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  1. 1. 1 Research Program Highlights District Department of Transportation Summer Research Interns! Summer/Fall 2014 DDOT welcomed nine interns this summer, ranging from college stu- dents to PhD candidates. The interns worked on various research projects across the agency and presented them on August 7th. Tamiko Toye and Gervais Mbunkeu worked with Cesar Barreto in IPMA doing work on ADA data collection and software evaluation. Zuxuan Deng did research on the Truck Trip-Generation element of the DDOT freight model, working under Eulois Cleckly in PPSA. Yanan Xin worked in QA/QC with James Graham, Amanda Harvey, and Jose Colon, improving DDOT’s asset inventory data management. Amy Liang did Red-Top meter implementation work with TOA and Evian Patterson. Pranay Bagde and Akhil Jain worked with IPMA and Ali Shakeri on agency coordination proce- dures with large-scale development. Joseph Vincent and Anita Kinney worked on the archival and digitization project in the library. From left to right: Zuxuan Deng, Yanan Xin, Tamiko Toye, Amy Liang, Joseph Vincent, Gervais Mbunkeu FY 2015 Research Projects Projects for the upcoming fiscal year have been selected. The Research Advisory Committee (made up of the Associate Directors from each administration) met on July 17th to select the FY15 research projects. Projects will be funded as funding becomes available to research, starting at the top of the list. Rank Project Name 1 Performance Metrics and Supportive Analysis Methodologies for Highly Urbanized, Multi-Modal Systems 1 Analysis of Per-Ride Fare Data for Capital Bikeshare 3 Relating Capital Bikeshare Usage to Existing and Future Bicycle Count Data 4 Integration of Renewable or Cleaner Energy Generation Technology into Transportation Infrastructure 5 Traffic Signals and ITS Communication Security Audit 6 DDOT Cost Estimating for Professional Engineering Services 7 Compliance, Perception and Effectiveness of Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFB) and Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons (HAWK Signals) in the District of Columbia
  2. 2. 2 Sharing DC History DDOT Data Initiative The DDOT Library & Archives has joined the wide world of social media! The DDOT tumblr launched in June to much interest. Photos posted on the page have been featured in Greater Greater Washington, Old Time DC, and the Washington Post Express. The DDOT Library & Archives contain photos, maps, and documents from across the years, documenting the growth and changes in DC through history and transit. The goal of the tumblr is to share these pieces of history with a wider audience. The DDOT tumblr has connected with other major libraries and archives in the area, such as the DC Public Library System, the Smithsonian, and the National Archives. In conjunction with Chris Quay and the Communications department, we hope to share more in the upcoming weeks! Research and OITI are leading an effort to streamline data management at DDOT. The goals of the effort are to: a. get a better handle on data that is already available at DDOT, b. create a framework and business process that enables us to store that data in a consistent, query-able format, c. integrate disparate data platforms where practical, and d. provide access to various data users at DDOT. To get started, Research and OITI are compiling an inventory of existing data at DDOT through a wiki: oi/data/DataWiki/Home.aspx Moving forward, the data team will be working to create a common interface, where appropriate, to streamline access to various datasets at the agency. This will include data stored at DDOT’s Transportation Safety Data Center at Howard University. Training will be made available on accessing the data stored at the Data Center. The team will also be providing contracting language on standard data formats to include in contracts where data will be collected. This will enable future data collection to be easily integrated across the agency. Lastly, the team is looking at moving extant data to a common warehouse where feasible, which will also streamline access. If you have datasets, please add information on them to the data wiki! If you have questions, please contact James Graham, Stephanie Dock, or Soumya Dey. Streetcar tracks at M and 30th Street NW in Georgetown, December 8th, 1959.
  3. 3. 3 Project UpdatesIntern Spotlight Amy Liang, our research intern with the TOA parking team since this summer, is a graduate student from the Catholic University of America. She is pursuing her PhD degree in Civil Engineering. Amy works with the Red Top Meter program and her work to date includes developing a metric on meter inspections and conducting an occupancy study. As the inspection process of the Red Top Meters goes, she keeps updating the inspection database and collaborating with OITI team on updating parking meter GIS information. Starting this fall she is also helping with the Residential Permit Parking (RPP) program. Her goal is to develop an operational method which can facilitate the RPP decision making process. If successful, her work would effectively save process time later and make our policy more operable both qualitatively and quantitatively. The Research Program recently gave a presentation at the DDOT FY15 Paving Plan Development Workshop on the results of a survey of how peer cities develop their paving plans. The survey found that in most cases the selection of streets is a mix of quantitative and qualitative factors, with varying public and political input. Common factors included pavement condition, geographic equity, and demands on the street (including citizen complaints). Research can do a scan like this for your next project! Contact Stephanie Dock or fill out the request here: Recently Published  Trip Generation Data Collection in Urban Areas (PPSA, Jamie Henson)  Strength and Permeability of Pervious Concrete (IPMA, Wasi Khan & Rezene Medhani)  Ride Quality and Pavement Condition Indices Prediction (IPMA, Edward Carpenter)  Establishment of Ideal Saturation Flow Rate for Intersection Level of Service Analysis (TOA, Wasim Raja) Active Projects  Evaluation of Peak Hour Parking Restrictions on Major Arterials (TOA, Gregg Steverson) - ends December 2014  Evaluation of Transit Signal Priority Strategies through Microsimulation (TOA, Wasim Raja) - ends September 2015 Upcoming Projects  Monitoring and Evaluation of Pavements to Preserve Trees, Improve Stormwater Infiltration, and Reduce Sidewalk Uplift (UFA leading, Alit Balk)  FY15 projects—see front page “Public Agency Performance Management for Improved Service Delivery in the Digital Age: Case Study,” Soumya Dey, Jose Thommana, & Stephanie Dock, Journal of Management in Engineering, August 2014. “Modern Chauffeurs,” Soumya Dey and Stephanie Dock, Parking Professional, May 2014. “Transforming the Washington, DC, USA, Parking Meter Program Using a Lean Six Sigma Improvement Process,” Soumya Dey, Journal of Transportation, July 2014. Paving Workshop Papers Published
  4. 4. 4  The Research Program held outreach meetings with 5 local universities to help better connect our needs with their areas of interest and expertise.  DDOT staff submitted at least 8 papers for presentation at the TRB Annual Meeting in January 2015.  The Research Program is an active member of the State Transportation Innovation Council, helping to integrate innovative practices into DDOT’s everyday work.  The library now offers a small study/ meeting space in the back for 3-4 people. Feel free to utilize it!  The library has study materials! We have books for both the PE Exam and the PMP Exam. Come check them out and let us know if there are other useful titles we can acquire! Did You Know? Check out our website: Or scan the QR code at right >> Visit the DDOT Library: 5th floor of the DDOT main offices (55 M) Open daily from 8:00 to 4:45. Contact us: Director of Research and Technology Transfer Soumya Dey, Tel: 202-671-1369 Research Program Specialist Stephanie Dock, Tel: 202-671-1371 Librarian Katie Crabb, Tel: 202-671-2023 Talk to Us! Webinars  Practical Structural Health Monitoring for Bridge Owners October 22, 2pm-3:30pm  LRT and BRT and CRT and SCT… Oh My! November 4, 1pm-2:15pm  Summary of Recent Stormwater Research Funded by NCHRP November 12, 1pm-2:30pm  Implementation of International-Roughness- Index-based Smoothness Specifications for Bridges and Approaches: Lessons Learned November 17, 1pm-3pm Conferences  TRB 94th Annual Meeting (Washington, DC) January 11-15, 2015 DDOT staff attend for free, so register now: Upcoming Events Around the Research World Here we highlight interesting research done by other agencies in recent months:  “New York City Green Loading Zones Study” New York State DOT and New York State Energy Research and Development Authority  “Smartphone-Based System Improves Safety and Mobility for Visually Impaired Pedestrians” University of Minnesota University Transportation Center  “Crash Experience Warrant for Traffic Signals” NCHRP Web-Only Document 204  “Effectiveness of Safety and Public Service Announcement Messages on Dynamic Message Signs” FHWA