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Business Strategy Roadmap

  1. 1. Ben Neumann presents … “Business Strategy Roadmap” A Report About Teamwork As A Leadership StyleDisclaimer: you may reprint and re-distribute this report in this original, unedited form. No partof it may be reproduced in any format with Ben Neumanns written consent. All rights reserved® 2012. Copyright © Partner with Ben Neumann! Hes made over $150 million in Internet ventures. Learn more:
  2. 2. How To Find The Best In People To start this piece off, Id like to share a quick quote with you: "I never met a man I didnt like" -Will Rogers. In this quote, Mr. Rogers was actually referring to Leon Trotsky (revolutionary and founderand leader of the Red Army) and the rest of the quote is as follows: "I bet you if I had met him and had achat with him, I would have found him a very interesting and human fellow, for I never yet met a manthat I didnt like. When you meet people, no matter what opinion you may have formedabout them beforehand, … after you meet them and see their angle and their personality, … you can seea lot of good in all of them." You see, Rogers took the time to get to know people, what made them tick, what made them unique, and he found at least one admirable trait or characteristic in each of the people he met - although sometimes that took some effort. If you look at our "modern" society we have a very much of a “microwave mentality,” in which we make judgments and assumptions about people very quickly. If were wrong about them, we spend very little time thinking about what our assumptions and judgments have done to that person. Lets take our aesthetic judgments for example. You see somebody who isfat and you simply assume theyre greedy and eat too much because they enjoy it. But you rarely thinkabout what drives that person to eat that way - do they eat for comfort, for example? Does that man orwoman have a genetic predisposition to obesity? Heres another example. How about if you meet aperson who has really bad acne, even in their adult years. Do you assume that they just dont washthemselves properly, or that they eat a diet filled with fatty food? Without knowing their medical history,you can never know what is causing their skin problems. Keeping an open mind about the people you meet or work with each day is the key to findingtheir virtues and the things youll like most about them. Even if this person has disappointed you orcaused you problems in the past, every person deserves the benefit of the doubt, and for them to begiven an opportunity to show you how they can excel in specific areas of life and in work. Project-based work can really help you see where a persons strengths and weaknesses are. So,for example, the natural leaders tend to come to the fore, your creative people are there to give you1,000 ideas a minute, and the project manager type of people are happily adding structure to the wholething. Want a way to engage someone you may have a bad feeling about, but you know you have towork with? Its an unpleasant situation, but theres a way to flip it in your favor. Heres how. Have anoff-site team day, where you get to see how this person or these people behave outside of work. A lot ofpeople have a work "face" and a separate "face" or persona for their real lives and until you know bothsides to a person dont be too quick to judge them. A picnic is a safe call, but the bar could be evenbetter! Who said going out shouldnt be a way to socialize, even if its about work? Partner with Ben Neumann! Hes made over $150 million in Internet ventures. Learn more:
  3. 3. Why People Love Energetic Entrepreneurs They say that laughter is infectious, but if thats true, then other emotional traits must beinfectious too, right? After all, no one could prove that laughter is the only emotionally contagiousthing. This is something that all too many business people forget about when it comes to theworkplace, and how their own energy affects other people around them, and the business as a whole. You all know somebody in your workplace whose very presence around people is enough tocheer the office up, and rally the team to work harder. These people spread a positive message toeveryone they come in contact with. Then there is the person who is the "black cloud of despair" andpeople avoid them like the plague because their negative energy affects every single person they comein contact with - they make every working day feel longer and more difficult. So its worth remembering for entrepreneurs that when it comes to your business, youremployees are going to take all their emotional and physiological cues from you. For example, if youreslouching around the office with your shoulders slumped and mutter replies to people, it doesnt createthe right "energy" for the workplace. That doesnt meant you need to screech into work on rollerbladesand cartwheel to your desk (although that would look AWESOME, and probably go straight toYouTube). The point is this: your attitude and energy at work, every single day, will have a domino-effect on those people working with you. If you want a shining example of how your own personal energy can affect your entire businesshave a look at the Virgin brand and Richard Branson. Heres a guy who sold used records from amarket stall when he was a kid, then opened a chain of record stores (remember vinyl, folks?). Then,Branson opened his own airline and rail service, and now hell be the first entrepreneur to offer spacetourism via the Virgin Galactic brand. But this isnt some boring old "suit" that barks orders at people -this is a guy who skydives, travels the world in hot air balloons, and tries to break world records -putting his life in danger several times while making those attempts. Look at this crazy-ass boss! But what does that mean for his business? Well, if you ask people who work for Virgin, youllfind happy people who are treated well and who see their "boss" as somebody who cares and somebodywho loves life. The energy that Richard Branson creates by pursuing his life and his goals with passiondrives every single employee in his company forward in a way that other businesses can only glowgreen with envy over. Your own personal energy and your zest for life and for your work will "flow" downwards tothe other people that work with and report to you. What kind of energy do you think you should besending their way? Partner with Ben Neumann! Hes made over $150 million in Internet ventures. Learn more:
  4. 4. Discover Motivation In The Most Unlikely Places When youre working for yourself or running your own business, sometimes youll find thatyour body is willing but your motivation has taken a vacation to Cancun for the next 4 weeks (and ithasnt been returning your calls, either). Lacking motivation as an entrepreneur is the same as havingwriters block - the sense of frustration is palpable, but you just cant seem to "shift" whatever it is thathas been sucking you dry of motivation for the last number of days or weeks. HowToRemove"You"FromTheEquation Take a time-out and walk away from the problem. You need to mentally and emotionally switchoff from whatever issue, task or project youre dealing with and leave it be for a while. The longer youstare at something the more youre committing that "something" to your short-term, and then long-termmemory; once that happens, your mind reaches a kind of mental plateau where your ability to resolvethe "something" stops. Thats why you literally get off your ass if youre sitting, or take a hike if youre not - you needto walk away, and do something else. The more random that "something else" is, the better it is for you.This will clean your mental palette and give your mind the ability to create the solution youve beenlooking for subconsciously. Try it. Help Others I know, I know. How can helping others help you? Well, as part of the "removing yourself" from the issue you need to do something else until your motivational problem clears, but Ive always found that helping others is one of the best ways of motivating myself. When you put yourself in a position of serving others through volunteer work, or being charitable, you learn a lot of valuable life lessons about yourself and the world around you. Even just sharing information - such as this report - is a helping experience, and that makes me feelgood. Its often when were helping others that we have those Eureka moments that drive us to achievegreat things in life and in business. You can also improve the life of another person or animal in theprocess, so its the most holistic type of "Win-Win" you could wish for.Accountability Coach Sometimes, what we see as a lack of motivation is partly a motivational problem, and partly thatwere just being lazy, and basically need a kick in the rear to get us going. Thats why an accountabilitycoach can be a very useful assistant to keep you focused and moving forwards. For this to workproperly, youll need your "coach" to be one of your peers, or at least somebody with a similarbackground, job and experience level as you - they need to be able to really talk to you and theirmotivational steps will come from understanding where you are and what youre struggling with. It alsomeans they know how to get you back on track and wont take any BS or excuses from you. Lacking motivation isnt something youll ever need to worry about if you put these tips to workfor you. Partner with Ben Neumann! Hes made over $150 million in Internet ventures. Learn more: