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DDS Interoperability Demo 2013 (Washington DC)


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Interoperability demonstration between 6 different products that implement the OMG DDS Interoperability Wire Protocol (DDS-RTPS).
The demonstration took place at the March 2012 OMG technical meeting in Washington DC.
The following companies demonstrated interoperability between their products: RTI (Connext DDS). TwinOaks Computing (CoreDX), PrismTech (OpenSpliceDDS), OCI (OpenDDS), ETRI (ETRI DDS), IBM.

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DDS Interoperability Demo 2013 (Washington DC)

  1. 1. dds/2013-03-01 DDS Interoperability Demo March 2013PrismTech Real-Time InnovationsTwinOaks ObjectComputing. Computing
  2. 2. Data-Centric Qos-Aware Pub-Sub ModelVirtual, decentralized global data space Source Speed Power Phase (Key) WPT1 37.4 122.0 -12.20 WPT2 10.7 74.0 -12.23 WPTN 50.2 150.07 -11.98
  3. 3. Data-Centric Communications Model Data Domain Data DomainNew Writer Participant Reader Participant “Alarm” Got new “Alarm”subscriber data! Offered Requested Listener QoS Listener QoS !  Participants scope the global data space (domain) !  Topics define the data-objects (collections of subjects) !  DataWriters publish data on Topics !  DataReaders subscribe to data on Topics !  QoS Policies are used configure the system !  Listeners are used to notify the application of events
  4. 4. Who is participating? PrismTech Real-Time Innovations TwinOaks Object Computing. Computing 4
  5. 5. What you will see today!  #1 Interoperability works!!  #2 Multiple scenarios   You will see interoperability along many dimensions:   Discovery   Different platforms (Linux, Windows)   Not-trivial Data-Types with Keys   Unicast & Multicast, both reliable and best efforts   One to Many and Many to one communications   Different Topics   Different Qos: RELIABILITY, OWNERSHIP, DURABILITY   Filters: time, content, …!  #3 Interoperability does not compromise performance   Direct communication. No bridges!! 5
  6. 6. Interoperability between the applicationsimplemented by six different vendors(March 2012) OCI ETRI PrismTech IBM RTI TwinOaks 6
  7. 7. Interoperability demo at London IOA, October 2012Four vendors participated: PrismTech Real-Time Innovations TwinOaks Kongsberg Computing 7
  8. 8. Multiple demo scenarios !  Discovery & Basic connectivity !  Request / Offered QoS (RELIABILITY, OWNERSHIP) !  Network Interruption !  Multiple Topics & Instances !  Exclusive Ownership !  Time and Content FiltersAll this and more between multiple vendorsacross different platforms!! 8
  9. 9. Demo Setup DDS Three DDS Topics: Global Data Space Square, Circle, Triangle DDS Data type: Shape: color : string x : long y : long size : long Color is instance Key QoS: Deadline, Liveliness Reliability, Durability History, Partition 9 Ownership
  10. 10. 1. Discovery & Basic Connectivity DDS Global Data Space Each vendor publishes one instance (color) All vendors subscribe to Square and receive from everyone You will see: !  Discovery !  Multi Platform !  Data Interoperability 10
  11. 11. 2. Request/Offered QoS (RELIABILITY) Each vendor publishes one DDS instance of each Topic Global Data Space Square RELIABLE Circle BEST_EFFORT Triangle BEST_EFFORT Everybody Subscribes to Square RELIABLE Circle BEST_EFFORT Triangle RELIABLE You will see: !  Square MATCH !  Circle MATCH 11 !  Triangle no MATCH
  12. 12. 3. Durability All publish instance of DDS •  Square with DURABILITY Global Data Space TRANSIENT_LOCAL, HISTORY 100 Everybody else Subscribes to Square HISTORY 100 TRANSIENT_LOCAL RELIABLE You will see: !  Historical data for TRANSIENT_LOCAL 12
  13. 13. 4. PARTITION QoS Each vendor publishes one DDS instance of Square, Circle, Global Data Space and Triangle Squares PARTITION “A” Circles PARTITION “B” Triangle PARTITION “*” Everybody Subscribes to Square, Circle, Triangle all on PARTITION “A” You will see: !  Square on ALL !  Circle on NONE 13 !  Triangle on ALL
  14. 14. 5. OWNERSHIP All vendors subscribe to DDS Square Global Data Space OWNERSHIP EXCLUSIVE Each vendor successively Publishes MAGENTA Square EXCLUSIVE, each with increasing size and STRENGHT You will see: !  Take over when stronger writer appears !  Failover when stronger writer goes away 14
  15. 15. 6. TIME_BASED Filter Each vendor publishes DDS one instance (color) of Global Data Space Square and Circle All vendors subscribe to Square without FILTER Circle with TIME_BASED filter You will see: !  All Square samples !  Sub-sampled Circle 15
  16. 16. 7. Content-Based Filter Each vendor publishes DDS one instance (color) of Global Data Space Square All vendors subscribe to Square with ContentBased Filter You will see: !  Squares that pass the filter 16
  17. 17. Interoperability demonstrated along many dimensions Today we demonstrated interoperability between 5 vendors for: !  Discovery !  Different platforms (Windows, several Linux distros) !  Different Topics and Data-Types !  Different Qos (RELIABILITY, DURABILITY, OWNERSHIP) !  Unicast & Multicast, both reliable and best efforts !  One to Many and Many to one communications !  Time Based Filters !  Content Based Filter 17
  18. 18. Conclusions!  DDS Interoperability Works   We will continue working on additional scenarios   Vendors are committed to interoperability   The DDS Standard and DDS-RTPS Interoperability standards are complete and usable!  To-date 9 Vendors have demonstrated interoperability:!  DDS is the only portable and interoperable publish-subscribe infrastructureCome see more at the booths! 18