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Fund raising 101


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A very basic and Brief presentation on fund raising for early stage startups

Fund raising 101

  1. 1. Fund Raising 101 Nasser Ghanemzadeh @ghanemzadeh Cover of Fundraising Field Guide
  2. 2. “Don’t look up for Easy Money, search for the Smart Money” - Matias Honorato
  3. 3. Raising Terms Valuation
  4. 4. Death by Overvaluation
  5. 5. “Too much money too early often fucks companies up” - Mark Suster, Upfront Ventures “Too much money right after you hit your stride fucks companies up” - Mark Suster
  6. 6. Ash Maurya
  7. 7. @ghanemzadeh Time Traction Problem/Solution  Fit Product/Market  Fit Growth Which stage are you at? It's very important to know.
  8. 8. Postmates scale  116 weeks to get to 500K deliveries, 20 weeks to 1M & 10 weeks to 1.5Mrbnb
  9. 9. If you are in “Seed”, don’t act like “Series A” Series A Seed Pre Seed To. 15M To. 50M To. 800M To. 2B Angel investors Accelerators Family and friends Bootstrapping Angel group Early stage VCs Later stage VCs 3-6 months 6-15 months 12-18 months ● Most of the money is spent in acquiringnew customers ● Building the team to run the business ● The funding is spent in building the product to be able to support a bigger base of customers/users ● Customer discovery ● Changing and modifying idea, product and business model Amount of Funding Time Abdullah AlshalabiAbdullah Alshalabi To: Tomans
  10. 10. Must Read
  11. 11. Read
  12. 12. Fund Raising 101 Nasser Ghanemzadeh @ghanemzadeh