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What is Wake Up Now, It's Products and How Can I Make Money


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The short ebook tells you everything you need to know about Wake Up Now, the Wake Up Now products and how you can start making money with Wake Up Now.
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What is Wake Up Now, It's Products and How Can I Make Money

  1. 1. What is Wake Up Now? Wake Up Now is a multimillion dollar financial solutions company, designed to help people save & manage their incomes, they pay us for having people join as members. They offer major discounts on Vacations, Groceries & Retail Stores (Walmart, BestBuy, Macy’s & more). Also, you will get 22% off on your AT&T or Verizon bill and you can finally start keeping track of your gas & start receiving tax deductions on it, earning you more money back during tax season.
  2. 2. From The Stores You Already Shop at.... We all shop online but when was the last time you got cash back on your purchase? These merchants have partnered with Wake Up Now to give you special incentives like cash rebates from 1% to 20% on your purchases. Without Changing Plans Do you have AT&T or Verizon Cell Service? Wake Up Now can help you save 22% of your current plan without having to change contracts or plans. It's just that simple! Everyone Loves Free Stuff... and Wake Up Now has done all the searching for you! This is actually what brought me to Wake Up Now. I was an affiliate for a company that created a search engine just for free stuff. Wake Up Now basically bought out the company I was with. They search the world over and find all the stuff that is offered for free. Then they kind of pre-qualify it and make sure it is somewhat legitimate. They don't actually offer the Free Stuff of warrant the legitimacy. But they have done a lot of the pre-qualifying for you. Once they have, they post it to the HUB for you to be able to see them. You don't have to spend hours looking for stuff! They do all the research for you! It is pretty cool!
  3. 3. Manufacturer Coupons in One Location All the large manufacturer coupons are available in a one stop shop type of application. You just select the ones you want and print them out. This is a very handy application....especially for those of us that absolutely Hate cutting and gathering coupons! LOL Premium Local Discounts and Deals These are deals at local restaurants and entertainment. Now I live in a very small town, so I thought this wouldn't be much help to me. I was wrong! Larger towns aren't that far away and this is a great way to save on dining out when I go there. There are tons of National chains and Local entertainment available. The neat thing that excites me is this sets a stage for us to provide a means for Local Merchants to eventually be able to also offer deals through the WakeUpNow platform......maybe it's coming soon! Office Depot Corporate Discounts Your Premium Membership includes a corporate discount through Office Depot. It's included! So you can save anywhere from 5% to 85% off on office supplies. Are you a student or have students in your family? This is also a great way to cut cost on school supplies! Need copies or printing done? Wake Up Now offers you savings on all this toooo!
  4. 4. Awaken by Wake Up Now Awaken is a blend of all natural ingredients and provides a naturally caffeine-free energy burst. Convenient tear-and-pour sticks allow you to simply add to water to enjoy this refreshing and antioxidant-rich nutritional supplement. Trivani by Wake Up Now Trivani is a new skin care line by Wake Up Now. It has no known harmful ingredients and is perfect for people with delicate skin. All Trivani Products are natural and manufactured from the best ingredients on the market today. Our company adheres to the "Do No Harm" philosophy and no animals are harmed in the production of our fine products. Trivani Produces High-End Personal Care Products at Low Prices! Invisus is included! Invisus protects against privacy breaches, identity theft and fraud. With customer, employee and business information now a primary target for today's thieves, you'd better make information security and privacy an important part of how you do business. TELL ME MORE is included!
  5. 5. TELL ME MORE specializes in offering innovative solutions for language learning. We are the first developer in the World to have introduced speech recognition technology in language learning solution. Our programs are available either in the form of an online language school, a complementary or supplemental resource for blended learning or distance education. Wake Up Now is a great company to be able to do the things you can only wish to do. Can you imagine taking a vacation trip without investing astronomical amount of cash? Well Wake Up Now Vacation Club is the greatest travel dealer that provides you use of cruises and hotels all over the world at a very inexpensive price. The condo program provides you 7 night stay at villas or resort condos around the globe with 80% off on selling price. The cruise and hotel programs provide you with the best prices which often are restricted to licensed
  6. 6. travel agencies. So be quick and book the best offer for expending travel to any desired location all over the world through your Wake Up Now Hub. They say the average person that has been forced to declare bankruptcy would not have had to do so if they had an extra $500 per month income So you really want to know how to make money with Wake Up Now? Now I know everyone has been hit up, in one form or another, about how to make money online or through some network marketing program. With Wake Up Now, the products and services just make sense for EVERYONE! It isn’t like a vitamin or waterless car wash product, which not everyone will use or take. It is all about helping people become more financially secure! Whether it is by saving money on the things you already purchase or helping you learn to better manage your money. We can honestly Help People! It is something that every single person you pass by can actually use! You earn money when people purchase either individual items or any of the service packages! Of course, the fastest way is to show people the benefits of the Premium Package, it’s $99.95! Really, that is cheap to start a business! Let’s just say you refer just 3 people to get that package. You are now making a $100 a month back. So you
  7. 7. are now able to use ALL the products and services for FREE! Y E S Y O U C A N M A K E YOUR MEMBERSHIP FREE! They call it…. B3H3G3 So once you have referred 3 people, Wake Up Now encourages you to actually help those three people get their 3 people. You bring three (3), Help those three (3), Get their three (3)! Do this just once and you are making a $600.00 PER MONTH RESIDUAL INCOME! That is $600 sent to you every month that you and they stay in the program for the “Rest of Your Life!” Can it get any simpler than that? I won’t go into detail about all the money that is possible beyond that point. This is NOT a “Get Rich Quick” scheme! It does take a little effort from you… little effort is really an understatement! Just 3 people…..Bam! $100 Help them get 3 people each…..Bam! $600 Help them do the same…..Bam! MORE MONEY! It just gets better! BUT WHY STOP AT $600? LOOK AT THE CHART ON THE NEXT PAGE!
  8. 8. Why Should I join? They make it EASY! Wake Up Now has made it easy for You to earn a residual income because their products and services provide real value to Anyone that uses them. Even as a Free Preferred Customer, you are able to earn real money back on the purchases that you
  9. 9. make through your personal HUB . Hell, they even give you your own “Visa Approved” debit card to redeem them. Then the software solutions can literally change your life on their own. Sharing it with others becomes easy when what you are sharing actually works! Because of that, anyone can learn to make a living with it by just Helping Others! Just let go of all your preconceptions of the quote “pyramid” industry (lol) for a moment and open your mind up to the possibility that this may work for you! I promise once you do your own due diligence, you will come to a similar conclusion! I’m not going to try to “make you” get into it! Really there is no skin off my back if you don’t! The ONLY people that will be hurt by you not looking into it, is you and your own family! You deserve better! Hell your family deserves BETTER! It’s worth a look…… Are you excited yet? You have nothing to lose when you join our team even if it takes you 6 months to get three referrals. You would earn the $600 right back & it will continue to come back. Don’t let fear or doubt stop you from a choice that will dramatically effect your life in a positive way. Read some real life experiences in Facebook comments below & you are welcome to leave a comment yourself! REAL Opportunity, Real Money & a NO BRAINER Decision! You see.....
  10. 10. Sign up here when you are ready to start living!
  11. 11. Wake Up Now today -------><--------