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Our Love of the World: 2019 AIRINC Photo Contest


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Travel. Learn. Grow.

While AIRINC has an international survey team that travels globally each quarter to collect data, we as a company are all travelers. To share and connect as a group, we host a photo contest annually and hang the winner’s picture in our Cambridge headquarters, helping to decorate our still new-feeling office at 675 Massachusetts Ave.

Above is a slide share of the Top-10 photos from this year’s contest, with the winner being chosen later today. We're sharing this piece of ourselves with the hope that you'll enjoy it as a break from your work day and as a reminder of how connected we all are to everywhere.

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Our Love of the World: 2019 AIRINC Photo Contest

  1. 1. AIRINC Photo Contest Summer 2019
  2. 2. VOTING NUMBER: 1 WHERE: Cambodia WHO: Rose Allen
  3. 3. VOTING NUMBER: 2 WHERE: Moscow, Russia WHO: Rose Allen
  4. 4. VOTING NUMBER: 3 WHERE: Peru WHO: Stephanie De Los Angeles
  5. 5. VOTING NUMBER: 4 WHERE: Gas Crater Turkmenistan WHO: Eugene Kobiako
  6. 6. VOTING NUMBER: 5 WHERE: Cotswolds UK WHO: Jessica Caligan
  7. 7. VOTING NUMBER: 6 WHERE: Bali Indonesia WHO: Tariq Yeasir
  8. 8. VOTING NUMBER: 7 WHERE: Tanzan Jinja Japan WHO: Tariq Yeasir
  9. 9. VOTING NUMBER: 8 WHERE: Tokyo Japan WHO: Tariq Yeasir
  10. 10. VOTING NUMBER: 9 WHERE: Namibia WHO: Zenab Tavakoli
  11. 11. VOTING NUMBER: 10 WHERE: Zanzibar WHO: Meleah Paull