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Wikidata nl conferentie 2014


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Nl Wikimedia conferentie - Presentatie in Engels

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Wikidata nl conferentie 2014

  1. 1. I take Wikidata personal Gerard Meijssen
  2. 2. Wikidata 2 years old  Wikidata is best known through its stats  It gains labels and statements all the time  Labels make Wikidata useful in a language  Statements are seen in any language  It started with interwikis  We really know about the subjects Wikipedia cover  Google is our friend
  3. 3. Seeing Wikidata  Plain vanilla Wikidata is only for entering data  Reasonator helps you understand the data  There is a gadget  Red links, categories, disambiguation pages and search  Wikidata has the best information  Only Reasonator SHOWS information (not data)  Wikidata search is available to any WMF Wiki
  4. 4. Tools  Reasonator  WDQ  AutoList  ToolScript  The point is that we leverage Wikidata and Wikipedia to suit our NEEDS
  5. 5. Personal Wikidata  I use the Reasonator gadget  I have added 1.5 million edits through Autolist  I use ToolScript every day to register death as we know it for 2014 - 10.200+  We know about 1400+ categories and their content through Reasonator  Yes, I make errors … sadly no more than any other
  6. 6. What I do  I register death and check for relevant categories  I define what the list is about in Wikidata  I check the content in Reasonator  I add missing articles of the category using AutoList (multiple languages) !  I verify that the new data gets there  15 minutes later it is there for all to see
  7. 7. What nl.wikipedia can do  Enable Wikidata search  This allows us to share in “the sum of all available knowledge”  It invites people to add labels making Wikidata even more Dutch  Consider its category content; we can show / not show categories as a personal choice  We could show red links in categories  We could check disambiguation using Wikidata
  8. 8. Future history  Commons will be wikidatified  So will be all media files…  Creator and Institution templates can be highly known in Wikidata  Images of creators and institutions could be shown already…  Both Wikidata and Wikipedia intend to share the sum of all knowledge, they complement each other