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Handover of duty or job responsibilities


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Handover of duty or job responsibilities

  1. 1. Handover of Duty or Job responsibilitiesMyself Mr. Mahesh C. Kutal working with GMMOS as a COATING INSPECTOR since 3rd of May 2011.Following task are included in job responsibilities of a coating inspector at GMMOS. 1. Carry out daily inspection of blasting & painting activities for various projects undertaken by GMMOS. 2. Ensuring the quality of finished product or material as per projects approved specification. 3. Inform Non-conformance in blasting & painting activities to the concern person of GMMOS painting department (Concern person: Mr. Natarajan : QC-Mgr., Mr. Alan Faustino: Dept. Head., Mr. Jeniel Maligmat: Coating inspector., Mr. Sasi Nair: Painting forman.). 4. Carry out coating related Inspection & testing of all painted materials & any additional inspection work required by GMMOS. 5. Offer job for inspection to the client as well as their Third party inspector/surveyor. 6. Review & sign the blasting & painting related documents (i.e. IRN:- Inspection release note, Painting reports, Dispatch related documents, etc.).I do hereby handover my job responsibilities (mentioned above) to Mr. Srinivasarao Indana. w.e.f. 09 july2011.Mahesh C. Kutal. Mr. Srinivasarao Indana.(Coating inspector) (Coating inspector)