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Getfeedback Flow Actions for Salesforce


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Time spent on data entry can be tedious and time-consuming for any sales team. Learn how to embed GetFeedback surveys within Salesforce Flow Actions to drive operational efficiency and increase accuracy of record updates, helping your on-the-go team automate data entry.

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Getfeedback Flow Actions for Salesforce

  1. 1. Increase Data Quality, Reduce Clicks, and Drive Key Business Processes with CRM Embedded Surveys GetFeedback Flow Templates
  2. 2. in revenue is lost every year due to inefficiencies from manual data entry 30% Data lies at the heart of your business Data influences critical business decisions. Manual data entry is time-consuming and creates a higher margin for error. Bad data can also result in a poor customer experience. Source: icrunchdata, Are Small Mistakes Making Your Business Data Inaccurate, 2017
  3. 3. How do you improve operational efficiencies and reduce errors?
  4. 4. GetFeedback for Salesforce Beautiful, branded, mobile-friendly surveys. In context, after every customer interaction, across any channel. Seamlessly integrated with Salesforce.
  5. 5. INTRODUCING GetFeedback Flow Templates Embed surveys directly in Salesforce screen flows to provide an easy-to-use interface that simplifies data collection from your teams. Using clicks instead of keystrokes, you can reduce input errors and garner higher quality data that improves business outcomes.
  6. 6. Modernize your data collection GetFeedback Flow Templates helps your business run more efficiently so you can improve your data and protect your bottom line. IMPROVE DATA QUALITY ✔ Easy-to-use surveys reduce manual input errors ✔ Survey logic customizes data for each scenario IMPROVE OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY ✔ Surveys can be updated without coding changes ✔ Data is instantly captured in Salesforce ✔ Next steps are automated for streamlined workflows
  7. 7. How does it work? Launch GetFeedback Flow Templates in five simple steps. 1. Install GetFeedback Flow Actions from the Appexchange 2. Add the GetFeedback component to your screen flow 3. Build your survey in GetFeedback and attach to the component 4. Add variables for logic-based functions 5. Launch your Flow Action
  8. 8. Rapid Lead Qualification#1 Field Rep Partner Interview Product Recommendations When should GetFeedback Flow Templates be used? Let’s explore a few use cases to better understand when this functionality can and should be used. #2 #3
  9. 9. USE CASE #1 Rapid Lead Qualification
  10. 10. Point-of-View Sales Dev Rep
  11. 11. Flow Actions How We Built It
  12. 12. USE CASE #2 Field Rep Partner Interview
  13. 13. Point-of-View Regional Manager
  14. 14. Flow Actions How We Built It
  15. 15. USE CASE #3 Product Recommendations
  16. 16. Point-of-View Sales Consultant
  17. 17. Flow Actions How We Built It
  18. 18. Stop by our booth to get more information and sign up for a free trial today. Want to learn more?