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Team alignment map beta


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Make your teams more productive! Our Team Alignment Map is a simple and visual tool that helps structure the work ahead and align individuals’ contributions.

Example Uses

Project start, execution, milestones and end
Rapid feasibility assessments
Executive leadership teams
Project teams, new and established
Task force and emergency situations
Weekly coordination meetings
Stuck teams and conflict resolution
The Team Alignment Map allows you to quickly detect and repair unseen issues due to misunderstandings and perception gaps

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Team alignment map beta

  1. 1. What needs to be achieved in the next period? Please describe here things to do in the next period in terms goals, activities, actions, tasks, or deliverables. Be concrete Start with an action verb: o Analyse o Find o Design o Develop o Test o Buy, etc. Who does what for whom? Please describe joint commitments by clearly naming participants. Seek recipient validation before posting here. What resources are missing? Please describe missing resources in any of these categories: human, financial, technical, physical, intellectual, emotional. Start with: o Need o Lack o Require o Miss o Missing o Etc. What can prevent us from succeeding? Please describe here any disadvantages, fears, obstacles, objections , side-effects related to the joint objectives. 2. COMMITMENTS 3. RESOURCES 4. RISKS1. OBJECTIVES The Team Alignment Map PeriodTEAM / PROJECT / MISSION The Team Alignment Map is a Dorigny Group tool. © Dorigny Group, BETA 1 2 Forward pass Backward pass 3 Vote clear explicit available controlled