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DrupalCon 2014: A Perfect Launch, Every Time


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Launching websites is hard. In the rush of last-minute changes, something always breaks. How could you have known the caching settings were mis-configured? Or maybe it’s the database. Your team is working overtime, but it’s already too late.

Don’t let your site be one of the 60% of Drupal sites that launch late. Take steps now to lock in a perfect launch, every time. The Pantheon Launch Team launches several enterprise sites everyday, and supports hundreds of self-serve customers daily. In this platform-agnostic session, you’ll learn best practices and tools for rooting out problems and doubling site performance by launch day (whether you use PaaS, shared hosting, or your own hardware).

You’ll learn:

How to lead an agile, coordinated launch with project managers, stakeholders, developers, sysadmins—without spending months herding cats
What causes 80% of website slowdowns and other problems—and how to obliterate surprises
Top tools for benchmarking your performance and capacity
Why you need a cache strategy if you care about performance—and specific things to think about before you configure your settings
When to automate the launch prep—and when to call on an expert pair of eyes

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DrupalCon 2014: A Perfect Launch, Every Time

  1. 1. A Perfect Launch, Every Time DrupalCon Austin 2014
  2. 2. What is a perfect launch? ● Schedule - On Time ● Cost - On Budget ● Scope - On Plan
  3. 3. Why should you care?
  4. 4. A Perfect Launch Recipe ● Launch Team - Onboarding ● Launch Check - Best Practices ● Load Test - Performance Tuning
  5. 5. Launch Team Onboarding
  6. 6. How we prepare for launch ● Goal: Get rid of all the “uh-oh” moments ● Method: Launch Team ● Stakeholders: o Project Manager - scheduling, best practices o Developer - platform knowledge, integration o Sys Admin - responsibilities, delegation o Business owner - flawless launch
  7. 7. Have a system and tools ● Specify common workflow requirements o Repeatable tasks, delegatable ● Project management - Wrike, JIRA, Redmine ● Orientation logistics o Scheduling - calendar, deadlines o Real-time communication  Phone, Video Conference, GoToMeeting, IRC o Training - documentation, Slides, Videos
  8. 8. Mapping the terrain ● Scoping of responsibilities o Reduce confusion, set stage ● Channels of communication o Define emergency procedures o Issue tracking as primary inbox ● Staying in touch o Available, open, and regular o Proactive
  9. 9. Launch Check Best Practices
  10. 10. What is Site Audit? ● Drupal 7 static analysis o ● Best practices ● Actionable report ● Vendor agnostic o Optional Pantheon specific recommendations
  11. 11. What can an audit analyze? ● Drupal caching settings ● Codebase and file size ● Database structure ● Modules, including duplicate / missing ● Non-standard code structures ● Views caching ● Watchdog logs
  12. 12. Drupal caching settings
  13. 13. Drupal cron
  14. 14. Drupal’s database
  15. 15. Extensions (modules & themes)
  16. 16. Views
  17. 17. Watchdog
  18. 18. ● Simple Drupal 7 site ● Apache Bench ○ 10,000 requests to home page (5 concurrent) ● Warmed cache, cleared watchdog ● Comparison ○ Bad config, 1 PHP notice and warning in theme ○ Good config, no PHP notices or warnings Test Configuration
  19. 19. Result? Doubled performance. Bad config, errors ● 20 min, 52 sec ● Requests per second: 7.98 ● Time per request: 626.192 ms Good config, no errors ● 10 min, 25 sec ● Requests per second: 15.99 ● Time per request: 312.780 ms
  20. 20. Good configuration matters.
  21. 21. Load Testing Performance Tuning
  22. 22. Why load test? ● Validate response times under peak load ● Smoke - operations under normal load ● Stress - behavior past peak load o Spike - short bursts ● Capacity - plan for growth
  23. 23. Who should execute load tests? ● Developers execute ● Involve stakeholders
  24. 24. Tools for load testing ● DIY and simple o Apache Bench ● Complex / dynamic o Apache JMeter o Load Impact o Load Storm
  25. 25. When should I load test? ● Baseline ● Tools o Xdebug, Webgrind, Devel, Syslog, Watchdog, New Relic ● Incrementally during development ● Prior to launch
  26. 26. Where do I perform load tests? ● Live environment o Bandwidth ● Resource limitations ● SaaS load testing solutions
  27. 27. What to expect during & after ● Benchmark often (datapoints vs aggregate) ● Be reasonable ● Numbers should dictate expectations (back-end not just Google analytics)
  28. 28. Caching ● Opcode Cache o APC, Zend Opcache, eAccelerator ● Backends o Memcached, Redis, MongoDB, file system, APC ● Front-end caching o Varnish, Squid, reverse-proxy CDNs
  29. 29. Back-end caching Redis: Engage!
  30. 30. Front-end caching Anonymous page caching: Disabled!
  31. 31. Testing Varnish with cURL
  32. 32. PHP Slow Log
  33. 33. Nginx error log
  34. 34. MySQL slow log # Tim e:130320 7:30:26 # User@ Host:db_user[db_database]@ localhost[] # Q uery_tim e:4.545309 Lock_tim e:0.000069 Row s_sent:219 Row s_exam ined:254 SET tim estam p= 1363779026; SELECT option_nam e,option_value FRO M w p_options W HERE autoload = 'yes';
  35. 35. Pay attention to watchdog 6652 11/O ct15:05 w arning php W arning:Cannotm odify headerinform ation -headers already sentby (outputstarted at/srv/w w w /code/includes/com m drupal_goto()(line 6643 11/O ct14:21 notice php Notice:Trying to getproperty ofnon-objectin cap_ui_preprocess_page()(line 27 of /srv/w w w /code/sites/all/them es/cap_ui/tem plate.php). 6595 11/O ct13:00 notice php Notice:Unknow n:Can notauthenticate to IM AP server:[AUTHENTICATIO NFAILED ]Invalid credentials (Failure)(errflg= 2)in m ain()(line of).
  36. 36. Good load test
  37. 37. Bad load test
  38. 38. Interpreting results ● Hard numbers ● Business impact
  39. 39. A Perfect Launch, Every Time
  40. 40. @ getpantheon pantheon Thank you! Questions?