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The Google Shopping Opportunity for Alcohol Retailers


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Google allows ads for beer, liquor, and wine to flow freely through its Shopping channel. It’s an opportunity that can change the business strategy for any retailer that sells alcohol online.

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The Google Shopping Opportunity for Alcohol Retailers

  1. 1. 3GROUP BY PERFORMANCE It will happen without fail: if you group your products by something other than performance, you’ll leave money on the table. You’ll bid too high on some products and too low on others. Don’t bottle up your revenue stream by ineffective product groupings. Google Shopping is all about matching the right product to the right customer, based on the user’s intent. Aim for conversions, not impressions by crafting accurate, well-defined titles and descriptions to help prospective customers find the exact product they're looking for in your catalog. MIND YOUR PRODUCT TITLES BE SMART ABOUT MOBILE Smartphones account for about 40% of all inbound traffic to e-commerce sites. If you want to capture your share of this growing market, you’ll want to automatically adjust your mobile-specific bids to reflect that reality. 215.717.2730 Google isn’t a behemoth by mistake. Nor is it a substitute for “search” by mistake. It’s both by habit. And nowhere is that more apparent than the world of commerce. But what about product listing ads? (PLAs) They make up more than half of all paid search clicks. If you’re ever doubting the American thirst for a good time, look no further than search traffic. There are more than according to AdWords. And when it comes to buying liquor, the opportunity is still being uncorked. Q4 YOY Change in Ad Spends F O R E V E R Y O N E SHOPPER WHO CLICKS AN ORGANIC SEARCH RESULT ON GOOGLE, TWO SHOPPERS WILL CLICK ON A PAID AD OVERFLOWINGThe Google Shopping Opportunity for Online Alcohol Sales SEARCH: WHERE IT ALL BEGINS ADVERTISING: WHERE THE CLICKS COME FROM 3 STEPS TO JOINING THE PARTY NEED HELP WITH THESE? WE CAN HELP... BOOZE: SOMETHING EVERYONE’S LOOKING TO BUY 75% 85.2% 9% INCREASE ONE BILLION 75% 12.5% 10.4% of shoppers who researched products online use search engines to do it of above-the-fold pixels on a Google search results page is taken up by ads in ROI when measuring Google Shopping PLA vs. non-branded text search ad Total number of products in the Google Shopping channel GOOGLE THAT’S NEARLY SIXTY-SIX %OF ALL SEARCH TRAFFIC ON GOOGLE! BING YAHOO IMPRESSIONS 2.98 BILLION 4.98 BILLION 187 MILLION 184 MILLION 5.96% 4.91% PRODUCTLISTINGADS TEXT ADS CLICKS CLICK-THROUGH RATEQ2 2014 “BUY BEER” 830,000MONTHLY SEARCHES FOR “BUY WINE” 900,000MONTHLY SEARCHES FOR “BUY LIQUOR” 450,000MONTHLY SEARCHES IF YOU’RE READY TO JOIN THE GOOGLE SHOPPING PARTY, YOU’LL WANT TO FOLLOW THESE BEST PRACTICES: Sidecar is the first and only technology that fully automates Google Shopping campaigns at the product level. Retailers that use Sidecar drive millions of dollars of measurable revenue and save time and internal resources, while maximizing ROI and improving the search-to-transaction journey for customers. 6% TEXT SEARCHPLA $3 BILLION 11 PERCENT Revenue generated by online beer, wine and liquor sales in the US Annual growth of online beer, wine and liquor sales in US between ‘09-’14 47% Pop the champagne and prepare to celebrate. For alcohol retailers that want to drive sales through Google Shopping, the glass is definitely half full. The search and advertising giant allows product listing ads for beer, liquor and wine to flow freely through its shopping channel. It’s an opportunity that can change the business strategy for any retailer that sells alcohol online. 1 2 3 SOURCES: ThinkWithGoogle | Wordstream | AdGooRoo | Merkle | RKG | CPC Strategy | Adobe | Google AdWords | Ibis World 4.5 MILLION SEARCHES RELATED TO ALCOHOL EVERY MONTH ON GOOGLE