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Stop Scaling Silos!


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These are the English slides for 'Apertem os Cintos... Escalamos os Silos!', a talk given in Portuguese at Agile Trends 2017 (Sao Paulo).

When scaling agile be careful not to create a system that generates undesired behaviour. In order to have collaboration you need to bring everyone together as much as you can. Create real teams with meaning and means to innovate. Ideally you should have #TrueCrossFrunctionalTeams

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Stop Scaling Silos!

  1. 1. STOP SCALING SILOS! Gercel Silva English slides for ‘Apertem os Cintos... Escalamos os Silos!’ presented in Portuguese at Agile Trends 2017
  2. 2. In Love With Agile Gercel Silva Agile Coach ➔ Gestão Proibida ➔ SAFe Scrum Master ➔ Management 3.0 Workout ➔ Agile Coaching Professional ➔ Advanced DAD Some things I learned so far Small and Big Companies
  3. 3. This is OUR job! We can do this! High Performing Teams
  4. 4. Create tension by giving the team GREAT FREEDOM to carry out a project of strategic importance to the company and by setting VERY CHALLENGING GOALS
  5. 5. ?
  6. 6. Is Agile collaboration possible in a system like this?
  7. 7. UPSTREAM DOWNSTREAMSCRUM TEAM Agile often starts in “development” ...User Research | Design | Prioritization | Architecture | Coding | Quality Assurance | Deployment | Monitoring...
  8. 8. UPSTREAM DOWNSTREAMSCRUM TEAM Agile often starts in “development” Also know as Water – SCRUM – Fall But, Hey! Let’s scale it!
  9. 9. Scaling Silos Scaling Silos UPSTREAM DOWNSTREAM
  10. 10. My Team Their Team Their Team Their Team Their Work Their Metrics Their Deadlines Their Process Their Team
  11. 11. VISION PEOPLE SUPPORT Creating a #system for high performance #behaviour:
  12. 12. Define a clear and challenging vision including the expected results and how they contribute to the overall company strategy. Identify every skill needed to achieve the vision and assemble a cross-functional, self-organized and customer-focused team to get the job done. Support the team and let them go. Provide tools, resources and feedback along the way. Create a learning environment where people can grow. Creating a #system for high performance #behaviour:
  13. 13. 63% Company culture at odds with core agile values 47% 45% Lack of experience with agile methods Lack of management support Top 3 Causes of Failed Agile Projects
  14. 14. Silo behaviour: Stay away from MY territory!
  15. 15. What are the PEOPLE AND INTERACTIONS that may help you build systems to enhance collaboration?
  16. 16. Find, Hire and Grow these People Learn moreLearn more
  17. 17. And bring everyone in your Value Stream to these Interactions In the beginning... ...and on checkpoints along the way
  18. 18. Communities of PracticeIndividual Learning Goals Support learning by mapping skills, setting goals and sharing knowledge
  19. 19. Training Reviews Pairing Skill growth Recruitment support General technical consultant * Does not own work. Instead, enables teams to own their work From Specialists to Specialized Mentors
  20. 20. Vision and Strategy Support prioritization Enabling empowered self-organized teams Removing impediments Skill mapping and competence growth Career support Continuous improvement at management level From Functional to Cross-Functional Managers
  21. 21. How much is the Cost of Delay for you?
  22. 22. Thank You! Gercel Silva Agile Coach #TrueCrossFunctionalTeams