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Take action on customer feedback with surveys and Salesforce


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Improve the customer experience by taking immediate action on time-sensitive feedback.

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Take action on customer feedback with surveys and Salesforce

  1. 1. Take action on customer feedback with surveys and Salesforce
  2. 2. of customers will stop doing business with a brand after one bad experience. 32% Customer experience (CX) is more important than ever Focusing on the customer experience may be the single most important investment a company can make. Source: Future of CX Report, PWC
  3. 3. $136.8 billion the amount of money companies lose per year because of poor CX
  4. 4. What if you knew the moment your customer had a poor experience?
  5. 5. What if you could immediately intervene and make things right?
  6. 6. Integrated survey programs are the best way to tap into the voice of your customer and taking immediate action
  7. 7. Traditional survey tools don’t work Surveys offer an outdated user experience and are delivered on the wrong channel and out of context. Plus data is siloed from your CRM, making it impossible to take action.
  8. 8. Introducing GetFeedback for Salesforce Capture the voice of the customer with sleek, omnichannel surveys. Put real-time CX data in Salesforce. Take immediate action on feedback.
  9. 9. Four steps to building an effective feedback program DESIGN DISTRIBUTE INTEGRATE ACT Craft sleek, personalized surveys that asks the right questions Automate distribution and choose channels that work for your customers Bring your feedback data and customer data together in Salesforce Get insights to take immediate 1:1 action and organizational change. Title Account Name CSAT Score Manager Apex Inc. 2 Account Owner Account Rollup CSAT Score Dan Harrison 4.3 Priority Case Number CSAT Score Medium 00001123 2 Name Related To Lauren Mitters 00489124 Thanks for contacting the Sun Basket support team! How was your experience?
  10. 10. DESIGN Easily design branded, mobile-ready surveys and pull in customer data from Salesforce to provide a personalized experience.
  11. 11. DISTRIBUTE Distribute surveys on the channels your customers want to engage with you.
  12. 12. INTEGRATE Map real-time feedback into Salesforce Put feedback data where you need it in Salesforce and have a truly 360-degree view of the customer. Integrate
  13. 13. ACTION Act intelligently on critical feedback Our bi-directional integration with Salesforce houses your customer data and feedback data all in one place so you can take intelligent action and run a more efficient program. 43% customers don’t leave feedback because they don’t think the business cares. Source: Hubspot, Customer Feedback Strategy
  14. 14. Create custom Email Alerts and assign Salesforce Tasks with specified due dates to easily surface time-sensitive feedback and prompt internal teams to immediately take action. Pull in customer data, like region or account spend, to identify high-value customers and assign actions accordingly. ACTION GetFeedback Actions
  15. 15. 1:MANY ACTION Develop programs to influence organizational change Scale your action plan by communicating feedback throughout your organization and building programs to convert detractors and nurture promoters. INTERNAL VOICE OF THE CUSTOMER PROGRAM: Communicate findings within company and adjust: ● Product roadmap ● Support channels ● Pricing DETRACTOR PLAN: Develop programs that will convert detractors: ● Quarterly business reviews ● White-glove customer support ● Discounting and promotions PROMOTER PLAN: Shine a spotlight on champions: ● 5-star reviews ● Customer stories ● Advisory council
  16. 16. 25% higher revenue Real-time CX data in Salesforce and a strong action plan directly impact CSAT. A modest improvement in CSAT can yield Source: The Temkin Group
  17. 17. SALES Give your sales team the power to close more deals with closed-lost insights. Use GetFeedback alongside any Salesforce product SERVICE Enhance your customer service and field service lightning platforms with real-time feedback. MARKETING Understand the customer journey and deliver more personalized experiences. PARDOT Bring the voice of the customer into Pardot and drive smarter marketing automation. COMMUNITIES Create an ongoing dialogue within your forums, portals, and knowledge articles. ANALYTICS Fuel your Einstein predictive engine with the most critical dataset: customer feedback.
  18. 18. Prospect visits website Customer makes a purchase Customer is onboarded Customer chats with support Customer renews product Measure the Voice of the Customer at key touchpoints in the customer journey
  19. 19. The California Department of Social Services uses GetFeedback to measure foster care programs and engage with teenagers in need of help. ★ Surveys designed to measure the health of the home environment identify problem areas. ★ Teens in foster care can access surveys directly on the website for easy access. ★ Survey logic drives teens down different paths of questioning based on their responses to get to the heart of their feedback. ★ All feedback goes directly into Salesforce so when certain responses are flagged, CDSS can take immediate action and alert authorities to investigate.
  20. 20. South Dublin County Volunteer Centre, a non-profit organization, used volunteer feedback to drive additional grants. ★ Branded surveys built to measure satisfaction from volunteers and organization partners. ★ Surveys sent through one-touch emails with embedded questions to optimize for response rates. ★ Shareable dashboards to socialize feedback with local government stakeholders and prove the success of volunteer programs. ★ Resulted in securing increased government funding to fuel additional growth.
  21. 21. Thank You!