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KARTOTRAK, software solution by Geovariances in partnership wtih CEA for efficient contamination characterization


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Find out through this short video a precise and reliable software helping you reduce unexpected hazards during remediation.

KARTOTRAK is a comprehensive software solution providing an integrated workflow for the characterization of sites contaminated with chemical or radioactive substances. KARTOTRAK brings a cost-effective solution for thorough contamination diagnosis facilitating your decision-making process.

Born out of a 10-year partnership between the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission CEA and Geovariances, the software has been designed for those involved in environmental site characterization projects who need to locate and estimate contaminated soil volumes confidently.

KARTOTRAK helps you:
- improve your contamination knowledge,
- conceptualize the project through a 3D model,
- optimize your sampling costs,
- anticipate the management of the contaminated soil volumes,
- strengthen your skills through Geovariances global services.

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