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Ideenbörse "Regionale Netzwerke" – weil der persönliche Kontakt nicht zu ersetzen ist - Guy Bigwood, MCI Group Sustainability Director


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Ideenbörse "Regionale Netzwerke" – weil der persönliche Kontakt nicht zu ersetzen ist - Guy Bigwood, MCI Group Sustainability Director

  1. 1. Sustainable Destinations Qualities of a leader Guy Bigwood MCI Group Director of Sustainability Past-President of the Green Meetings Industry Council
  2. 2. When the wind blows there are those that build walls and then there are those that build windmills
  3. 3. Leading cities now understand that their competitiveness is directly linked to their capacity to bring social, economic and environmental wellbeing
  4. 4. Job creation Poverty reduction Social inclusion Environmental sustainability Economic growth Today leading cities have a strong vision for strong, inclusive and sustainable growth
  5. 5. The MICE SECTOR is a powerful accelerator of sustainable development and competitiveness
  6. 6. So what does it take to climb the steps to become a leader in Destination Sustainability? MCI conducted research, interviews and consulting projects with 35 cities
  7. 7. 2013 Scandinavian Destination Sustainability Index Since 2010 23 cities have collaborated to share knowledge and performance
  8. 8. So what are the key elements required to become a leading Sustainable Destination?
  9. 9. Leaders Create Networks But what do those networks do?
  10. 10. Create Strategy Leaders use networks to develop a holistic vision and multi-year sustainability master plan Aligned to national and city development agenda Governed by an engaged private-public partnership
  11. 11. Develop Policy and Incentives Leaders develop incentives that inspire investment, development, and management of a globally competitive sustainable MICE industry Create regulatory framework that protect the public interest and ensures environmental and social stewardship
  12. 12. Build Capacity Leaders implement programmes to engage the industry and improve the skills, quality and competitiveness of their MICE professionals
  13. 13. Drive Certification and Standards Example: Gothenburg 100% Venues 92% Hotels 50% Taxis 30% Restaurants Airport
  14. 14. Communicate Authentically Leaders engage with national and international audiences to build community, create conversations and share stories on key issues that inspire change and as a result build brand. Humour is key
  15. 15. Develop their Community Leaders create programmes that promote social innovation, and support local small-to-medium sized businesses and the local community. They leave a legacy.
  16. 16. Monitor and Report Transparently Leaders communicate their vision, strategy, and progress transparently and creatively. They use International frameworks such as GRI to add integrity and rigour to the reporting challenge. Their reports will be verified
  17. 17. Use Sustainability to drive economic growth Leaders engage with their community to create AND attract events about sustainability. They use sustainability to drive economic, social and environmental development.
  18. 18. Leadership is focused on 8 key areas But there is no one yet who excels MCI developed assessment methodology based on industry best practices and GSTC criteria Sustainable Destination Leadership Networks & Engagement Strategy Standards & Education Policy & Incentives Business Development Community Development MarCom Monitoring & Reporting
  19. 19. In 2015 we are launching the Global Destination Sustainability Index Join us, benchmark and share
  20. 20. #guybigwood