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Sales Acceleration programme called GoGetter


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If you need to Accelerate the performance of your Sales Team, then GoGetter is the solution for you. It is a packaged prgoramme consisting of tools, training and coaching to accellerate the performance of you Sales management and your sales team.....a programme that transforms your sales organization from average to great...

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Sales Acceleration programme called GoGetter

  1. 1. Copyright © Sales Rehab Pty Ltd 2013 B R E AT H I N G N E W L I F E I N T O Y O U R S A L E S O R G A N I S AT I O N
  2. 2. Copyright©SalesRehabPtyLtd2013 Programme overview Why do this Track record Discussion agenda
  3. 3. Copyright © Sales Rehab Pty Ltd 2013 Why do this ? B e c o m i n g a H i g h Pe r fo r m a n c e S a l e s o rga n i z a t i o n u s i n g
  4. 4. Copyright©SalesRehabPtyLtd2013 Expertise and skills to move your team to the next level of growth Proven programme tailored to your situation… simple yet effective Provide visibility in both planning and execution – key foundation item for improving Sales Effectiveness Improve selling skill’s… Stand out – sell with Why ? – the next level of solution selling Why do this? We make customers for life…by enabling sales success
  5. 5. Copyright©SalesRehabPtyLtd2013 FACT If there is no compelling reason or competitive advantage sales people resort to discounting FACT The average sales person spends only 26% of their time selling No sales methodology Strategy not clear or lacks differen- tiators No sales process = 7 out of 10 deals not real Misalignment between sales force and sales management Only 30% to 40% of sales people make or exceed target consistently Only 20% to 30% of sales people forecast accurately Not maximising vendor relationships Poor closing ratios No visibility in the sales forecast W hy d o th is: In c rease sales p rod u c tivity
  6. 6. Copyright © Sales Rehab Pty Ltd 2013 Track Record
  7. 7. Copyright©SalesRehabPtyLtd2013 Track record…
  8. 8. Copyright©SalesRehabPtyLtd2013 Testimonials Copyright © SalesRehab 2013
  9. 9. Copyright © Sales Rehab Pty Ltd 2013 Programme Overview B e c o m i n g a H i g h Pe r fo r m a n c e S a l e s o rga n i z a t i o n u s i n g
  10. 10. Copyright©SalesRehabPtyLtd2013 What you are purchasing: Tools & methodology Sales Management Tools for • Sales Planning and metrics • Opportunity & forecast tracking • Opportunity qualification • Target Performance measures and metrics • Management reporting • Runs in the cloud • Built in methodology for qualification Note: The tool is stored on DropBox online storage. If usage goes above the free amount there will be a fee of approx $900 to $1500 per annum…depending on usage and users
  11. 11. Copyright©SalesRehabPtyLtd2013 Go Getter Overview: Tool Training Training on the Tool & Methodology for • Sales Managers • Sales Person’s Sales Manager Sales Person’s Admin’s IT Training on the Tool & Rollover for • Sales Admin’s • IT (backups and 2nd line support) Note: Training is onsite – we will need you to provide a room , projector and Sales persons computers with internet access.
  12. 12. Copyright©SalesRehabPtyLtd2013 Go Getter Overview: Tool Training Coaching & Consulting SR ©Sales Enablement Sales Planning (Sales Management) – Coaching on defining and setting Metrics based on Targets for Sales Team using Go Getter tools. Sales Management & Continuous improvement (Sales Management and Sale Person’s) - coaching on best practice for Managing Sales - diagnosing and coaching in your business with your people Executive coaching on reporting – education and coaching on the visibility and reports for Manco and Exco meetings – top down usage
  13. 13. Copyright©SalesRehabPtyLtd2013 What you are purchasing : Support First line business support: The tool is simple enough to be managed by customer SalesRehab remotely (telephone and E-mail) supported by your IT. There will be a need for 1. End user support on the tool and model and managing the structure in the cloud. 2. There is a need for monthly support for the month rollover for the admin’s. Support will proactively manage this e.g. for broken links etc. SalesRehab will provide first line support and work in conjunction with customer IT for any technical matters e.g. machine setup. Support will start once the tool is live. We will provide a monthly report and also tips and ticks to help improve usage. Terms and conditions: • Support hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm on working days Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. • Telephonic requests received within the operating hours will be responded to immediately unless a voice message has been left and resolution time will depend on the request. Voice messages will be responded to within 4 hours of receipt of the message. • E-mail requests will be responded to within 4 hours of receipt of the request and resolution time will depend on the request. • The above support is for x to max y calls per week (based on x to y users) and maximum of z hours of support per month during office hours – offsite e-mail and telephonic support. • Support will run for 12 month’s • Support includes the management of the Dropbox portal and creation of new user pipelines • Support will start directly after training has been completed.
  14. 14. Copyright©SalesRehabPtyLtd2013 Next steps ………ready for take off • Feedback and questions • Scoping and pricing • Review organization chart • Budget & timelines • Phased approach or all • Agreement on actions and timelines
  15. 15. Copyright © Sales Rehab Pty Ltd 2013 B R E AT H I N G N E W L I F E I N TO YO U R S A L E S O R G A N I S AT I O N