Sertraline weight gain


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Sertraline weight gain

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Sertraline weight gain

  1. 1. Sertraline Weight GainProbably, the most typical side effects of antidepressant pills areputting on weight or obesity. Although a lot of people whore on suchmedication know about this major drawback yet least bothers theminitially.Many people experience side effects when taking Sertraline, and extraweight is really a possible side-effect of the drug. To avoid packingon weight of this medicine, you need to consume a nutritious dietincluding lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Also,exercising and lowering your alcohol intake will let you with anyputting on weight you might experience during Sertraline.Does sertraline cause extra weight?Extra weight can be a possible side-effect of sertraline(Zoloft), though it isnt common. Based on studies, putting onweight happens in around 1% of folks that take sertraline (eventhough the exact percentage wasnt reported during these studies).With all of this small percentage, in unusual situations it is noteasy to state whether the extra weight is actually brought on by themedicine itself, another problem, alteration in diet regime and/orexercise, a mix of these factors, or anything else.Recommendations for Coping with Putting on weight onSertralineIf you are noticing an unexplained putting on weight with Sertraline,there will be something that can be done.A few recommendations include:Eating a heart-healthy diet. The diet plan will include:O Lots of fruits, vegetables, grains and fat-free or low-fat milk anddairyO Liver organ, poultry, fish, beans, eggs, and nutsO, limiting foods with fatty foods. Trans fats, cholesterol, sodium(salt), and added sugars.Getting physical exercise not less than thirty minutes a day of alltimes during their visit. Besides helping with weight reduction,exercising (during moderate doses) seems to enhance energy minimizingtension. Some depression studies claim that the rush of the hormonenorepinephrine following exercise helps the mind deal with stress
  2. 2. that always leads to depression and anxiety. Research conductedrecently also learned that participation inside an exercise trainingcourse was similar to treatment by having an antidepressant forimproving depression symptoms in older adults identified as havingmajor depression.Limiting your use of alcohol.If these suggestions dont help, confer with your doctor. They mightoffer you further recommendations for coping with the load gain --whether it is a side-effect of Sertraline. Once the superfluousweight continues, they may recommend adjusting the Sertralinedosage or switching to a different medicine.Search keywords:zoloft weight gain zoloft and weight gain sertraline weight gainzoloft weight loss sertraline side effects sertraline side effects and weight gain weight gaindoes zoloft cause sertraline side effects sertraline side effectsweight gain weight weight loss