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  1. 1. PADRE PIO HOUR 11/26/22 (Ep8) • HOST: GOOD MORNING, EVERYONE, Welcome to Padre Pio Hour. Greetings of Host Last episode was about 700 views Last episode talked about Padre Pio’s final hour, due to so many events on those final hours one episode was not enough so we are doing Part Two. Not only are we going to talk about the Final hour/hours of Padre Pio we are also going to reflect on the different stories surrounding the events of the last hours of Padre Pio. Before we start, let us venerate the relic of our beloved Padre Pio.
  2. 2. Part I – REVERENCE TO THE RELIC •Relic Veneration •Prayer for Healing
  3. 3. HOSTS: GREETINGS (Fr. Jojie) Greetings of the host to the viewers. Please thank and mention those who watched the Padre Pio Hour in the last episode which is about 700 views. As mentioned, the show last week was not enough to discuss the final hours and final moment of Padre Pio’s death. So, this week we are going to talk about the events that happened on the final hours of Padre Pio. What were his request on his 50th anniversary of the stigmata which was a few days prior to his death. We are also going to talk about the stories of different individuals who were part of the final hours of Padre Pio – one way of the other.
  4. 4. We will also revisit and discuss how Padre Pio died and who was with I’m during that time. For those who have not watch yet the last episode, please watch it. All our episodes are available at the Facebook page the grotto of St. Padre Pio. We are also asking again to please share the episodes to help propagate the devotion. We have said this before, the letters we are featuring are letters of Padre Pio – these letters are for us to learn from, for us to know that up to this day, we are blessed to indirectly be spoken to and taught by our beloved saint – through his letters. You do not have to be a devotee to learn from these letters and even from PPH, you maybe a pilgrim or maybe just bored and wants to hear “stories” featured on our amazing stories – whatever is the intention, one thing for sure you are going to learn from these letters and stories that we are featuring.
  5. 5. - So, what are we featuring this morning? - Today we are going to discuss: 1. Letters of Padre Pio Letter to Padre Benedetto (from last week) Several excerpts of Padre Pio letters to his mother, spiritual daughters, and spiritual sons after the death of his sister and nephew due to Spanish Flu (theme: death and suffering) Last known letter of Padre Pio - Letter to Pope Paul VI on Sept. 12, 1968 (10 days prior to his death)
  6. 6. 2. Amazing stories: The Final Hours of Padre  We will have several amazing stories of Padre Pio during his final hour.  We will also hear stories of how Padre Pio had prophecies his death.  We will also know what happened to his stigmata upon his death  Padre Pio’s last bilocation  “I am a mystery to myself.” Says Padre Pio  “The future will reveal what today cannot be read in the life of Padre Pio of Pietrelcina.” (Msgr Rossi – the investigator – from Vatican)
  7. 7. 3. Bible Verse, Quote of the week and Prayer of the week  What’s the purpose of these three?  Bible Verse: this reminds us that all the things we learn and reflect they are biblical  Quote of the week: this is Padre Pio speaking to us through the quote of the week (maybe from his letters or any correspondence or one of the famous quotes we know of Padre Pio)  Prayer of the week: this is our “balon” as we prepare for another week and until we see each other again the following week. We invite you later to pray this prayer with us.
  8. 8. Part II – Letters of Padre Pio to His Spiritual Director Padre Benedetto HOST: Our first letter is the letter of Padre Pio to Padre Benedetto, he wrote this on October 22, 1918 at San Giovanni Rotondo. Excerpt of Letter of Padre Pio to Padre Benedetto “On the 20th of last month, I was praying before Christ crucified, and I felt myself being carried away, bit by bit, into an ever-growing state of serenity. It was like a gentle sleep that I rejoiced in while I prayed. A great peace came over me. At one point, a mysterious being appeared before me, like the one I had seen on the evening of August 5th. The only difference was that there was blood flowing from this one’s hands, feet, and side. He did not say a word, and then disappeared. When I came to, I was on the ground, wounded.”
  9. 9. MAIN POINTS of the Letter: This was the time he received his visible stigmata (he woke up with the wounds) The mysterious person was known later to be Christ He mentioned August 5 which was the same time he had same experience at the S’Anne Church (now has the tree to mark the location) that time he received the invisible stigmata.
  10. 10. •HOSTS: Our next letters were letters sent by Padre Pio to his mother, spiritual daughters and spiritual sons. These letters (there are 4 of them) all have one theme. The theme of these letters is about LOSING A LOVE ONE/DEATH (especially that of his sister and nephew – during the Pandemic Spanish Flu)
  11. 11.  HOSTS: Our First Letter is for the Mother of Padre Pio, this is one statement part of the letter. Excerpt of the Letter of Padre Pio to his Mother (Parents) “I exhort you to this resignation to the Divine Will, and you will find like me, alleviation of your pain.” MAIN POINTS: This letter was sent by Padre Pio to his parents after the loss of his sister and nephew from Spanish Flu. The main point of this letter is RESIGNATION TO THE DIVINE WILL. We ask the question – WHAT was PADRE PIO’s response to death and suffering?  Padre Pio endured Death and suffering as he had untold physical and mental sufferings – including the stigmata – for most of his life. HE UNITED HIS SUFFERINGS TO THE WILL OF GOD.
  12. 12. • HOSTS: Our second, third, and fourth excerpts from letters sent by Padre Pio once again pointed on Death and Suffering, especially after the death of his (Padre Pio) sister and nephew. Excerpt of the Letter of Padre Pio to a woman who was about to enter the monastery “I leave it to you to imagine the torment of my heart. And yet there is NOTHING LEFT FOR ME TO DO but to repeat with JOB:” The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord!” Excerpt of the Letter of Padre Pio to his spiritual daughter Antonietta Vona “My daughter, my soul is embittered by the cruelest torment. But I adore the just judgments of God.”
  13. 13. Excerpt of the Letter of Padre Pio to his spiritual son Even before we are born, the Lord prepares many things in our life and leaves us free to follow the good or the bad way. But what one must go through, what He has arranged, does not change, and even praying to Him for miracle does not change what the Lord has established. Even this destiny that is fixed by the Lord, it is we who choose to it. To get to a place, there is a good road and a bad road. If one chooses the good one and we live this life with resignation, doing all our duties to God and to men, we will easily reach Heaven where He will reward us. If, on the other hand, we go down the road of evil, and misfortunes of life are not accepted with resignation, though they are arranged by the Lord, then we go towards eternal perdition. When the Lord has fixed remains as such. It is simply that He gives us the freedom to choose the road by which to arrive. Everything, therefore, depends on our will. A misfortune, an illness, humiliation’s: these are things destined by God, but everything depends on how they are accepted by us, and our will consists in this.
  14. 14. MAIN POINTS: These letters were written to different people after the death of Padre Pio’s sister and nephew. It emphasizes BLESSED BE THE NAME of the LORD despite all the pain and suffering this death has brought about It is repeated and on the letter to Antonietta – I ADORE THE JUST JUDGMENTS of GOD The acknowledgement on Padre Pio’s part saying that all things belong to GOD. He giveth, He taketh. That BEFORE we were BORN our life has been established. we have FREEWILL and we are the one choosing which road we take. Padre Pio in these letters did not consider suffering as meaningless burden. Padre Pio urged those who are suffering or an in trouble to bear with patience and resignation. Padre Pio considered suffering as great privilege and yearned for it himself. He would ask the Lord if he might take onto himself the sufferings of others. (SELFLESS)
  15. 15. HOSTS: Our last letter is the LAST KNOWN letter that Padre Pio sent. This letter was for Pope Paul VI. This is a long letter and we will provide you with a portion that was excerpted. This one focused on obedience, prayers, the prayer group, and support on the encyclical “Humanae Vitae”. This letter was written 10 days prior to Padre Pio’s death.
  16. 16. Excerpt from the last known letter of Padre Pio to Pope Paul VI Your Holiness, … I know that your heart is suffering much these days … for the lack of obedience of some, even Catholics, to the high teaching that you, assisted by the Holy Spirit and in the name of God, are giving us. I offer you my prayers and daily sufferings as a small but sincere contribution on the part of the least of your sons in order that God may give you comfort with his Grace to follow the straight and painful way in the defense of eternal truth, which never changes with the passing of the years. Also, in the name of my spiritual children and the Prayer Groups, I thank you for your clear and decisive words that you especially pronounced in the last encyclical “Humanae Vitae”; and I reaffirm my faith, my unconditional obedience to your illuminated directions.
  17. 17. MAIN POINTS: This is the last letter of Padre Pio – he sent it to Pope Paul VI on September 12, 2022 It talks about the assurance of Padre Pio to support the initiatives of Pope Paul IV He also assured him of his prayers along with his prayer groups
  18. 18. Part III – Amazing Stories of Padre Pio HOST: Last week we started sharing with you stories of Padre Pio during his last few days and final hours/hour prior to his death. We are going to continue that today – and we going to share STORIES about his final days and his final hour. As we remembered last episode, we shared with you how PADRE PIO was able TO PREDICT his DEATH. Let us quickly remember these stories.
  19. 19. - Several stories were shared, let us quickly remember them: 1. Modesto Vinelli (the photographer whom Padre Pio said that they “still” have 50 YEARS then every year until the 50th he would him about that – it turned out that on the 50th YEAR PADRE PIO DIED. 2. “MYSTICAL SILENCE” that was felt in the Monastery of our Lady of Grace. That time they knew that Padre Pio would soon pass on but no one really knew when. 3. The PICTURE OF ST. JOSEPH, he would STOP EVERYDAY and would look at it in silence (later it was known he was praying for a happy death.) 4. Josephine Bove – Padre Pio told her HE WOULD DIE when the CRYPT in the church of Our Lady of Grace was built. The Crypt was completed and blessed on September 22, 1968 – HE DIED 16 hours after its completion. 5. A woman had a dream where Padre Pio was TELLING HER to see HIM for he WILL DIE in a few days. And she did go to San Giovanni to do whatever it takes to see him, HE DIED 15 DAYS later.
  20. 20. Today we will continue to with our amazing stories surrounding around the last days of Padre Pio and up to his Final Hour (his death). Recall that the STIGMATA anniversary is Sept 20, and Padre Pio died on Sept 23 – just a few days after his Stigmata Anniversary. Our next stories revolve on the days following his 50th stigmata anniversary, how he wanted to celebrate it and his hour of death.
  21. 21. Fr. Armand Dasseville is an active promoter of Padre Pio Prayer groups in the USA. He attended the 50th anniversary (stigmata) mass of Padre Pio. He said ALL THAT I HEARD AND READ ABOUT HIS MASSES WERE TRUE! I was touched by the humility, the sincerity, and the great faith of this man of prayer. He was oblivious of the noises, pushing, and shoving around him. He literally lived the Mass. He relived the Passion of Christ. From the expression on his face, he actually suffered with Christ. I witnessed that the sufferings of Padre Pio were greatest at the moment of the consecration of the Mass. His eyes would close, his face would contort in pain, and his lips would tremble. I would see him wipe tears from his eyes with his handkerchief. In obedience to his superiors, the Mass lasted only a good half hour.
  22. 22. • On the 50th anniversary of Padre Pio’s stigmata, Padre Pio thought of it like any other day, a day devoted to Mass, prayer and service to God. People (especially his spiritual children) though all over the world gathered for the 5am Mass. The church was overflowing, many people were standing outside. To keep the wishes of Padre Pio, there were no speeches, no festivities, no celebration. There was only one exception to the rule and that was HUNDRED OF DEEP RED ROSES to decorate the sanctuary of the church. The crucifix in the choir loft (remember in the lifter he was in the choir loft when he received his stigmata on September 20, 1918) was also adorned with beautiful red roses.
  23. 23. HOSTS: Last episode we have shared this events on the last night of Padre Pio but it was very brief. SO today we will really know the events on the final night Padre Pio died.
  24. 24. In the evening of September 22, 1968 Padre Pio called Padre Pellegrino to come to his room. (Padre Pellegrino, Padre Onorato and Padre Mariano were taking turns to watch him). Padre Pellegrino came to Padre Pio and he noticed him in bed with eyes red with tears. Padre Pio called him because he knew it was time. Padre Pellegrino wiped the tears of Padre Pio with handkerchief and monitored Padre Pio closely by coming back to check in on him.
  25. 25. That evening, Padre Pio called Padre Pellegrino several times, about 5 or 6 times, for small favors. Each time he entered the room, he noticed tears in Padre Pio’s eyes. Nevertheless, Padre Pio would still joke with him calling him Don Pellegrino instead or “my son” or “my brother”. He would always call him Don Pellegrino to make him laugh.
  26. 26. Around midnight Padre Pio asked Padre Pellegrino if he could stay on his room with him, of which Padre Pellegrino said he was happy to do so. Padre Pio wanted him to sit right beside his bed. Padre Pellegrino’s hand in Padre Pio’s hand and he held it tightly. Padre Pio began to tremble like a frightened child. He would always what time it is. (almost every minute or so he would ask)
  27. 27. Padre Pellegrino felt like Padre Pio seemed as though he had an appointment with someone as he kept asking for the time. Padre Pio eyes kept watering with tears as Padre Pellegrino continued to wipe his tears and stayed close to him.
  28. 28. A little after midnight, Padre Pio asked that if he head celebrated Mass, Padre Pellegrino said that it was too early to say mass, Padre Pio answered him, “Today you will celebrate the Mass for me.” Padre Pellegrino did not understand what he meant and said, “But I say Mass everyday for your intentions. Padre Pio answered Padre Pellegrino, “Today you will say Mass for my soul.” Padre Pio then asked that Padre Pellegrino hear his confession. Padre Pellegrino was not his regular confessor but he had heard his confession many times in the past and he heard it on this night, “Padre Pio said, “If the Lord calls me today, ask the brothers to forgive me for all the trouble I have been to them and ask them and all my spiritual children to pray for my soul.”
  29. 29. Padre Pellegrino assured Padre Pio had he still have a long time to live and not to worry, though he said, “But if it is indeed near the time of your death, I ask you for a last blessing for the brothers and for all your spiritual children”. Padre Pio answered, “I bless them all and I ask you to have the superior give them this last blessing for me.
  30. 30. Padre Pio then said to Padre Pellegrino that he wanted to renew his religious vows. Padre Pellegrino got anxious and was frightened about this request because in Capuchin tradition, the only time the vows of religious profession are renewed is when one is on his death bed. Here we can see that Padre Pio was putting everything in order, down to the last detail.
  31. 31. Padre Pio renewed his vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience as Padre Pellegrino listened. Padre Pio said, “I, Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, vow and promise to Almighty God, to the Blessed Virgin Mary, to our Holy Father, Saint Francis, to all the saints and to you, Father, to observe all the days of my life, the Rule of the Friars Minor, confirmed by Pope Honorius, and live in obedience, without property, and in chastity.” Padre Pellegrino then responded, “If you abide by this, on behalf of God, I promise you eternal life.”
  32. 32. Padre Pio then said he could not breathe well in bed and watered to get up. Padre Pio asked if there were stars in the sky that night and Padre Pellegrino said the sky is studded with starts. Then Padre Pio said, “Let us go to the veranda then and see.”
  33. 33. Padre Pio had a stooped and bent posture due to severe arthritis; he was very weak and it is very painful for him to walk so he used wheelchair most of the time. This night, however, he was able to stand up straight and he walked briskly with great east towards the veranda with no assistance. Padre Pellegrino thought Padre Pio all of the sudden looked twenty years younger.
  34. 34. When they got to the veranda, Padre Pio reached over and turned on the light, a gesture he had not done for so long. He knew from personal experience that a lot of extraordinary and usual things happens in Padre Pio’s presence so this night was not an exception, so he thought. Padre Pio then began to stare intently at a particular area on the veranda. Padre Pellegrino could not understand why Padre Pio was looking at that area with such concentration.
  35. 35. Padre Pio suddenly became very ill, he wanted to go back to his room and became too weak to stand up. Padre Pellegrino grabbed a wheelchair and wheeled him back to his room as he can see Padre Pio getting very pale. Padre Pio then began repeating the words, “Jesus, Mary” over and over as his voice gets fainter.
  36. 36. Dr. Sala arrived few minutes later and gave Padre Pio injection and oxygen to ease his breathing as it became difficult and labored due to severe bronchial asthma attack. The other Capuchins had gathered in Padre Pio’s room. As Dr. Sarale and Dr. Gusso arrived as well as Mario Pennelli, Padre Pio’s nephew.
  37. 37. As the doctors were doing their best to help Padre Pio, the Capuchins knelt down beside him and prayed the Our Father, Hail Mary, the prayer for a holy death, and the prayer to St. Joseph, patron of the dying. Together, the Capuchins repeated, “Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I give you my heart and my soul. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, assist me in my last agony. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, may my soul peacefully expire in You.”
  38. 38. The Holy Oils were prepared and Fr. Paolo gave Padre Pio the Last Rites. Padre Pio was fully conscious and was very much aware of all that was happening. Padre Pio’s feet and hands were becoming very cold and he was sweating profusely. The doctors realized he was having a heart attack and gave him injection directly into his heart to attempt to save him.
  39. 39. As the doctors were saving him, Padre Pios with his eyes closed continued to repeat the words, “Jesus, Mary” toward the end, his lips formed word he could make no sound, not even a whisper. The Capuchins called out to him, “Padre, Padre!” he opened his eyes one last time, looked at his dear Brothers.
  40. 40. At 2:30 am with his Rosary clasped in his hand, Padre Pio gently bowed his head and died. Dr. Gusso who was present during Padre Pio’s final hour, said it was THE MOST GENTLE AND BEAUTIFUL PASSING that he ever witnessed. Padre Pio HAD LIVED A HOLY LIFE AND HE HAD DIED A HOLY DEATH.
  41. 41. If we remember earlier, Padre Pio was looking intently on a certain area at the veranda, it was later understood by Padre Pellegrino that Padre Pio was looking at an exact place where the Capuchins would carry his lifeless body.
  42. 42. WHAT HAPPENED TO PADRE PIO’s STIGMATA? Few months prior Padre Pio’s death, his stigmata had been slowly disappearing. It started with the wounds on his feet. The Capuchins who were taking care of him noticed that his wounds were bleeding less and less. On September 22, 1968 the day before he died, his left palm still had the raised scab. During the Mass that morning, two of these scales fell from his hand.
  43. 43. Dr. Sala and Fr. Carmelo examined Padre Pio’s body after he died, they discovered that the stigmata on his hands, feet and side had disappeared completely. Padre Pio’s skin was smooth and the skin on the places where the wounds were regenerated. There was no scarring on the site of the wounds and Padre Pio’s skin looked as fresh as that of a newborn baby.
  44. 44. Dr. Sala also noticed a beautiful fragrance of orange blossoms in the room. This fragrance was perceived on may occasions when in the presence of Padre Pio. As they stood together and looked at Padre Pio’s lifeless body, a scab detached and fell from his left hand. It was the very last sign of the wounds of Christ which Padre Pio carried on his body for fifty years.
  45. 45. HOSTS: Padre PIO SUFFERED THE WOUNDS OF CHRIST FOR HALF THE 20TH CENTURY; INCLUDING, CYNICISM OF DOUBT and the TYRANNY of FALSE WITNESS. (please reflect on this and relate it to the last bilocation – that the church even up to the highest hierarchy was skeptical of all his gifts, of all that he is) SO we are now going to know the Last Known Bilocation of Padre Pio.
  46. 46. THE LAST KNOWN BILOCATION (“WITH OR WITHOUT IT”) - This is two stories placed together (Padre Pio’s Death and the Veil of Manoppello) - Hours before his death, Padre Pio contemplated the burial cloth of Christ. This is because Padre Pio own soul sought out this visible link to Jesus beyond death (not Jesus crucified) but the image of the face of the risen Christ. - Padre Pio was hesitant to discuss either his wounds or his reported bilocation. He is hesitant because HE DID NOT UNDERSTAND THEM AT ALL. In fact, HE NEVER reported this himself.
  47. 47. Pare Pio described his bilocation, “I don’t know how it is or the nature of this phenomenon – I certainly don’t give it much thought – but it did happen to me to be in the presence of this or that person, to be in this or that place; but I do not know whether I was there with my body or without it. Usually, it has happened while I was praying, this is the first time I talk about this.” Those September days prior to his death in 1968 were strangest of his life. He had lived with the stigmata that it became part or him, that we would never even hear of Padre Pio without these wounds. So, the WOUNDS were not FOR HIM, it was for US.
  48. 48. Days before he died the wounds began to close, after 50 years the wounds slowly healed and no trace of them can be seen. The wounds WERE ONLY WITHIN PADRE PIO. Visible or not THE WOUNDS WERE A PART OF HIS VERY SELF. The Veil of Manopello is believed to be one of two burial clothes of Jesus. The veil is now enshrined at Manopello. The other burial cloth which is the larger cloth is the Shroud of Turin. The Shroud of Turin has the image an alive man with eyes wide open. It is believed to be Jesus Christ conquering death.
  49. 49. Fr. Domenico de Cese, a custodian of the shrine, wrote a strange occurrence on the morning of September 22, 1968. According to Fr Domenico on the morning of September 22, 1968 he opened the doors of the Shrine, and was startled to find Padre Pio kneeling in prayer before the image of the Holy Face. Padre Pio was at the same time 200 kilometers away at San Giovanni Rotondo, gravely ill, and near death. Padre Pio died at 2:30 am on the next morning (sept 23, 1968). This was the last known bilocation of Padre Pio. A phenomenon that (just like his stigmata) the church and others are skeptical about.
  50. 50. The two stories together, Padre Pio’s death and his prayer before the Veil of Manopello manifested that before his death, Padre Pio thought of the burial cloth of Christ. That his soul sought out the visible link to Jesus beyond death – the image of the face of risen Christ. (Padre Pio already know the Jesus crucified – a reality he lived for 50 years through his stigmata) The skepticism on bilocation stories had the Vatican investigate Padre Pio’s life. The Vatican investigator Msgr Raffaelo Carlo Rossi initially refused the assignment as he had his own “prejudice against Padre Pio.” His investigations were sealed and remained a secret Vatican file for decades, his file concluded with, “The future will reveal what today cannot be read in the life of Padre Pio of Pietrelcina.”
  52. 52. Part III – Bible Verse, Quote of the Week, Prayer of the Week Bible Verse for the week: (Romans 14:8) “For if we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord. So then, whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord’s.”
  53. 53. Quote for the week: “My real mission will begin after my death.”
  54. 54. Our Prayer for the Week as a Spiritual Child of Padre Pio: Stay with me, Jesus, for it is getting late and the day is coming to a close, and life passes; death, judgment, eternity approaches. It is necessary to renew my strength, so that I will not stop along the way and for that, I need You. It is getting late and death approaches, I fear the darkness, the temptations, the dryness, the cross, the sorrows. Oh, how I need You, my Jesus, in this night of exile. Stay with me tonight, Jesus, in life with all its dangers. I need You. Stay with me, Lord, because at the hour of my death, I want to remain united to You, if not by communion, at least by grace and love. Amen.
  55. 55. THANK YOU!!!!