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  1. 1. Gerard Ferdinands Mob 0422 840 390 Profile A highly experienced, hardworking and knowledgeable Project Manager with a proven ability to deliver projects and key business initiatives on time and within budget. Seeking positions that meet my career goals and enable me to fully utilise my skills and knowledge. Extensive experience delivering projects/enhancements in the Telecommunications and Utilities industries Professional Strengths  Project Delivery – ability to adopt industry specific project management methods to achieve key outcomes  People Engagement – vendor and stakeholder management, approachable, supportive, excellent communication skills, strong team principals  Organisational Acumen – planning, preparation and structure, attention to detail, deadline driven, multi-tasking, time management Career Summary Name of Company Role Dates/Years Energy Australia Solution Delivery Lead – Retail IT 2011-2016 AGL Project Manager – Retail Sales and Marketing 2009 - 2011 Process Manager – Retail Sales and Marketing 2009 Campaign Data Manager – Retail Sales and Marketing 2008 Project Manager – Retail Sales and Marketing 2007-2008 Project Leader – Business Operations 2005 – 2007 Project Manager – Business Systems 2004 – 2005 Project Manager – Energy Sales and Marketing 2001 – 2004 Telstra Project Manager – Retail Technology and Operations 1990 - 2001 Highlights  Successfully managed the national deployment of a Windows software upgrade to 8000 Telstra business staff  Managed the infrastructure capability uplift and integration of financial reporting applications into Energy Australia’s core billing system  Managed the upgrade of Energy Australia’s Sales/Service voice recording system to ensure compatibility with a Contact Centre as a Service platform
  2. 2. Gerard Ferdinands Mob 0422 840 390 Career History Company: Energy Australia Title: Solution Delivery Lead – Retail IT Dates: 2011-2016 Energy Australia – A significant retailer in the Utilities Sector that services the needs of over 2.7m residential and business customers. Acquired an additional 1.3m NSW customers in 2014 Responsibilities Manage the delivery of IT solutions that meet business requirements, provide value and achieve expected benefits. Track and report the timing, delivery and costs of initiatives with multiple vendors and stakeholders through workshops, meetings and schedules. Manage and resolve issues and risks as required Achievements  Performed a leading role in the upgrade and integration of the Sales and Service voice recording system (NICE v3.5 to v4.1). The upgrade was a critical component of a larger project that replaced EA’s IVR platform with a Contact Centre as a Service solution. The upgrade was completed on a very aggressive timeframe, required a strong technical understanding of the agreed solution and involved interaction with multiple vendors (NICE, Optus, IBM) and business stakeholders  Key role in a major program of work to integrate an additional 1.3m customers onto EA’s billing system(EAIP). Specifically responsible for the infrastructure capability uplift of key financial reporting systems to ensure the additional customer data is successfully and accurately processed through EA’s core billing system  Significant role in the transition and deployment of EA’s new Customer Care and Billing System (C1)  Managed the delivery of approx-50-100 small-medium systemenhancements for various business areas. These changes delivered significant financial benefits and process efficiencies for the business in the areas of regulatory/compliance, reporting and customer experience
  3. 3. Gerard Ferdinands Mob 0422 840 390 Career History Company: AGL Title: Project Manager – Retail Sales and Marketing Dates: 2009-2011 Energy Australia – One of Australia’s leading integrated energy companies and largest owner, operator and developer of renewable energy generation Responsibilities  Develop plans to coordinate the implementation of activities and resources to support the rollout of smart meters  Develop a strategic plan to support the introduction of a government mandated Carbon Reduction scheme and ensure the targeted solution is sustainable, legally sound and offers AGL the opportunity of marketing and financial benefits. Effectively communicate the plan to all affected stakeholders Achievements  Responsible for the successful delivery of a strategic and tactical plan to support the Smart Meter rollout. The plan provided a framework for AGL to acquire $60m in revenue and establish the guidelines and opportunities for campaign execution, communication events, pricing structure and market/government compliance  Responsible for the successful delivery of a strategic plan to support the introduction of a Carbon Reduction Scheme. The plan identified clear boundaries and opportunities for AGL to grow and achieve success in a carbon constrained energy market Company: AGL Title: Process Manager – Retail Sales and Marketing Dates: 2009 Responsibilities  Manage, record and prioritise the delivery of business service requests. Ensure all risks/issues are resolved and coordinate and communicate regular status reports to all business stakeholders Achievements  Established and maintained a method to record, manage and monitor 100 business service requests over a 6 month period. Approximately fifty percent of these requests were implemented with significant financial, system, process and resource benefits
  4. 4. Gerard Ferdinands Mob 0422 840 390 Company: AGL Title: Campaign Data Manager – Retail Sales and Marketing Dates: 2008 Responsibilities  Build and manage an effective campaign support team with the necessary skills and training required to successfully support the business sales targets and goals. Implement effective campaign execution schedules and ensure that appropriate and adequate resources and data is available to support the rollout of each campaign Achievements  Implemented a process improvement template that enabled campaign managers to accurately identify and specify data requirements thereby simplifying and reducing the overall time involved in implementing campaigns  Managed the provision of data and resources for the successful implementation of fourteen campaigns resulting in significant increases in customer numbers and sales revenue Company: AGL Title: Project Manager – Retail Sales and Marketing Dates: 2007-2008 Responsibilities  Manage a “Getting Ready” program for the implementation of a significant business system and process change. Be a communication lead for all stakeholders, prepare business readiness criteria and other key documents, manage all risks and issues, run workshops and ensure delivery of all key objectives within project deadlines Achievements  Significant role in a project team that successfully delivered one of the most significant change programs in AGL. The new SAP billing system (Phoenix) introduced major benefits that supported the company’s key values, strategic/financial goals, improved staff engagement/retention and enabled significant customer service improvements Company: AGL Title: Project Leader – Business Operations Dates: 2005-2007 Responsibilities  Provide project teams the guidance and support to ensure business solutions are successfully transitioned to operational status. This includes input into business case preparation, planning, resources, execution, monitoring and finances. Achievements  Successfully delivered a new software application that automates the recording, tracking and management of NSW gas contracts that resulted in greater staff efficiency, productivity and significant benefits in customer experience
  5. 5. Gerard Ferdinands Mob 0422 840 390 Company: AGL Title: Project Manager – Business Systems Dates: 2004-2005 Responsibilities  Manage delivery of new or enhanced Business Sales systems and applications on time, within budget and as specified. Work closely with internal and external vendors to ensure IT delivery is supported by adequate and timely functional documentation, testing procedures and resources Achievements  Delivered a reporting database used by the Sales Team to increase customer sales numbers and revenue  Delivered an energy performance monitoring application that enables key customers to set benchmarks and monitor the usage of their energy consumption Company: AGL Title: Project Manager – Energy Sales and Marketing Dates: 2001-2004 Responsibilities  Integrate and centralise systems and interfaces to meet the business requirements of the AGL/Actew AGL joint venture. Realign processes for financial billing and settlements, load forecasting and risk. Deploy a simulated environment to test data volume throughput for system and interface process performance Achievements  Delivered test environments and procedures to simulate the throughput of additional data volumes through systems and interfaces. Implemented these environments into a production ready status
  6. 6. Gerard Ferdinands Mob 0422 840 390 Company: Telstra Title: Project Manager – Retail Technology and Operations Dates: 1990-2001 Telstra Corporation Limited is Australia largest media and telecommunications provider. Telstra builds and operates telecommunications networks and markets voice, mobile, internet access, pay television and other entertainment products and services Responsibilities  Manage delivery of key business projects and business initiatives. Work closely with business stakeholders and multiple vendors to achieve desired outcomes. Based on requirements and solution designs, plan and prepare the necessary timelines, budgets and resources to implement deliverables. Work towards key achievements that meet targeted timeframes, budgets and desired outcomes Achievements  Managed the successful delivery of a hardware and software platform upgrade for the Telstra field workforce. The integrated platform provided significant staff productivity benefits resulting in a more positive experience during customer interaction  Managed the successful delivery of a new Windows software upgrade to a national Sales workforce of approximately eight thousand staff. The upgrade was a significant technological change for Telstra and required direct and managed interaction with all impacted staff, vendors and stakeholders  Delivered an order provisioning and customer records systemfor targeted customer segments. These systems enabled automated customer provisioning and record management solutions that provided key benefits of enhanced customer experience and reduced customer churn Courses Completed  Overview in Project Management – Swinburne  Certificate IV in Project Management – Swinburne Technical Skills  Microsoft Word, Excel, Visio and Powerpoint  Microsoft Project Intermediate Level Referees  Available upon request