Decoding Core Contribution - WordCamp San Diego 2013


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Decoding Core Contribution talk from WordCamp San Diego 2013

Want to contribute to core, but unsure how to proceed? No problem! This session will walk you through the contributor groups in, and help you better understand how the project is run. You’ll learn what the process from code changes to patch acceptance looks like, to help your first contribution go more smoothly.

Presented by Mike Schroder (@GetSource/DH-Shredder)

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Decoding Core Contribution - WordCamp San Diego 2013

  1. 1. Decoding CoreContributionWordCamp San Diego 2013Mike Schroder (DH-Shredder)@GetSource -
  2. 2. Who Am I?• Mike Schroder, a.k.a DH-Shredder, a.k.a. @GetSource• Third culture kid, enjoy the art of Coffee & Sailing• WordPress 3.5 Recent Rockstar and wp-cli Contributor• WordPress Core Team Rep for 2012• Happy DreamHost Employee
  3. 3. Core Team?
  4. 4. Contributors.
  5. 5. Contributors.
  6. 6. OKAY.How can I get on this listof AWESOME?
  7. 7. Everyone has somethingto contribute.
  8. 8. Which Contributor Groupdo you belong to?
  9. 9. Contributor Groups?• Docs• Support• Theme Review Team• Plugin Review Team• Events• Core Code• UI/UX Group• Accessibility• Polyglots• .org Systems• Mobile Applications• Community
  10. 10. Not sure where to go?Try #wordpress-contribute
  11. 11. Let’s focus onCore Codecontribution.
  12. 12. Your First Contribution
  13. 13. If you haven’t read ...•• The official (always in progress) handbook!•
  14. 14. Release Cycle•• foreach( $releases as $release )• Planning• Feature Development• Beta• RC
  15. 15. Planning:Choose the Scope.
  16. 16. Feature Development:Teamwork.
  17. 17. Beta:Features are Finished.
  18. 18. Release Candidate:Just the Regressions.
  19. 19. Okay. I understandthe release cycle.What’s next?
  20. 20. Start Small.
  21. 21. Look for a Need.
  22. 22. “If it’s not on Trac,it doesn’t exist.”-Pretty much the entire Core Team.
  23. 23. Reports are your friend.•• Next Major Release:• Needs Patch:• Has Patch, Needs Testing:• View Tickets -> Custom Query (i.e. needs-refresh)
  24. 24. Okay. I found a need.Now What?• Get the source from trunk.•• svn co•• git clone
  25. 25. Apply the Patch, if any.• Right-click on patch download link, copy URL• From root of trunk:• wget curl -OL http://core ...)• patch -p0 < 20000.diff
  26. 26. Now, create a patch.• Create all patches from the WordPress root within yourtrunk checkout.• svn diff > bugNumber[.patchNumber].diff• e.g. svn diff > 20000.2.diff• git diff --no-prefix master > 20000.2.diff
  27. 27. Attach a patch.• Attach it to the ticket.• Add a note to the ticket, so that everyone cc’d isnotified.
  28. 28. No one has responded.What now?
  29. 29. Be Persistent!
  30. 30. Learn to love IRC.#wordpress-dev on FreeNode
  31. 31. Ask for help.
  32. 32. Ping those who arehandling your ticket!
  33. 33. Don’t rely onwp-hackers.
  34. 34. Twitter is your friend.
  35. 35. Be prepared for rejection.
  36. 36. Iteration is key.It’s okay if someone else has abetter idea.
  37. 37. Let’s work together tomake a better WordPress.
  38. 38. Any Questions?•••••••• Schroder (DH-Shredder)@GetSource -