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Content marketing


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A study of the use of content marketing techniques by four companies in a travel related industry, the case of Trafalgar, TripAdvisor, and SecreteEscapes.

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Content marketing

  1. 1. Content Marketing Content marketing deals with the creation, distribution and promotion of valuable information to various audiences using inbound marketing techniques. - It helps with the optimization of various websites, blogs, pages and digital profiles and establishes credibility to ensures brand recognition - In this task we will explore how travel related firms use different contents for various personas. - Examples of contents to be explored are Blogs, Podcasts, Ebooks, Videos, infographics, checklists etc
  2. 2. Example 1: Trafalgar Tours • In this example the company uses a picture to demonstrate the culture and traditions of the people located in this Asian country and shows how inviting the destination may be for vistors
  3. 3. Trafalgar EU Tours • Here the company is using images of people, buildings, animals and boats to depict different pleasures at different locations, The bull depicts a Spanish holiday enjoying a bull fight, while the cathedral depicts Rome, the Gandola depicts a Venetian holiday, the man and lady depict the best of Ireland.
  4. 4. Infographics • In this example, Trafalgar uses info graphics to provide search options for customers who haven’t found precisely what they want and through them they can access exactly what they need.
  5. 5. Example 2: TripAdvisor In this example TripAdvisor uses a video to show various destinations for travel, food, culture and eventually shows the couple making the trip of their lifetime.
  6. 6. Blog and Forum • One thing TripAdvisor does very well is to use its Blog and Forum to give out useful information about its trips, destinations, and the culture in the destinations.
  7. 7. Guide Books and E-books • To enable its customers and audiences make the most of their holidays, TripAdvisor produces guidebooks and ebooks which customers can use to guide their tours and travel and enjoy the most of their holidays, as such the firm is one of the best in the travel industry by using this content marketing technique.
  8. 8. Example 3: Secrete Escapes • The same attraction in this content is the northern lights and they are being displayed in two different images as different content
  9. 9. Northern Lights • As in the example above here we see similar images portrayed as different content, with different contrasts to the images, also we see two different prices reflecting on the CTA even though both sales are meant to end the same day.
  10. 10. Curiosity • Secrete Escapes prides itself for exclusive holidays and here we see they captions used in the content of this page, aimed at sparking curiosity about Machu Picchu with an option for Barbados and Cambodia.
  11. 11. Example 4: • Unlike many other similar firms in the sector, uses more of video in its Blogs to give visual and audio explanations of the attractions found in various destinations.
  12. 12. Social Media Content • Of the three other sites explored, is publishes much content on All social media platforms not just the big three but also uses pinterest and others for production and publication of its content for social media consumers
  13. 13. Informative and Education • This is particularly interesting especially for travelers looking for excitement or things to do while in London, so providing content for things to do In London this weekends builds traction and encourages audiences to us it as point of reference.