Managing Corporate Brands with Diageo & Vyre


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In this joint presentation with Diageo and VYRE, Gerry Brown discusses the importance of corporate branding, and how best practices can be enabled by Brand Asset Management technologies. This presentation preceeded a presentation on branding by Diageo, the world's largest premium drinks company, and home of such brands such as Smirnoff (vodka), Guinness (beer) and Johnny Walker (whisky).

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  • Recent research by the NCC shows that only 5% of organisations have a single complete view of all their customer data.25% have a CEM strategy (Foviance)Measurement is piecemeal and immature
  • Managing Corporate Brands with Diageo & Vyre

    1. 1. Managing Corporate Brands Gerry Brown Director MIS Associates For: Diageo / VYRE Seminar Date: Tuesday 29th May 2012 Location: The Hospital Club, London WC2
    2. 2. What does Gerry do?  Strategy advisor  Technology industry analyst  Marketing lecturer2 Diageo / VYRE Seminar 29th May 2012
    3. 3. Agenda 1. Why corporate branding is a business imperative 2. Managing risks to corporate brands 3. How Brand Asset Management helps / adds value3 Diageo / VYRE Seminar 29th May 2012
    4. 4. What is Corporate Branding? “Corporate branding unites products or businesses by using a single name, a shared visual Monolithic identity and a set of symbols. It is a set of managed communications Endorsed activities to build favourable associations and positive Branded reputation with both internal and Olins (1989) external stakeholders”.4 Diageo / VYRE Seminar 29th May 2012
    5. 5. The Digital Age has facilitated investment in Corporate Branding “Transparency has come with digital technology. People want to know who is the company behind the brands. What are the values? Are they interested in making more than money? What is its purpose?” P&Gs CMO, Marc Pritchard (May 2012)5 Diageo / VYRE Seminar 29th May 2012
    6. 6. Managing Corporate Brands Symbolism Internal ExternalAudiences Communication Audiences Behaviour Birkigt & Stadler (1986)6 Diageo / VYRE Seminar 29th May 2012
    7. 7. 6 Key Brand Elements Recognition Transferable The Corporate Image Value Registerable Brand Price Differentiated Premium Davies (1992)7 Diageo / VYRE Seminar 29th May 2012
    8. 8. Corporate Branding Enables Other Marketing Strategy Options 1. Product or service differentiation?  2. Market segment focus?  3. Outsource (be the low cost operator)?  4. Product quality? 5. Price aggressively to acquire new customers?  6. Business partnerships and channel distribution?  7. Innovation?  8. Collaboration / social media?  9. Customer Loyalty? 8 Diageo / VYRE Seminar 29th May 2012
    9. 9. “Putting all your eggs in one basket” financial performance and profitability association allegations of with fraud disgraced entities mismanagem Risk poor ent or handling of inappropriate crises and behaviour the media product regulatory recalls or non- service compliance failures and litigation9 Diageo / VYRE Seminar 29th May 2012
    10. 10. What are brand assets?  Logos, slogans, tag lines, positioning statements  Patents, Trademarks and Intellectual Property (IP)  Advertising and Point-of-Sale materials  Signage, presentations etc. In technology terms “assets” refer to rich media files such as marketing images, product photography, video and audio that form part of the brand creative communications process.10 Diageo / VYRE Seminar 29th May 2012
    11. 11. Some Brand Asset Management Issues Using outdated / inappropriate technologies “PowerPoint?!!” Search, location, access “Where have we put the logo?!” Version control “Is 2.2.1 or 2.1.2 the current version?” Rights management “Are you sure we can use this photo?” Re-use / re-purposing “A logo change costs that much?!” Approval processes / sign-off “It’s still in Corporate . . . “11 Diageo / VYRE Seminar 29th May 2012
    12. 12. So what is Brand Asset Management? “BAM is much more than just a central repository. BAM is also a pro-active management tool for closed loop, end-to- end marketing that provides complete visibility over marketing assets, rights, approvals and usage”12 Diageo / VYRE Seminar 29th May 2012
    13. 13. The Value of BAM: The 5 Cs Collaboration Compliance Cost Value of BAM Control Consistency13 Diageo / VYRE Seminar 29th May 2012
    14. 14. 7 Point Start-up Checklist Governance Stakeholder group Personalisation & ownership Outsource? Incremental approach Change management Define goals14 Diageo / VYRE Seminar 29th May 2012
    15. 15. Conclusions  Corporate branding is key all-embracing marketing strategy in the current digital age, but it comes with risk attached . . . to quote Warren Buffett: "It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, youll do things differently“.  BAM helps minimise the risks to brand integrity – and also reduces waste and outsourcing costs, and improves marketers’ productivity and effectiveness  Enjoy the white paper (and the Diageo case study)!15 Diageo / VYRE Seminar 29th May 2012
    16. 16. Thank you
    17. 17. Questions? For a copy of the slides email: Gerry Brown Director, MIS Associates Limited 5 Kew Road, Richmond TW9 2PR Mobile: +44 (0)7855 525598 Web: Twitter: @gerrybrown . . . optimise your marketing strategies17 Diageo / VYRE Seminar 29th May 2012