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  1. 1. Iphone Online Training AcuteSoft: India: +91-9848346149, +91-7702226149 Land Line: +91 (0)40 - 42627705 USA: +1 973-619-0109, +1 312-235-6527 UK : +44 207-993-2319 skype : acutesoft email :
  2. 2. Iphone Online Training Overview of the iphone Applications SDK and IDE Basics Obtaining and installing SDK How to create a project Familiarizing with IDE Understanding generated code Creating interfaces Interface builder Using the debugger Hello iphone Create the Hello iphone project Creating a simple interface Rotating the Text: Adjusting the UI Rotating the Text: Adjusting the code Code Navigation Running your Application on iphone
  3. 3. Iphone Online Training iphone Development fundamentals The iphone Software Architecture Essential cocoa touch classes Working with Xcode and interface builder Anatomy of your iphone application Customizing behaviour Managing Application Memory Accessing Variables as properties The View View Geometry Useful geometric type definitions The UIScreen class The frame and center properties The bounds property The View Hierarchy
  4. 4. Iphone Online Training The Multitouch Interface The UITouch class The UIEvent class The UIResponder class Drawing Controls The foundation of all controls UIControlAttributes Target-action Mechanism The Text Field Interacting with the keyboard The delegates Creating and working withUITextField Sliders Switches
  5. 5. Iphone Online Training Buttons Segmented Controls Page controls Date Pickers View Controllers Implementing a Button Action Building a Model Adding Outlets and Action to the Controller Updating the UI Implementing the Controller Creating the new View Controller Building the UI Making the Movie Editor and view Controller View controller in Interface Builder
  6. 6. Iphone Online Training Custom View Controllers Tab Bar Controllers Model View Controllers Combined View Controller Interfaces Event Handling Events and Event Types Event Delivery Touch Events Motion Events Copy, Cut, Paste Operation Table Views Basics of Table Views Implementing a simple Table Adding an Image Additional Configuration Customizing Table View Cells
  7. 7. Iphone Online Training Grouped and Indexed Sections Implementing a Search Bar Sorting Table Data Dynamic Table Views Navigation The Navigation Controller Navigation based Application Customizing the Navigation Bar File Handling Exploring File System File Attributes Reading Data from Files Asynchronous Files Reading Creating and Deleting Files Directories Writing Data to Files
  8. 8. Iphone Online Training Property Lists and NSCoding Working with Resources and Low level File Access The SQLite Database Basic Database operation Opening creating and closing Database Table Operation Creating the sample Application Putting your Database on the devices Using your Database on the devices Location and Google Maps API The Core location Framework Google Maps API A geo-coding Application Tracking Application with Maps Working with Address Book Database
  9. 9. Iphone Online Training Property Type Accessing single value properties Accessing Multi-Value Properties Person and Group records Address Book Multithreading and Identifiers Some Applications Connecting to the Internet Building a Browser with UIwebview Reading Data from Network HTTP Authentication Sending Mail from Your Application
  10. 10. For Free Demo Please Contact AcuteSoft: India: +91-9848346149, +91-7702226149 Land Line: +91 (0)40 - 42627705 USA: +1 973-619-0109, +1 312-235-6527 UK : +44 207-993-2319 skype : acutesoft email :