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  1. 1. J2ee Online Training AcuteSoft: India: +91-9848346149, +91-7702226149 Land Line: +91 (0)40 - 42627705 USA: +1 973-619-0109, +1 312-235-6527 UK : +44 207-993-2319 skype : acutesoft email :
  2. 2. J2ee Online Training Java SE 1.6 & 1.7 Core Java Explaining Java Technology Introduction to OOP Grammer and Lexical Structure Sample java program Declaring, Initializing, use variable Creating and Using Objects Using Operators and Decision Constructs Using Loop Constructs Developing and Using Methods Implementing Encapsulation and Constructors Creating and Using Arrays Implementing Inheritance
  3. 3. J2ee Online Training Class Design Advanced Class Features Interfaces Packages Exceptions and Assertions Collections and Generics Framework I/O Fundamentals Threads Hibernate Introduction to Hibernate Configurations - I Features Hibernate O/R Mapping CRUD operation
  4. 4. J2ee Online Training Hibernate query Lanaguage XML Configrutions Annotations usage Criteria Associations and joins along with all attributes Hibernate datatypes Examples Fetching Strategies Configurations - II Transactions Java EE / Spring Introduction Installing IOC, Dependency Injection Beans
  5. 5. J2ee Online Training Bean feature, attributes, etc.. Calling constructor, Init Methods AOP MAILING Threads Scheduling JMS Asynchronise calls Spring MVC Ajax Introduction to Web Services Building RESTful Web Services with JAX-RS Advanced JAX-RS Features Running the Advanced JAX-RS Example Application RMI
  6. 6. J2ee Online Training Programming and Declarative approaches Using JavaServer Faces Technology in Web Pages JavaServer Faces Technology Advanced Concepts Configuring JavaServer Faces Applications Introduction to Spring 3.x Internationalizing and Localizing Web Applications Building Web Services with JAX-WS Java Message Service Concepts & Examples
  7. 7. For Free Demo Please Contact AcuteSoft: India: +91-9848346149, +91-7702226149 Land Line: +91 (0)40 - 42627705 USA: +1 973-619-0109, +1 312-235-6527 UK : +44 207-993-2319 skype : acutesoft email :