Sertraline lawsuit


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Sertraline lawsuit

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Sertraline lawsuit

  1. 1. Sertraline LawsuitIn 1999, Sertraline gained media attention when Brynn Hartman killedher husband, comedian Phil Hartman, before killing herself. Case wasfiled with respect to Phil Hartmans estate alleging that BrynnHartmans utilization of Sertraline caused her to violently take herhusbands life. The lawsuit claimed that Pfizer didnt adequatelywarn Mrs. Hartman of the side effects of Sertraline. Pfizersettled the lawsuit while using Hartman estate to have an undisclosedsum. Injured sertraline users could possibly recover damages forexpenses theyve incurred along with other losses. Recovery fromSertraline lawsuits can include medical expenses, suffering andpain, lost pay, insufficient companionship, and lack of enjoyment oflife.In 1992, Pfizer released the drug Sertraline. Which was FDA-approvedlike a strategy for depression in those days. Further scientificstudies are determined that Sertraline seemed to be effective attreating other illnesses and disorders including panic and anxietydisorder. OCD, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and passed. Since itsrelease, Sertraline has generated greater than $1 billion in salesfor Pfizer in the usa alone.FDA WarningBecause the relief sertraline in 1992, the Pfizer continues to beinvolved in several lawsuits. One particular suit took place in 1996,when Pfizer received instructions within the Federal Division of DrugMarketing, Advertising, and Communications, a division in the FDA.This letter accused Pfizer of unethically marketing and sellingSertraline for uses not authorized by the FDA. This letter premieredtowards the public to make sure that everyone might have the use ofit. Its exceedingly rare for warning letters to the FDA beingpublished, which underscores their education the problem.Pfizer LawsuitsMore lawsuits were filed against Pfizer in 2004, with lots of ofthose claiming that Pfizer didnt properly disclose potential side
  2. 2. effects of Sertraline to its users. Up to now, you may still findmany sertraline users whore currently coping with or have handledside effects of Sertraline which Pfizer does not acknowledge.Sertraline can produce side effects that are possibly damaging tousers. Some side effects of Sertraline include homicidal or violentbehavior, hostility, and thoughts of suicide or behavior. Akathisia,mental illness that creates extreme bouts of moodiness, has beenexperienced by nearly 5 percent of the sufferers taking sertraline.Some Sertraline users have claimed theyve exhibited violent andsuicidal behavior during bouts of Akathisia.Seeking A lawyerVictims from the side effects of Sertraline or their loved onesmembers should think about contacting an attorney to go over theirsymptoms. If the attorney feels you will probably have a legitimatecase, theyll enable you to hold Pfizer accountable for theiractions. An attorney can assist you to get any compensation thatPfizer may own for you.Search keywords:zoloft lawsuit lawsuit zoloft zoloft lawsuitszoloft litigation