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  1. 1. InformationThe song is called Ni**as in Paris By Jay-z and Kanye WestThe song was released in 2011 and thevideo came onto the screens in February2012Directed Kanye West, he liked the idea toincorporate the flashing lights into thevideo
  2. 2. What is it about ?• The video was shot in Paris and this is what the songs is about therefore it gives the audience and understanding about the song .• The characters within the video is the audience therefore it follows the conventions of a rock video .• The video is a live performance of the artist’s performing their song at a concert.• There is an interruption within the performance of will Farrell from the Blades of Glory Film .
  3. 3. Structure ?There is a use of performance because the video has relevance to the song. An example of this Within the Video is when there is slow movement of Kanye West this is an example of Performance because he is simply performing the song. This video could not be classed as a narrative neither abstract because there is not a story told. It cannot be classed as abstract because the video would have to have no relevance to the song .
  4. 4. Types of shot There is use of panning within theThe video has use of long shots this video; this is effective because it allows is to show what is happening the audience to establish the scene. within the mise en scene. In Ni**as in Paris there is use of An example of this from the video as close ups, this is effective an close up of from the video , is when because the audience can you can see the sweat from Kanye identify what the artist look like. West’s face , this portrays elements of realism .
  5. 5. Editing !There is use of the mirror effect thorough out the video, and there There is use of the mirror effect is duplicates of the same images thorough out the video, and on the screen . This is appealing to there is duplicates of the same the eye and it keeps the audience images on the screen . This is engaged about what is going to appealing to the eye and it happen next. keeps the audience engaged about what is going to happen next.
  6. 6. What do you notice about the mise-en-scene?There is use of strobe letting throughout the video , this is an indication that the video was expensive to produce . There is also flashing lights within every scene, this aesthetically pleasing. The audience and the performers are the characters within the music video.
  7. 7. Who is in the videoJay-Z and Kanye West are in the video, they are represented to be entertainers and have support from a wide variety of people . I can infer this as the video has big audience and everybody within the audience is dancing. I have a screen shot of this below.
  8. 8. Target Audience ?There is no specific audience for this music video because there is a variation of people at the concert and these are the people Jay-Z and Kanye West aim to attract . Therefore the music video does not aim to attract a particular gender or age group .
  9. 9. How do the audience ‘consume’ the video ?The video is Affective because the audience receives satisfaction about the song is about through the music video. Like many music videos from the rap genre , ni**as in Paris aims to entertain an audience .
  10. 10. The video