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  1. 1. SHOPPINNG LIST Georgina Solomon
  2. 2. Props Cigarette Vase Flowers Table Headphones (Beats by Dr.Dre ) Money Phone Expensive Cars
  3. 3. CostumeBoy Girl Jeans  Heels Coat  Jeans Beanie Hat  Dress Designer belt  Jewelry  Make-up Trainers  Hair extension Chain  Trainers Slippers  Tracksuit  Slippers
  4. 4. CharactersMale Girl Aggressive  Sexaulisation of the Dominate with the girl scene
  5. 5. Location Urban Areas South Bank Skate Park Underpass in South Bank House
  6. 6. Technical and symbolic Codes Point of view shot –  Close up = show emotion voyeurisms  Monochromatic= Extreme close up = appealing to the eye and empathy Binary opposites Long shots & wide shots =  Fast cuts = to match the isolation momentum of the song Slow motion = appealing  Time laps= to show to the eye isolation Panning = show a state of  Blur = focus on the confusion performer Low angle = to make him  Narrative = to portray a seem superior story
  7. 7. Equipment Tripod  Helicopter shot Studio lighting Green screen Natural lighting Studio Cameras Dolly Crane
  8. 8. Expectations The video to last as long as the song A variety of scenes Focus of the artist