it. The tiles have simple outlookwithout much shine. The colors are quite limited to earthy tones. These tiles are extremely hardand durable.  Glazed Tiles.Glazed tiles are the shiny counterpart of ceramic tiles. These tiles have a bling factor to them,and give a contemporary and stylish look to your floor. These tiles come in an unimaginablevariety of colors, designs and prints which are sure to baffle you. Glazed tiles also come inpebbly and rough look which are less shiny, you simply are spoilt for choice if you are opting forGlazed tiles.  Mosaic tiles Well, this variety of tiles is even more stylish and unique as it gives an impression thatthe tile is composed of several very small sized tiles. This feature makes it very modern andcreative. You can use these tiles to give a stylish and modern look to your house.  Porcelain tilesPorcelain tiles are a better quality variant of ceramic tiles. These are ceramic tiles only, but aremade of more refined material. These tiles look even more wonderful and classy. These tiles areresistant to scratches, stains and are extremely durable.  Ceramic tilesCeramic tiles are a wonderful option to adorn the floor of your house without the hassle ofcleaning, polishing and refining as required in marble flooring. These tiles are stain resistant,scratch resistant and durable.  Vitrified tilesVitrified tiles flooring is the best solution for your basement because these are have waterrestricted property and very hard in nature.
  4. 4.  Linoleum flooringNow Linoleum flooring is the best substituted of any type of tile flooring. Linoleum is used forsoft flooring solution.Use Glass Doors Those days are gone, when doors only served the purpose of security and separating one room from the other. Doors have become an element of style these days with so many decorative options available in the market. A large number of ideas like wooden doors, fiber glass, and metallic doors are available in the market, but nothing can beat the exclusive appeal of the glass doors. Glass doors are an exquisite and beautiful range of doors, which can give a unique look to your house. You can choose from a wide variety of designs, shapes, colors, frames of glass doors to adorn your house with. Glass types are varied to give different effects to the glass surface. Various types of glasses used in the doors are:  Clear transparent glass It is 100% transparent glass which you see at restaurants, malls and shops. This glass type is used in simple applications where transparency and simplicity is the priority, not design.  Prism glass Simple glass is cut at different angles to reflect light. This makes the glass doors to shine brilliantly. You must have seen such cut-glasses in show pieces and other decorative items. These glasses are used in combination with transparent glass, colored glass to create wonderful glass door designs.  Plate glass This is also a transparent glass type, but with more thickness. The thickness of this glass is about, 3 to 32 mm. You must have seen this glass at the exterior of malls and expensive buildings. This glass is usually employed at the exterior and doors of expensive buildings.  Frosted glass A high pressure of sand mixed with air is applied to the surface of glass to give it a frosted texture. It looks as if the glass has been frosted. This glass is used to block visibility and also for decorative purpose. Frosted glass doors are popular because it gives a frosted texture look while retaining the privacy of the room.  Colored glass This variety of glass is the most popular for use in glass doors. Metal oxides are added into molten glass to introduce colors in it. It is used in combination with transparent glass to create designs and images.Glass doors add a rich and stylish look to your interiors. Transparent glass, frosted glass areused in combination with colored glass to create geometrical patterns, images, animal figures,
  5. 5. like fishes and birds. The colored part is blown out to give a 3D effect to the pattern or image.The best part about them is that they are not affected by rust, termite or insects. They are quitedelicate to handle, but easy to clean at the same time and do not swell on being exposed tomoisture. Glass doors are a spectacular way to give a rich, beautiful and charming look to yourhome without the hassle of termite, insects, rust or corrosion.