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How agile BI delivers business value


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This presentation takes a humorous tongue-in-cheek look at the limitations of the traditional approach to BI, and reveals why agile BI offers a viable alternative. The presentation outlines the benefits of agile BI and Business Case and Getting Started tips. It also provides a suggested roadmap for managing agile BI developments.

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How agile BI delivers business value

  1. 1. Why Traditional BI Needsa New ApproachHow agile BI delivers business valueBy: Gerry BrownSponsored by: LogiXML
  2. 2. Speakers David Abramson Director of Product Management LogiXML Gerry Brown Director MIS Associates Limited
  3. 3. Agenda1. Where is BI today?2. The traditional approach to BI3. Issues with the traditional approach4. Why agile BI offers a viable alternative5. LogiXML: agile BI demonstration6. Q&A
  4. 4. BI is a Paradox “If Business = the tasks we undertake to increase revenues, profits, and shareholder value? And . . . Intelligence = thinking; deductive; reasoning; being smart Does Business + Intelligence = the thinking required to increase profits?”
  5. 5. Do These Characters Symbolise BI? From the gut? Investigative? Entrepreneurial? & Curious? Decisive? Deductive? Risk managers? Data-driven?
  6. 6. Will BI Make You andYour Company Superhuman?
  7. 7. BI Helps Individuals and Organisations to Be More Accountable “In God we trust; all others must bring data”W. Edwards Deming
  8. 8. Traditional BI Vendors
  9. 9. What’s Wrong with Traditional BI?Implementation Requirements Maintenance Issues Time  Support for customisations Skills availability  Training Systems and data integration  Active end use Consulting  Competency Centres Big budgets  IT admin and change requests Business buy-in / user acceptance  Upgrades management Change management  Heavyweight code base Executive sponsorship  Compatibility with other IT changes Risk  Accountability for success
  10. 10. Traditional BI was Designed for Large Enterprises IT Architectures Vs.Agile BI is designed for end user productivity
  11. 11. So What Does Agile BI Look Like? Quick to install Low cost entry point and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Flexible / adaptable / extensible - encourages experimentation Web-based / available in the Cloud Easy to use: guided and self-service Embedded rather than separated Encourages IT and business collaboration for mutual self-interest
  12. 12. What Does Agile BI Do for You?3D views of enterprise data Multiple views of dataNear real-time data Alerts and reportsPerformance measurement Quality management
  13. 13. What Does Agile BI Deliver? Visualisation InsightsManagement Empowersreporting collaboration Reveals trends Extrapolates the future
  14. 14. User-led BI Innovations Gaming – Harrah’s Casino Retail – Tesco Credit cards – Capital One Online – Amazon FMCG – Procter & Gamble
  15. 15. What Do You Need to Think About First? End user needs Data sources, availability, sharing and collaboration Data security Strategic, financial, operational BI Thinking, planning, creativity time Capturing best practices Defined discrete projects delivering measurable ROI A business + IT partnership
  16. 16. The Business Case Keep it short Sell the benefits - the KISS principle Low cost start and provides ‘quick wins’ Measurement – a few simple KPIs Envision the ‘big picture’ future Good business cases are measurable, understood, aligned, and supported
  17. 17. A Roadmap to BI Applications Maturity Identify innovative apps offering competitive advantage Start experimenting Add Board-level Build champions reporting and evangelistsIdentify discrete Start small; work withuser-driven projects your vendor to develop appsAugment existing data capture Make data fun rather than a chore . . .
  18. 18. Conclusions & Recommendations BI is now a business imperative Traditional BI is succeeded by Agile BI Agile BI is for all sizes of organisation - it’s affordable, fast, flexible, easy to use, available on the Web BI requires active involvement and engagement – a journey not a destination Start evaluating BI now – a BI-driven competitive advantage takes time to develop BI is a Business AND IT collaboration
  19. 19. Thank you for your time and attention. . . now it’s time for a demo!
  20. 20. LogiXML Founded in 2000 First to market with web-based BI Headquartered in Mclean, VA (near Washington, DC) – Offices/partners in Europe and Australia
  21. 21. LogiXML High customer ratings in Gartner BI Platforms User Survey – Software & support quality – Overall customer experience Over 700 customers worldwide Overall Customer Experience – Over 50% are ISVs and SaaS companies – 10 year old dedicated OEM practice
  22. 22. Interactive Medica Transforms User Experience with Embedded Analytics The Customer – Supplier of SaaS applications to the life sciences industry The Challenge – Develop and maintain useful, easy to understand analytics – Dundas visualizations and .NET report creation difficult
  23. 23. Interactive Medica Case Study Cont. The Solution – Logi Info The Results – Interactive dashboards – Territory Planner leveraging database write-back – Internal adoption
  24. 24. LogiXML – How it works Web Server Metadata Data Summary Data Warehouse Raw DataEnd User Smartphone or Tablet Internet or Intranet Web Services Logi Info Provider Engine End User Web Brower Transactional Data Sources (SQL, XML, etc.) Logi Info Studio Report Definitions (XML Files)
  25. 25. Thank YouLogiXML sales@logixml.comMIS Associates Limited